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    We provide current information on Fx Co issues including:
    - Real estate taxes
    ??going up-up-up;
    - Schools cost more,
    ??educate less;
    - Roads ignored, but
    ??big $$$ to Metro;
    - Public pension
    ??crisis in Fx Co;
    - Big Money leaving
    ??Fairfax County

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    Quotes to remember when voting:

    • "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." -- Albert Einstein

    • "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana

    • "We have met the enemy and he is us." -- Pogo, by Walt Kelly

    Your choices in 2020 (up and down the ballot):

    • America as Founded and a Return to Law and Order
    • -or-
    • Woke Supremacy, Cancel Culture, and continued 2-Tier Justice

    ... Fx Co Results: (Dems stay; Redistricting Comm; Bonds pass)

  • Limerick: On the FCPS fall school closure (teachers win, parents lose)
    For school board you did vote / It抯 now entirely "woke" /
    You抳e paid for tuition / Schools closed, no admission /
    Now don抰 you feel like a dope?!
Fairfax County Issues:
MonthlyMsg ~Bulletin  FCTA Monthly Messages (html)
2020-09-xx ~Bulletin  Stopping the Rioting
2020-06-xx ~Bulletin  Learning or Social Studies?
2020-03-xx ~Bulletin  High Taxes for Education Fraud
2020-09-29 ~Report    References for the Sept 2020 FCTA Bulletin, by Fred Costello-256
2020-08-03 ~Report    Coronavirus Status in Fairfax County, by Fred Costello-255
2020-07-24 ~Report    The Economies of the 50 States, by Fred Costello-253
2020-07-19 ~Report    Summary of Shelby Steele's 'White Guilt', by Fred Costello-252

2020-11-08 ~FxMisc    FCTA: Fairfax County 2020 SAMPLE BALLOT ... and the Results, by David Swink
2020-10-27 ~Virginia  ZeroHedge: The "Wokeness" Wars Comes to Loudoun County, by Philip Giraldi
2020-10-21 ~FxSchools Sun Gazette: White House weighs in on Fx teachers' union virtual-learning stance
2020-10-10 ~FxTaxes   , by E. Jaksetic
2020-10-04 ~FxSchools FCTA: Racist Democrats Dismantling Thomas Jefferson H.S., by "Happy Person"
2020-09-29 ~National  Epoch Times: Schools Using Fake 'History' to Kill America, by Alex Newman
2020-09-29 ~National  Epoch Times: Nonprofit Aims to Deradicalize American History, by Matt Vadum
2020-09-24 ~FxSchools TRS: FCPS paid $20K to Critical Race Theory guru Ibram Kendi, by Shaun Kenney
2020-09-20 ~FxMisc    , by Emilio Jaksetic
2020-09-11 ~FxTaxes   FxCo: Notice Appropriating Supplemental Funds -- Add'l $2,647,337,562 for FY2021
2020-09-11 ~FxSchools NR: Fairfax County Is Running Empty School Buses, by Kyle Smith
2020-09-07 ~FxTaxes   FCTA: Vote NO on the Fairfax County FY2020 Bond Referenda, by Arthur Purves
2020-08-27 ~FxMisc    Sun Gazette: NoVa Leaders Holding Onto Control ... Forever? -- editorial
2020-08-21 ~FxSchools CNS News: Schools Closed; Parents Charged Extra for Day Care, by Lindsey Burke
2020-08-12 ~FxSchools American Thinker: FCPS says hiring tutors is unfair to others, by Thomas Lifson
2020-08-06 ~FxMisc    Patch: Dems send absentee ballot applications to Fx Co residents, by E. Leayman
2020-07-23 ~National  WT: To avoid endangering children, reopen schools now, by Martin & McDonald
2020-07-23 ~FxSchools Sun Gazette: Will FCPS abandon the community? -- scathing editorial!
2020-07-21 ~FxSchools AP: Fairfax County schools to remain closed -- Teachers win, parents lose!
2020-07-19 ~FxSchools Free Beacon: Virginia Urges Slavery Lessons for Kindergarteners, by Chrissy Clark

Virginia Issues:
2020-10-27 ~Virginia  ZeroHedge: The "Wokeness" Wars Comes to Loudoun County, by Philip Giraldi
2020-10-18 ~Virginia  CFACT: California's energy nightmare is coming to Virginia, by Bonner Cohen
2020-10-09 ~Virginia  AP: Disputed redistricting reform on the ballot in Virginia, by Matthew Barakat
2020-09-14 ~Virginia  CNS News: Will Va. Teach Critical Race Theory to Kindergartners?, by Hans Bader
2020-09-07 ~Virginia  WT: Gade sees military service as run-up to Senate bid, by David Sherfinski
2020-07-07 ~Virginia  Sun Gazette: Have Democrats written off rural Virginia?, by David Kerr
2020-07-05 ~Virginia  AP: Developers cancel long-delayed, $8B Atlantic Coast Pipeline, by Sarah Rankin
2020-07-02 ~Virginia  Breitbart: Va Dems Seek to Reduce Assault on Cops to Misdemeanor, by John Nolte
2020-06-15 ~Virginia  AP: Supreme Court paves way for Atlantic Coast Pipeline permit, by Mark Sherman
2020-06-04 ~Virginia  Connection: Republican Primary Candidates for U.S. Senate -- June 23

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Weekly Vid ~National  AMAC Weekly News -- Ben Ferguson's video summaries, updated every Friday
Public Edu ~National  Epoch Times: Examining Education in the United States -- a series by Alex Newman
News Today ~National  Front Pages of the Post and the Times
For Wisdom ~Potpourri Weekly Postings of the Conservative Montana Cow Doctor -- Krayton Kerns, DVM
Edison 78s ~Potpourri Selected Oldies from the UCSB Gramophone Audio Archive, by FCTA's David Swink
C19 Deaths ~Health    Statista: U.S. COVID-19 death rate per 100,000 by state -- Va #29 at 0.028%)
2020-11-08 ~National  ZeroHedge: This Election Is Not Over... And The Media Knows It, by Jay Valentine
2020-11-07 ~National  ZeroHedge: The Democrats' "Cloward-Piven" Chaos Plan, by Tyler Durden
2020-11-07 ~National  ZeroHedge: Democrat "Depravity" Playing Out In Real-Time, by Tom Luongo
2020-11-07 ~National  ZeroHedge: Blue - The Mother Of All Color Revolutions, by Pepe Escobar
2020-11-06 ~National  WT: The Left's Frankenstein Turns on its Master, by Everett Piper
2020-10-xx ~National  Limbaugh: BLM Takeover of American Sports, and destruction by Wokeness
2020-10-25 ~National  AIER: The New Feudalism ... "Going Medieval" on Covid-19, by Jeffrey A. Tucker
2020-10-24 ~National  ZeroHedge: Restore Glass-Steagall to Prevent Economic 'Great Reset', by M. Ehret
2020-10-23 ~National  ZeroHedge: Blockbuster Report Details Biden/China Money Trail, by Tyler Durden
2020-10-22 ~National  ZeroHedge: The Censoring of the Hunter Biden Scandal, by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
2020-10-22 ~National  ZeroHedge: The Proper Solution To Big Tech Censorship, by Brandon Smith
2020-10-20 ~National  ZeroHedge: Liberal Education And The Recovery Of Culture, by Roger Kimball
2020-10-19 ~National  Epoch Times: Held Captive by Pandemic Lies, by Michael Walsh
2020-10-18 ~National  ZeroHedge: Lockdown-And-Mask Model Now "Too Big To Fail", by Daniel Greenfield
2020-10-15 ~National  ZeroHedge: America Is Divided Over Class Not Race In 2020, by Charlie Kirk
2020-10-14 ~National  WT: Founders gambled on virtue prevailing over passions, by William Barr
2020-10-13 ~Potpourri , by CJ Hopkins
2020-10-07 ~National  WT: Only Sweden heeded science on Covid -- letter, by Samuel Burkeen
2020-10-06 ~National  ZeroHedge: How Washington Really Works & Why Trump is Despised, by 'sundance'
2020-09-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Facing Up to the China Threat, by Brian T. Kennedy
2020-09-29 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Directed Energy Weapons are a Near-Reality, by Simon Veazey
2020-09-29 ~National  Epoch Times: Schools Using Fake 'History' to Kill America, by Alex Newman
2020-09-29 ~National  Epoch Times: Nonprofit Aims to Deradicalize American History, by Matt Vadum
2020-09-28 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: Harken, The Covidean Creed... -- religious satire, by Ian Jenkins
2020-09-25 ~National  ZeroHedge: Revolution 2020, Its History and Its Future, by Angelo Codevilla
2020-09-23 ~National  WT: Woke socialism vs America's Judeo-Christian ethics, by Richard B. Levine
2020-09-23 ~Health    ZeroHedge: Health Pros Urge End To Lockdowns, No Medical Justification
2020-09-22 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Let's Bring Back Chivalry, by Jeff Minick
2020-09-17 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: 12 Steps To Create Your Own Pandemic, by Nils Nilsen
2020-09-15 ~Potpourri 
2020-09-15 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Autonomy Necessary for Human Happiness, by Jen Maffessanti
2020-09-07 ~National  WT: Most voters plan to cast ballots in person, even in 'all mail' states
2020-09-06 ~National  WT: In America, a French Revolution Redux?, by Everett Piper
2020-09-06 ~National  , by James Varney
2020-08-31 ~Health    Center Square: CDC admits 94% of Covid-19 deaths had other issues, by B. Blankley
2020-08-30 ~National  Epoch Times: FRSO Maoists Burn Kenosha, by Trevor Loudon
2020-08-29 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: The C-19 Scamdemic, Part 1: Path To A New World Order, by Iain Davis
2020-08-25 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Neglected Virtue of Manliness, by Jeff Minick
2020-08-24 ~National  ZeroHedge: Thin Veneer of American Civilization Blown Away, by Victor D. Hanson
2020-08-24 ~National  Epoch Times: Cancel Culture Undermines Learning, Harms Students, by Thomas Ullman
2020-08-23 ~National  ZeroHedge: Ready For The "No One Could Have Known" Routine?, by Thomas Harrington
2020-08-22 ~National  Rick Rebel: BLM Riot Turns Into MAGA YMCA Dance Party -- video (3:31)
2020-08-09 ~Environmt CFACT: The staggering human costs of "renewable" energy, by Paul Driessen
2020-07-xx ~National  Limbaugh: Mail-In Voter Fraud, a Fact Check (it's become rampant)
2020-07-29 ~National  WT: America's summer of cultural suicide, by Victor Davis Hanson
2020-07-28 ~World     ZeroHedge: Covid-19 epidemic largely over in no-lockdown Sweden, by Mike Whitney
2020-07-27 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: Time to Flip the C-19 Shelter-in-Place Narrative, by Jeffrey Tucker
2020-07-27 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: How A Society Unravels, by Ritesh Jain
2020-07-26 ~National  ZeroHedge: Let It All Burn (Or Not), by Erick Erickson
2020-07-25 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: A&E 'Gets Woke, Goes Broke' After Canceling Live PD, by Andrea Widburg
2020-07-23 ~National  WT: To avoid endangering children, reopen schools now, by Martin & McDonald
2020-07-21 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: GloboCap Uber Alles -- satire, by CJ Hopkins
2020-07-19 ~National  ZeroHedge: Media Mask-Mania, Or COVID-19 Groupthink, by Michael Lesher
2020-07-18 ~National  WT: America burns while our schools hold the match, by Everett Piper
2020-07-18 ~Health    Weston Price: Is Covid-19 Contagious?... or is it really Covid-5G?, by S. Morell
2020-07-15 ~National  WT: Lockdowns merely prolong the CCP virus pandemic -- letter, by Samuel Burkeen
2020-07-15 ~National  WT: Public schools grooming children to be sexualized, by Rebecca Friedrichs
2020-07-15 ~National  WT: Left's cancel culture attempt on Goya Foods lands with a thud, by Tammy Bruce
2020-07-14 ~National  ZeroHedge: Bari Weiss Quits NYT, Calls It 'Performance Space' For Woke Olympics
2020-07-10 ~Potpourri Fox News: Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of C-19 cover-up, flees Hong Kong
2020-07-09 ~Environmt ZeroHedge: 2020: A Rough Year For Greta?, via 21st Century Wire
2020-07-08 ~National  WT: Marxist mobs sweep into cities, create havoc, by Tammy Bruce
2020-07-08 ~National  WT: The fragility of the woke, by Victor Davis Hanson
2020-07-07 ~National  WT: Obama judges undermine 3 major U.S. oil/gas pipelines, by Valerie Richardson
2020-07-06 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: What Parenting Style Works Best?, by Thomas Lickona
2020-07-06 ~National  WT: SCOTUS protects electoral college from 'faithless' electors, by Alex Swoyer
2020-07-06 ~National  WT: NEA focuses on wokeness instead of wages and teaching, by Rebecca Friedrichs
2020-07-06 ~National  WT: Coronavirus death rate keeps dropping -- See current state-by-state stats
2020-07-01 ~National  WT: Colleges sowing seeds of their own obsolescence, by Victor Davis Hanson
2020-07-01 ~National  Epoch Times: As the Purity Spiral Turns, by Roger Kimball
2020-07-01 ~Environmt WT: Ex-alarmist disputes climate narrative in new book, by Valerie Richardson
2020-06-xx ~National  Limbaugh: Why the Left Hates Homeschooling (no Leftist indoctrination)
2020-06-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Four Months of Unprecedented Gov't Malfeasance, by Heather MacDonald
2020-06-27 ~National  ZeroHedge: VISA Brings China's "Social Credit Score" To America
2020-06-26 ~National  WT: Welcome to the neo-Marxist 'Church of Holy Wokeness', by Everett Piper
2020-06-25 ~National  WT: In post-Obama America, ignorance, and mobs, reign supreme, by Charles Hurt
2020-06-24 ~National  WT: Anger will decide the 2020 election, by Victor Davis Hanson
2020-06-21 ~National   ... but George was no saint!
2020-06-17 ~National  WT: How cultural revolutions like BLM die -- or not, by Victor Davis Hanson
2020-06-17 ~National  WT: Black Lives Matter fuels cancel culture, by Valerie Richardson
2020-06-15 ~Potpourri WT: New barbarians deny free speech to others and destroy historical artifacts
2020-06-15 ~National  WT: Flight from Democratic stronghold cities accelerates, by Michael McKenna
2020-06-13 ~National  WT: Evangelical pastors pander to radical Black Lives Matter, by Everett Piper
2020-06-13 ~National  Daily Caller: Experts Disgraced By Prioritizing Woke Politics Over Public Health
2020-06-12 ~National  ZeroHedge: Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative
2020-06-12 ~National  Gatestone Inst: A Brief History Of Antifa: Part I, by Soeren Kern
2020-06-12 ~National  , by Aubrey Shines
2020-06-10 ~National  WT: The bitter irony of revolutions,by Victor Davis Hanson
2020-06-08 ~National  WT: Disease and violence prove a buzzkill for urban life -- editorial
2020-06-07 ~National  American Thinker: Just Like That, Gun Control Support and COVID-19 Died This Week
2020-06-05 ~National  ZeroHedge: This Is The COVID-19 Book That Amazon 'Quarantined', by Tyler Durden
2020-05-23 ~Environmt Epoch Times: Net-Zero Emissions Plans for Economy Are 'Madness', by A. McDonnell
2020-05-21 ~World     WT: Australian researchers say Covid-19 designed to infect humans, by Bill Gertz
2020-05-21 ~National  ZeroHedge: The Path To Monetary Collapse, by Alasdair Macleod
2020-05-21 ~Health    Epoch Times: Censoring Evidence on Vitamin C, by Conan Milner
2020-05-16 ~National  ZeroHedge: School Closures are a Big Threat to the Power of Public Education
2020-05-13 ~National  WT: From 'Russiagate' to 'Obamagate': The tables turn -- editorial
2020-05-04 ~National  WT: Trump suggests China let virus spread on purpose, by Bill Gertz
2020-05-01 ~National  AMAC: 28.3 Million Reasons Not to Trust a Mail-in Election, by Tony Perkins
2020-04-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Thoughts on the Current Crisis, by Larry P. Arnn
2020-04-30 ~Environmt Breitbart: RIP Fred Singer, Godfather of Climate Skepticism, by James Delingpole
2020-04-28 ~National  Epoch Times: CCP Virus Response Brings a Taste of Fascism, by Michael Walsh
2020-04-28 ~National  WT: Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history, by Cheryl K. Chumley
2020-04-22 ~National  The Hill: Stop coronavirus panic and end the total isolation!, by Dr. Scott Atlas
2020-04-22 ~National  GreenSmoothieGirl.com: Top U.S. Virologist Blows The Whistle On Covid-19
2020-04-21 ~National  Epoch Times: Pandemic Lockdown - Just Delaying Inevitable?, by Brian Giesbrecht
2020-04-21 ~Environmt WT: Fall of oil prices threatens green energy gains, by Valerie Richardson
2020-04-17 ~National  WT: Stanford researchers challenge projections on COVID-19, by Valerie Richardson
2020-04-16 ~Environmt WT: Green New Deal requires 'massive increase' in mining, by Valerie Richardson
2020-04-15 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Manners vs Virtue, Manners, Courtesy, and Decorum, by Jeff Minick
2020-04-15 ~National  Epoch Times: Why American Youths' Such Distorted View of America, by Fred Eckert
2020-04-13 ~National  WT: Quarantine not long-term fix -- letter, by Samuel Burkeen
2020-04-06 ~National  WT: Some public health scholars say stay-at-home wrong approach, by James Varney
2020-03-30 ~Porpourri Epoch Times: Celebrating the West, by William Gairdner
2020-03-30 ~National  WT: Marine Corps to undergo 'radical' overhaul to take on China, by Ben Wolfgang
2020-03-25 ~National  Epoch Times: In Face of Pandemic, Let Life Go On, by Michael Walsh
2020-03-20 ~World     Uncover DC: Why was Italy hit so hard by Wuhan Coronavirus?, by Tracy Beanz
2020-03-19 ~National  Examiner: $5 trillion down the drain after Wuhan virus, by Stephen Moore
2020-03-19 ~National  Epoch Times: Construction Industry Faces Changing Work Ethic, by Cara Ding
2020-03-17 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: When Wuhan Virus Departs, World Will Be Changed, by Michael Walsh
2020-03-16 ~State-IN  The Atlantic: How Purdue University's President Froze Tuition, by Andy Ferguson
2020-03-16 ~Porpourri Intellectual Takeout: How C.S. Lewis Would Tell Us to Handle Coronavirus
2020-03-10 ~National  WT: Leftists invaded education long before the coronavirus, by Sam Sorbo
2020-03-09 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Why Socialism Will Never Die and Plague Humanity Forever
2020-03-09 ~National  WT: Please stop the coronavirus hysteria. Now., by Tim Constantine
2020-03-09 ~National  WT: Two-track justice system increasingly obvious, by Jeff Mordock
2020-03-07 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Alena Pettitt, a Voice for Traditional Housewives, by C. Philipp
2020-02-xx ~National  Limbaugh: The End of Elections? (if the Left has its way)
2020-02-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Roots of Our Partisan Divide, by Christopher Caldwell
2020-02-29 ~National  WT: How modern education has destroyed next generation's soul, by Everett Piper
2020-02-27 ~State-VT  Epoch Times: 93 Vermont Towns Have No Public Schools, but Great Education
2020-02-27 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: How to Excel at Parenting, by Barbara Danza
2020-02-24 ~National  WT: The far-left's strategy to control your community, by Kay C. James
2020-02-20 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Why Principles Matter, by Lawrence W. Reed
2020-02-20 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Docs Decry Financial Pressures of Health Care, by Melissa Bailey
2020-02-20 ~Health    STAT News: Using AI, scientists find novel antibiotic able to kill superbugs
2020-02-17 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Social Conservatives and Tradition, by Harley Price
2020-02-13 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: With SAS Ad, Globalism Turns to Self-Loathing, by Celia Farber
2020-02-12 ~National  Epoch Times: The Federal Records [Mis-]Management Disaster, by Ivan Pentchoukov
2020-02-12 ~National  Daily Caller: Burgess Owens on Lesson Americans Learned from Trump's Impeachment
2020-02-10 ~National  Epoch Times: Population Moving Out of States With Higher Taxes, More Lawyers
2020-01-29 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Positive Freedom Versus Negative Freedom, by Chris Erickson
2020-01-25 ~National  WT: George Soros, 89, is still on a quest to destroy America, by Cheryl Chumley
2020-01-24 ~Potpourri WT: Christianity Today doubles down condemning Trump defenders, by Everett Piper
2020-01-22 ~National  Epoch Times: Exposing Voter Fraud & Closing Loopholes -- Adrian Norman interview
2020-01-18 ~State-CO  Forbes: Colorado's TABOR prevents increased taxes & spending, by Patrick Gleason
2020-01-15 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Meg Meeker: Helping Girls Discover Their Real Worth, by C. Philipp
2020-01-09 ~Potpourri , by Kit Holden
2020-01-08 ~National  NR: Progressive Governments' Economic War on NRA Fails in Court, by Walter Olson
2020-01-06 ~World     Summit News: 183 Australians Arrested For Deliberately Starting Bushfires
2020-01-03 ~Environmt NYT: 'Climate Change' no longer an 'Environmental Impact' factor?, by L. Friedman
2020-01-02 ~National  JW: Judicial Watch Finds Millions of 'Extra' Registrants on Voting Rolls
2020-01-02 ~Health    Epoch Times: For Marriage Magic, Try Appreciating Your Husband, by June Fakkert
2019-12-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Angelo Codevilla, on current politics and culture
2019-12-30 ~National  WT: Losing our religion: Fall of faith threatens America (5-part series)
2019-12-26 ~Potpourri MIT Tech Review: Smartphones make for lousy college students, by Ron Srigley
2019-12-21 ~Potpourri WaPo: Christianity Today took aim at Trump, but only hurt itself, by Hugh Hewett
2019-12-20 ~Health    NPR: THC Additive, Vitamin E Acetate, Culprit In Most Vaping Deaths, by R. Harris
2019-12-20 ~Environmt Electroverse: Iceland's Emigration Center buried under 30 feet of Snow
2019-12-13 ~Potpourri Unherd.com: Is this the end for Labour?, by Paul Embert, trade unionist
2019-12-13 ~Potpourri , by Lee Cohen
2019-12-13 ~National  FIRE: Spotlight on Campus Speech Codes 2020
2019-12-09 ~World     WT: China set to roll out 'Orwellian' mass surveillance tool, by Bill Gertz
2019-12-05 ~National  WT: Mexico tackles border crisis when Congress wouldn't, by Stephen Dinan
2019-12-02 ~National  WT: Chick-fil-A caves to blackmail, by Cal Thomas
2019-11-29 ~Environmt Breitbart: Global Warming, then Climate Change, now what?, by T.D. Williams, PhD
2019-11-24 ~National  WT: What today's educational ruling class gets wrong, by Everett Piper
2019-11-21 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The 10 Habits of Logical People, by Dan Lattier
2019-11-21 ~National  Epoch Times: The University is 'Infantilizing Its Students', by Luo & Jekielek
2019-11-21 ~National  Epoch Times: Inoculating Our Children Against Socialism, by Jeff Minick
2019-11-19 ~National  Daily Caller: U.S. Agencies Wide Open to Chinese Researchers, by Luke Rosiak
2019-11-18 ~State-CO  , by Valerie Richardson
2019-11-16 ~Potpourri WT: Democracy paralyzed by elites in U.S. and U.K., by Jed Babbin
2019-11-13 ~World     WT: Martin Luther goes to Riyadh, by Sam Faddis
2019-11-06 ~Potpourri Daily Caller: Lettuce Pray: Climate Change, Neo-Paganism, and End Of The World
2019-11-05 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Gratitude Versus Entitlement, by Paul Adams
2019-10-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Steve Bannon, on Trump's China strategy
2019-10-xx ~National  Limbaugh: Google's Conservative Freezeout: The Chi-Com Model
2019-10-25 ~Environmt Epoch Times: Climate Policies Sparked Chile Riots, by James Taylor
2019-10-22 ~World     Daily Mail: Horrors of Chinese 're-education camp' revealed, by Chris Pleasance
2019-10-22 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: In Socialist Theocracy, Getting 'Woke' Brings Absolution
2019-10-18 ~Potpourri WaPo: Americans embrace the wisdom of being 'nobody', by Arthur C. Brooks
2019-10-17 ~Environmt Epoch Times: Who Are the Climate Change Ideologues?, by Mark Hendrickson
2019-10-13 ~Potpourri WT: Millennials should practice what they preach, by Everett Piper
2019-10-11 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Have Our Elites Grown Tired of Traditional Democracy?, by Wm Brooks
2019-10-11 ~National  DOJ: On Freedom and Morality, address by AG William Barr at Notre Dame
2019-10-09 ~National  WT: Members of previous generations now seem like giants, by Victor Davis Hanson
2019-10-08 ~Health    WT: The Body: A Guide for Occupants -- book review by Jimmy O'Keefe
2019-09-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution, by Myron Magnet
2019-09-29 ~Environmt , by V. Richardson
2019-09-28 ~Environmt WT: Al Gore edges AOC for top Climate Hypocrite Award, by Valerie Richardson
2019-09-27 ~Health    Charlotte Observer: Cam Newton's Bad Vegan Experience, by Brendan Marks
2019-09-26 ~Environmt CFACT: The Greta plan backfired with young conservatives, by Adam Houser
2019-09-25 ~Potpourri City Journal: Pittsburgh's Experiences in Urban Revitalization, by John Tierney
2019-09-24 ~Environmt On Fire', environmental false flag for radical revolution -- Book review
2019-09-20 ~State-IL  ZeroHedge: Bankrupt Illinois Cities Forced to Cut Services to Fund Pensions
2019-09-19 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Poisoned Fruit of the Sexual Revolution, by Paul Adams
2019-09-18 ~National  WT: Trump's nonstop war against liberal culture, by Victor Davis Hanson
2019-09-18 ~Environmt Fox News: Climate doomsdays that didn't happen, by Sam Dorman
2019-09-17 ~Health    Prfree.org: Shockwave For ED at Home, by Dr. Gregory Martin
2019-09-12 ~National  Epoch Times: Big Tech Bias Threatens Free and Fair Elections, by Luo & Jekielek
2019-09-10 ~National  WT: Charting the result of declining core values, by Tony Perkins
2019-09-10 ~National  Daily Caller: Illinois hospital has 'Comfort Room' for aborted babies to die in
2019-09-10 ~Environmt Epoch Times: Head of World Meteorological Organization Slams Climate Extremists
2019-09-09 ~Environmt WT: Ethanol in fuel hurts us all. Here's why., by Jerry Jung
2019-09-06 ~National  Epoch Times: Gen. Flynn's Endgame Approaches, by Brian Cates
2019-09-05 ~Potpourri Tech News World: Amazon Testing Hand-Scanning Payment System, by Richard Adhikari
2019-09-01 ~World     Epoch Times: Ontario's Sex-Ed Curriculum Now Includes Marriage, by Peter Mitchell
2019-08-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with James O'Keefe, on Google election meddling
2019-08-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Rediscovering the Wisdom in American History, by Wilfred McClay
2019-08-29 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Unix at 50: How this OS started from failure, by Richard Jensen
2019-08-26 ~Environmt WT: Annual Amazon farmland burn sets records for international outrage
2019-08-25 ~Health    Epoch Times: Electronic Health Records vs Better Care?, by Lynch & Gunderman
2019-08-22 ~National  WT: Immigration chief: Feds complicit in human trafficking, by Stephen Dinan
2019-08-19 ~National  Daily Caller: How Google Discriminates Against Conservatives, by Mike Wacker
2019-08-17 ~National  Examiner: NYT's 1619 Project aims to 'reframe American history', by Byron York
2019-08-16 ~National  Daily Caller: Hillary's 30,000 emails copied before deleted, by Luke Rosiak
2019-08-15 ~National  Epoch Times: Why Kamala Will Be Democrats' Presidential Nominee, by Trevor Loudon
2019-08-06 ~National  Epoch Times: New York's Cultural Revolutionary Education Reforms, by C. Humphrey
2019-08-04 ~Health    Epoch Times: Radiating Caution on the 5G Rollout, by Lee Harding
2019-08-01 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: 'Critical Race Theory', 'Intersectionality' in Church?, by T. Loudon
2019-07-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Rep. Devin Nunes, on the Deep State aftermath
2019-07-29 ~National  NY Post: Why are so many young men so angry?, by Maureen Callahan
2019-07-29 ~National  WT: Teacher unions endorse politics & power, not quality education, by Lance Izumi
2019-07-24 ~State-CA  Epoch Times: Santa Barbara Parents Fight 'Implicit Bias' Curricula, by Matt Vadum
2019-07-24 ~National  Project Veritas: Current Sr. Google Engineer: Tech is "dangerous", "taking sides"
2019-07-23 ~National  WT: Why college is a waste for many high school graduates, by Peter Morici
2019-07-19 ~World     Frontpage Mag: Jihadi Stabs 3 Canadian Soldiers, Court Sends Him to College
2019-07-18 ~Potpourri Daily Caller: Is Corporate America Selling Out Our Country?, by Tucker Carlson
2019-07-17 ~National  Epoch Times: How 'Situation Ethics' Warped the Nation's Morals, by Trevor Loudon
2019-07-17 ~National  WT: Washington Times editor, columnist Wesley Pruden dies at 83, by V. Richardson
2019-07-13 ~World     AFP: In Paris, cars forced to make way for e-Scooters, by Francois Guillot
2019-07-13 ~National  WT: Democrats, "Douglass Plan" promises more racial division, by Cheryl Chumley
2019-07-11 ~National  Epoch Times: Candace Owens on Breaking the Victimhood Mindset, by Irene Luo
2019-07-11 ~Health    Epoch Times: Fever and the Nature of Acute Disease, by Thomas Cowan
2019-07-10 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Bukovsky, on Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity, by Celia Farber
2019-07-08 ~State-CA  Daily Caller: Here are Details on California's Sex Education, by Mary M. Olohan
2019-07-07 ~National   -- editorial
2019-07-07 ~National  WT: U.S. church attendance continues on downward spiral, by Rebecca Hagelin
2019-07-03 ~State-WV  WT: West Virginia enacting (limited) school choice, by Patricia Rucker
2019-07-03 ~National  Daily Caller: 'Mini AOC' Doxxed And Threatened, by Rachel Stoltzfoos
2019-06-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Danger of the Attacks on the Electoral College, by Trent England
2019-06-27 ~National  Bull Elephant: Conservatives -- Fight or Flight?, by Michael Giere
2019-06-24 ~National  Newsweek: I Blew the Whistle on Big Tech Censorship, by Eric Cochran
2019-06-24 ~National  Townhall: Google, on "Preventing the next Trump Situation", by Matt Vespa
2019-06-23 ~Potpourri WT: Conservatives are actually pro-science, Liberals are not!, by Everett Piper
2019-06-20 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Democracy Against the Family, by William Gairdner
2019-06-19 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Orwell on How Socialists Alter Language to Alter History
2019-06-18 ~Environmt WT: Without mining there is no 'Green Revolution', by Stephen Moore & Ann Bridges
2019-06-17 ~National  Daily Caller: Colleges Creating a Lost Generation of Americans, by William Davis
2019-06-13 ~National  Epoch Times: Communist Strategy for Taking Over the Democrat Party, by T. Loudon
2019-06-13 ~Health    Top 10 Reasons to Eat Your Cruciferous Veggies, by GreenMedInfo
2019-06-12 ~Potpourri WT: Why are the Western middle classes so angry?, by Victor Davis Hanson
2019-06-12 ~National  WT: War College cancels speaker on Islam, by Bill Gertz
2019-06-09 ~Environmt WT: Bloomberg pledges $500M to shut down coal plants, block natural gas
2019-06-08 ~Environmt WT: Climate change to bring '25 Holocausts' - and other stupid leftisms
2019-06-07 ~Environmt Daily Caller: NPS quietly removes 'Glaciers-Gone-By-2020' signs, by M. Bastasch
2019-06-05 ~World     Epoch Times: New US Tariffs Spell Doomsday for China's Economy, by Wang Shangyi
2019-06-04 ~Environmt Epoch Times: What Goes Up Must Come Down, by John A. Parmentola, Ph.D. Physicist 
2019-05-29 ~National  Epoch Times: What's Behind the Push for Open Borders, by Charlotte Cuthbertson
2019-05-29 ~National  WT: Robert Mueller's report buries key conclusions, by Rowan Scarborough
2019-05-23 ~Health    Epoch Times: Tuning in to Microwave Sickness from Wireless Radiation, by C. Milner
2019-05-23 ~Health    WT: Medicine about profit, not health, by Samuel Burkeen
2019-05-19 ~World     JoNova: Australia votes, Climate action bombs, Pollsters crash.
2019-05-19 ~Potpourri WaPo: Why I'm rooting for James Holzhauer on 'Jeopardy', by Ken Jennings
2019-05-19 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: 'ThoughtCrime' Is Becoming a Reality, by Joshua Philipp
2019-05-19 ~National  Epoch Times: Why Today's Journalists 'Sometimes Have To Lie To You', by Brian Cates
2019-05-16 ~Potpourri The Atlantic: The Peculiar Blindness of Experts, by David Epstein
2019-05-16 ~Potpourri CFACT: Fear, loathing, intolerance, and the toxic Green agenda, by Paul Driessen
2019-05-13 ~Environmt Video: The History and Future of Climate Change, by Peter Temple (5:31)
2019-05-10 ~States    Epoch Times: 11 States Ban Sanctuary Cities; Florida Ready To Join -- Not Va.
2019-05-10 ~Health    Epoch Times: No Enigma: Vaccines and the Food Allergy Epidemic
2019-05-09 ~National  Epoch Times: 7 Reasons Why the Uranium One Scandal Won't Go Away, by Seamus Bruner
2019-05-07 ~National  Epoch Times: The Left's "Above and Below" Strategy for Chaos, by Joshua Philipp
2019-05-03 ~National  Epoch Times: Once Burned, Twice Shy -- Why "Anti-Vaxxers: Are Really "Ex-Vaxxers"
2019-05-02 ~National  Epoch Times: Media Narratives Now More Important Than Facts, by Sharyl Attkisson
2019-04-28 ~National  Breitbart: 98K Illegals Graduating From U.S. High Schools Each Year, by John Binder
2019-04-28 ~National  WT: What if Conservatives "identified" as Democrats?, by Everett Piper
2019-04-26 ~Environmt CFACT: Batteries cannot make renewables reliable, by David Wojick
2019-04-25 ~Health    Epoch Times: Why Men Need Minimalism, by Jay Harrington
2019-04-24 ~Environmt CFACT: NYC goes stone-age Green, by Craig Rucker
2019-04-19 ~Environmt Epoch Times: Climate Change Confusion: What Are We to Think?, by William Gairdner
2019-04-16 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Three Meta-Errors That Pervade Progressivism, by Mark Hendrickson
2019-04-15 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Emotion Over Logic: The Legacy Media Tool for Narrative Control
2019-04-11 ~National  
2019-04-10 ~World     The Week: There is no Left left in Israel, by Damon Linker
2019-04-09 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: You Can't Have Socialism Without State Tyranny, by Joshua Philipp
2019-04-08 ~Virginia  AP: CBD and THC-A oil dispensaries set to open across Virginia, by Ben Burstein
2019-04-08 ~National  Epoch Times: Barack Obama: A Lifelong Story of Russian Collusion, by Trevor Loudon
2019-04-07 ~National  WT: Progressive tolerance and millennial love, by Everett Piper
2019-04-04 ~Potpourri FC: Oceanix proposes to build modular, floating cities, by Katharine Schwab
2019-04-03 ~National  WT: Southern Poverty Law Center in tatters, by Valerie Richardson
2019-03-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Victor Davis Hanson, author: 'The Case for Trump'
2019-03-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Politics by Other Means: The Use and Abuse of Scandal, by John Marini
2019-03-29 ~National  NRA: AOC Wants to Pressure Banks to Deny Service to Gun Providers
2019-03-29 ~National  NRA: Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates Second Amendment
2019-03-28 ~National  Epoch Times: Spygate: Inside Story Behind Plot to Take Down Trump, by Jeff Carlson
2019-03-27 ~National  Epoch Times: Smollett Case Highlights Prosecutor's Ties to Soros, by Wm Patrick
2019-03-22 ~National  Frontpage Mag: David Horowitz Unveils the Left's Dark Agenda -- video & transcript
2019-03-21 ~World     Epoch Times: US-Brazil Summit: 'We Don't Want Socialism Anymore', by Emel Akan
2019-03-21 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Fatal Flaw of Socialized Health Care, by Trevor Loudon
2019-03-21 ~Health    Yale Medicine: How New Ketamine Drug Helps with Depression, by Jennifer Chen
2019-03-21 ~Health    FCTA: Personal Initiative to Lower Alzheimer's Risk, by Tom Cranmer
2019-03-19 ~States    WT: Gun owners embrace own sanctuary movement, by Valerie Richardson
2019-03-15 ~State-NC  The Federalist: N.C. To Make Crummy Schools Great Again By Lowering The Bar
2019-03-14 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Men  Women, Embracing Our Differences -- Series of Articles
2019-03-12 ~National  WT: 1972 (Nixon v McGovern), take two, by J.T. Young
2019-03-09 ~Environmt , by Ilene Eng
2019-03-04 ~National  The Atlantic: The Geography of Partisan Prejudice, by Ripley, Tenjarla & He
2019-03-04 ~National  WT: Counting on non-citizens in the 2020 census -- Editorial
2019-03-03 ~Virginia  WT: Va. bill nixes Bloomberg funds to pay for climate lawyers, by V. Richardson
2019-03-03 ~National  WT: The Party of No (cars, guns, planes, character, ...), by Everett Piper
2019-03-02 ~National  WND: Top Michigan Officials Sued for Using SPLC 'Hate' Labels
2019-02-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Shall We Defend Our Common History?, by Roger Kimball
2019-02-28 ~Virginia  CFACT: Giant solar has Virginia in uproar, by Bonner Cohen
2019-02-28 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Plight of the Liberal, by Mark Bauerlein
2019-02-27 ~Environmt CFACT: My Testimony to Congress on Green New Deal, by Marc Morano
2019-02-27 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Biggest City to go 100% Renewable Now Regrets -- Green New Deal?!
2019-02-24 ~States    , by Stephen Moore & Arthur Laffer
2019-02-22 ~National  Epoch Times: Progressivism and the Sensual Satisfaction of Hatred, by M Folkertsma
2019-02-21 ~World     MIT Tech Review: Chinese twins had their DNA edited, by Antonio Regalado
2019-02-19 ~National  Epoch Times: Progressive Agenda means Permanent Revolution, by Marvin Folkertsma
2019-02-16 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Emasculation of Men Is Doing Society No Favors, by Ryan Moffatt
2019-02-13 ~Environmt Epoch Times: Educational Malpractice on a Massive Scale, by Mark Hendrickson
2019-02-08 ~National  Epoch Times: Government Welfare, A Cancer Known as Communism, by Trevor Loudon
2019-02-08 ~National  Epoch Times: Down With Welfare State! Onward to Welfare Society!, by T. Loudon
2019-02-07 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Dems' "Green New Deal" cracks up WSJ's Strassel, by Virginia Kruta
2019-02-05 ~National  , by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
2019-02-04 ~National  Jacobin: Cory Booker Hates Public Schools, by Eric Blanc
2019-02-04 ~Health    Epoch Times: The Threat 5G Poses to Human Health, by James Grundvig
2019-02-01 ~World     Epoch Times: China Will Grow Old Before It Grows Rich, by Steven W. Mosher
2019-02-01 ~National  JWR: The long, painful slide down the slippery slope, by Wesley Pruden
2019-02-01 ~Environmt Epoch Times: There's a Better Way to 'Go Green', Georgetown, by Richard Trzupek
2019-01-xx ~Potpourri ASOR: Making Bibles in Early America, by Seth Perry
2019-01-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence, by Alex Berenson
2019-01-31 ~State-SD  NRA: South Dakota Governor Signs NRA-backed Constitutional Carry Bill
2019-01-30 ~National  Epoch Times: American Renewal: Losing Trust, Saving Trust, by David Prentice
2019-01-25 ~Environmt CFACT: Carbon tax economists profoundly ignorant and/or cynical, by Mark Mathis
2019-01-23 ~State-NY  FaithWire.com: NY Senate Cheers After Passage of Infanticide Bill, by Will Maule
2019-01-23 ~Potpourri RT: Microsoft to provide "fake news" filter in mobile browser -- in reverse?
2019-01-23 ~National  Ace Of Spades: "Passive Conservatism" and the Surrender Caucus, by John Hayward
2019-01-22 ~National  Epoch Times: Beginner's Guide to American Communist Parties: Part 1, by T. Loudon
2019-01-17 ~Potpourri Crisis Mag: Time for Some Trust-Busting?, by William Kilpatrick
2019-01-16 ~Potpourri Daily Caller: The word "family" triggers meltdown at Google, by Peter Hanson
2019-01-15 ~Potpourri BPR: New 'toxic masculinity' ad has Gillette losing big-time, by Vivek Saxena
2019-01-12 ~National  Epoch Times: An 1897 Text Explains Why Johnny Can't Write, by Annie Holmquist
2019-01-10 ~National  Epoch Times: The Fed Dilemma, by Valentin Schmid
2019-01-02 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Why Is Communism Evil?, by Trevor Loudon
2018-12-xx ~National  Limbaugh: The Great Divide - Two Visions of America
2018-12-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Do We Need Our Country Anymore?, by Larry P. Arnn
2018-12-31 ~National  WND: The Left Will Make 2019 a Dark Year, by Dennis Prager
2018-12-27 ~Potpourri NYT: Inside Facebook's Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech, by Max Fisher
2018-12-21 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Carbon Taxes Being Voted Down Everywhere, by John Kartch
2018-12-20 ~National  Epoch Times: Vets Find Purpose in Defending Remote AZ Border, by C. Cuthbertson
2018-12-19 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Google Distributes Chinese Surveillance Technology, by Rex Lee
2018-12-14 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Don't buy a 5G smartphone just yet, by Ron Amadeo
2018-12-11 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Problem With Experts, by Mark Hendrickson
2018-12-11 ~National  Epoch Times: What Is Originalism?, by Rob Natelson
2018-12-06 ~World     Epoch Times: The European Prison House of Nations, by Paul Adams
2018-12-06 ~Health    CNN: Australian researchers develop 10-minute cancer test, by Euan McKirdy
2018-12-03 ~National  Epoch Times: Virtues, Values, and Education, by Paul Adams
2018-12-03 ~National  Epoch Times: The Case for an Education Based on Virtues -- Series of Articles
2018-12-02 ~Virginia  WT: Virginia taxpayers, ratepayers to get scammed with offshore wind power
2018-12-01 ~State-CA  Daily Caller: CA Dems use "Ballot Harvesting" to Nuke GOP, by Scott Morefield
2018-11-xx ~National  Limbaugh: GoFundDems, The Left's New Money-Laundering Machine
2018-11-30 ~National  Epoch Times: Google Debated Burying Conservative Media in Search Results
2018-11-30 ~Environmt AMAC: The Truth About the New Climate Report, by Cal Thomas
2018-11-29 ~National  AMAC: End Caravan Madness -- Tell the Untold Truth, by Robert Charles
2018-11-27 ~State-CA  WT: How California effectively legalizes voter fraud, by Shawn Steel
2018-11-26 ~National  Epoch Times: Congressional Progressive Caucus is Marxist, by Trevor Loudon
2018-11-19 ~National  WT: An explanation of Trump's defining philosopy -- Book review
2018-11-16 ~Environmt The Federalist: Misguided Environmentalism To Blame For California's Wildfires
2018-11-13 ~States    CER: Parent Power! Index - National Overview -- Va #35
2018-11-09 ~National  AMAC: Trump Clamps Down on Asylum Rules for Immigrants, by Fred Lucas
2018-11-09 ~Health    Epoch Times: Is Move to 5G Wireless a Serious Health Risk?, by Conan Milner
2018-10-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Sidney Powell, author of "Licensed to Lie"
2018-10-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: America's Cold Civil War, by Charles R. Kesler
2018-10-23 ~National  Epoch Times: Chinese Subversion of U.S. Deep and Far Reaching, by Joshua Philipp
2018-10-23 ~National  WT: When Democrat dreams play out, by Robert A. Taft
2018-10-19 ~National  Epoch Times: The End Game of Climate Change: Socialism, by Mark Hendrickson
2018-10-19 ~National  Daily Caller: Voter Fraud, a Fact Democrats Wish was Fiction, by James Merse
2018-10-16 ~World     Epoch Times: Global Economy Not as Strong as It Looks, by Daniel Lacalle
2018-10-10 ~National  Epoch Times: Trump Signs Bills to Eliminate Pharmacy Gag Orders, by Holly Kellum
2018-10-10 ~National  Epoch Times: The Politics of Personal Destruction, by Paul Adams
2018-10-04 ~National  Epoch Times: A Short, Communist History of 'McCarthyism', by Diana West
2018-10-04 ~National  JWR: The campus comes to Congress, by Victor Davis Hanson
2018-10-03 ~National  JWR: The rumbling volcano that the left doesn't hear, by Hugh Hewitt
2018-10-02 ~State-MT  NPR: Montana Proves Employers Can Bargain Down Health Care Prices, by M. Allen
2018-10-02 ~National  Dennis Prager: The Left's Contempt for Middle-Class Values
2018-09-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Gregg Jarrett, author of "The Russia Hoax"
2018-09-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: A Short History of American Medical Insurance, by John Steele Gordon
2018-09-29 ~Potpourri Fast Company: Tim Berners-Lee plans to upend World Wide Web, by Katrina Brooker
2018-09-28 ~Potpourri The Conversation: 50 years of the Boeing 747, by Janet Bednarek
2018-09-28 ~National  FCTA: The Left's Attack on the Constitution, by Arthur Purves
2018-09-26 ~National  Epoch Times: 10 Ways Big Tech Can Shift Millions of Votes, by Robert Epstein
2018-09-26 ~Health    Ars Technica: Atrial fibrillation defined, and Apple's attempt to detect it
2018-09-25 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Postmodernism - How Nihilism Consumed the Left, by Cid Lazarou
2018-09-21 ~Potpourri The Intercept: Google Suppresses Memo on Plans to Closely Track Chinese Users
2018-09-21 ~National  NR: Obama Didn't Build That!, by Deroy Murdock
2018-09-20 ~National  CFIF: Leftists Expand Their War Into All Corners of Society, by Timothy H. Lee
2018-09-14 ~Potpourri Weekly Standard: Catholic Church Is Breaking Apart. Here's Why., by J. V. Last
2018-09-14 ~Health    Manward Press: The Dangers in America's Food System (Part 1), by Andy Snyder
2018-09-12 ~Potpourri Climate Depot: USA Is Now The Largest Global Crude Oil Producer
2018-09-12 ~National  Breitbart: Video of Google Leaders' Dismay at Trump Election, by Allum Bokhari
2018-09-07 ~National  Guardian: U.S. spends more on education, still falling behind, by Dominic Rushe
2018-09-07 ~National  TNI: Why Trump's Record Trumps the Media's Spin, by Christian Whiton
2018-09-05 ~Environmt WT: Good Intentions Gone Wrong - Congress' Renewable Fuels (RFS) Mistake
2018-09-04 ~National  WT: Why Google's search results must not be regulated, by Randolph J. May
2018-09-04 ~National  NAPO: Nat'l Association of Police Chastises Nike for Kaepernick Ad Campaign
2018-09-04 ~National  WT: The 'Long War' is not getting shorter, by Clifford D. May
2018-08-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Does Diversity Really Unite Us?, by Edward J. Erler
2018-08-31 ~National  Frontpage Mag: The Victimhood of Millionaire Athletes, by Sylvia Thompson
2018-08-29 ~Potpourri Guardian: Meet the teens who refuse to use social media, by Sirin Kale
2018-08-27 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Why Purpose Might Be a Better Goal Than Happiness, by Iza Kavadzija
2018-08-24 ~Virginia  
2018-08-23 ~Virginia  
2018-08-20 ~National  WND: Memo Reveals Soros-Funded Social-Media Censorship Plan, by Art Moore
2018-08-17 ~Potpourri JWR: Fear and Loathing of Jordan Peterson, by Suzanne Fields
2018-08-16 ~States    Tax Foundation: Cato Institute Ranks the 50 States, by Joseph Bishop-Henchman
2018-08-15 ~National  Regnery: Get Out [of Public Schools] Now, by Mary Rice Hasson, Theresa Farnan
2018-08-08 ~Environmt CFACT: Finally! Some fuel economy common sense, by Paul Driessen
2018-08-07 ~National  JWR: The Matrix at 20, by Cal Thomas
2018-07-31 ~States    WaPo: States using 'Reinsurance' to reduce Obamacare costs, by Colby Itkowitz
2018-07-31 ~National  Fox News: Painting of 'Trump Crossing the Swamp' goes viral, by Brooke Singman
2018-07-30 ~National  Epoch Times: D'Souza's "Death of a Nation" Shows Dem 'Plantation', by J. Philipp
2018-07-29 ~Potpourri Daily Caller: Why the West Hates Itself, by Nirmal Dass
2018-07-24 ~Potpourri WT: The subtle rise of authoritarians, by Frank V. Vernuccio Jr.
2018-07-20 ~National  JWR: #UsToo Strikes Back, Demanding Equal Justice, by Suzanne Fields
2018-07-19 ~National  Epoch Times: FBI Investigating Chinese Espionage in All 50 States, by J. Philipp
2018-07-18 ~National  Epoch Times: A Wave of Violence Is Threatening Trump Supporters, by Celia Farber
2018-07-17 ~National  Ars Technica: 3D-printed gun publisher wins lawsuit after 4+ years, by C. Farivar
2018-07-12 ~National  AFP: Trash piles up in US as China closes door to recycling, by Saul Loeb
2018-07-11 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Chaos and Anarchy - Tools of Communist Subversion, by Joshua Philipp
2018-07-09 ~National  Epoch Times: What Democratic Socialists Don't Get, by Valentin Schmid
2018-07-08 ~Health    , by Dr. Eric Thorn, cardiologist
2018-07-04 ~Environmt WT: South Africans claim leadership in 'clean coal' drive, by Geoff Hill
2018-06-28 ~National  Epoch Times: "#WalkAway" Videos Highlight Democrats Leaving Party, by Celia Farber
2018-06-28 ~Environmt JWR: Thirty years of 'global warming' panic, by Cal Thomas
2018-06-27 ~National  AP: Supreme Court deals big setback to government labor unions, by Mark Sherman
2018-06-25 ~National  WT: Supreme Court upholds Texas voting map as legal, by Alex Swoyer
2018-06-22 ~Potpourri Newsweek: Why Millennials are Falling Behind, by Ben Shapiro
2018-06-22 ~Environmt IER: Failed Prognostications of Climate Alarm, by Rob Bradley
2018-06-19 ~National  Epoch Times: High Regulation to Blame for Huge Corporations, by Jeffrey Tucker
2018-06-17 ~Potpourri WT: The despair of Anthony Bourdain, by Everett Piper
2018-06-17 ~Potpourri WT: The discontent of civilization, by Peter Morici
2018-06-14 ~States    WaPo: Instant-runoff would make voting more democratic -- Editorial
2018-06-14 ~National  Daily Torch: Mass media consolidation ==> one-party rule?, by Robert Romano
2018-06-13 ~Health    EMR and HIPAA: The Widening Gap in Dementia Care, by Colin Hung
2018-06-11 ~Environmt CFACT: Freeze, reduce or eliminate CAF?fuel standards, by Paul Driessen
2018-06-10 ~National  WT: Deconstructing young minds, by Robert Knight
2018-06-08 ~National  Video: Trump's America ... and It's Great Comeback, by Newt Gingrich (1hr,52min)
2018-06-07 ~Environmt CFACT: Banning plastic packaging hurts more than it helps, by Jason Hopkins
2018-06-05 ~National  WT: Can we force civility? -- Letter by Lawrence Andrade
2018-06-05 ~National  WT: Supremes' half-baked religious ruling -- Editorial
2018-06-02 ~World     LifeZette: Tommy Robinson's Arrest => UK's National Suicide, by Brigitte Gabriel
2018-06-02 ~National  NYT: Obama - Just Too Good for Us, by Maureen Dowd
2018-05-31 ~Environmt CFACT: Boneta settles $2 million lawsuit against Green realtors, by Bonner Cohen
2018-05-21 ~National  Chattanoogan: The USA is in a new Civil War, by Dr. Jack Minzey, Deceased
2018-05-18 ~National  Epoch Times: The New Housing Bubble, by Dan Oliver
2018-05-18 ~Environmt , by Paul Driessen
2018-05-16 ~Environmt IBD: We just had two years of record-breaking global cooling!
2018-05-15 ~World     Epoch Times: The European Project and Karl Marx, by Miriam Lexmann
2018-05-14 ~Potpourri Medium.com: Why Blockchain is Hard, by Jimmy Song
2018-05-13 ~National  The Hill: Mass transit is collapsing everywhere, by Randal O'Toole
2018-05-08 ~Environmt The Hill: Virginia regulators imperil energy infrastructure, by Bonner Cohen
2018-05-06 ~National  WT: Recent Boy Scout leadership decisions disappoint moms, by Rebecca Hagelin
2018-04-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Negative Impact of the #MeToo Movement, by Heather MacDonald
2018-04-26 ~National  JWR: Are we still a Nation of Laws?, by Victor Davis Hanson
2018-04-21 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Blockchain, Solution in Search of a Problem?, by Christopher Whalen
2018-04-21 ~National  Epoch Times: Why China Has Already Lost the Trade War, by Daniel Lacalle
2018-04-20 ~National  TheCatholicThing.org: How Ultimate Freedom Could Lead to Tyranny, by David Carlin
2018-04-18 ~World     Epoch Times: China Uses Industrial Warfare to Fight w/o Fighting, by Amar Manzoor
2018-04-18 ~World     Breitbart: Iran, Hezbollah Radicalizing in Latin American, by Edwin Mora
2018-04-18 ~National  Daily Caller: Stop The Left's War On America, by Brigett Gabriel, ACT for America
2018-04-16 ~National  WND: Conservative Movement Faces Existential Threat from Tech, by Bob Unruh
2018-04-13 ~States    
2018-04-11 ~National  WT: SexEd Sit-Out to protest 'graphic, gender-bending' -- April 23 (Earthy Day??)
2018-04-10 ~National  NR: No, School Discipline Isn't Racist, by Gail Heriot
2018-04-08 ~Environmt CFACT: Swamp's lynch mob out to get EPA's Scott Pruitt, by Bonner Cohen
2018-04-05 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Unseen War on Your Mind, by Joshua Philipp
2018-04-05 ~National  The Federalist: John Bolton's Appointment Rattles The Muslim Brotherhood
2018-04-03 ~World     Guardian: Swedes resist being 100% cash-free, by David Crouch
2018-04-03 ~National  The Week: Why Trump is more popular than ever, by Matthew Walther
2018-03-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas
2018-03-30 ~National  Bull Elephant: Student Pawns in a Dangerous Game of Chess, by C.W. Trauernicht
2018-03-27 ~National  Daily Caller: Left turns Tech Giants into their Speech Police, by Peter Hasson
2018-03-27 ~Health    Next Avenue: Americans Skipping Health Care due to Cost, by Richard Eisenberg
2018-03-26 ~Environmt Breitbart: 40 New Scientific Papers - No Global Warming!, by James Delingpole
2018-03-25 ~National  WT: How today's identity politics is fueled by hypocrisy, by Everett Piper
2018-03-25 ~National  WT: Republican spending Democrats are proud of -- Editorial
2018-03-21 ~World     WT: EDITORIAL: The reign of the elites is crumbling in Europe, too -- Editorial
2018-03-20 ~World     Daily Caller: 'Offensive Jokes' now a Criminal Offense in UK -- Editorial
2018-03-07 ~National  Daily Caller: 'American Men Are In Crisis', by Tucker Carlson
2018-03-01 ~States    Mercatus.org: The States by Fiscal Condition, by Norcross & Gonzalez
2018-02-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Politicization of the FBI, by Joseph E. diGenova
2018-02-26 ~National  WT: 100,000+ illegals are registered to vote in Pennsylvania, by Stephen Dinan
2018-02-24 ~National  Canada Free Press: Defining Deviancy Down, by Chuck Lehmann
2018-02-22 ~National  CPAC: NRA's Wayne LaPierre discusses our Institutional Corruption, (video 37:36)
2018-02-20 ~Environmt Breitbart: NOAA caught adjusting Big Freeze out of existence, by James Delingpole
2018-02-19 ~State-TX  Daily Caller: Texas Sheriff Allows Teachers To Carry Firearms, by Benny Johnson
2018-02-17 ~State-ID  Examiner: Blowing off Obamacare -- Idaho shows how -- Opinion
2018-02-12 ~National  Daily Caller: Scam - Why College In The U.S. Is So Expensive, by Andrew Kerr
2018-02-11 ~National  WT: George Soros vs America -- follow the money, by Rebecca Hagelin
2018-02-02 ~National  House.gov: Devin Nunes' 4-page FISA memo outlining FBI/DOJ leadership corruption
2018-02-01 ~Health    Western Mastery: Man's Guide on Avoiding Xenoestrogens that Lower Testosterone
2018-01-xx ~National  Limbaugh: Morality is NOT determined by Individual Choice
2018-01-27 ~Potpourri USSA News: Study rates Conservatives more attractive than Liberals
2018-01-26 ~State-CT  Lux Libertas: Connecticut's S.O.S. - rising retirement costs
2018-01-25 ~National  Catholic World Report: What I learned in a community college, by P. Stravinskas
2018-01-20 ~National  Epoch Times: The Fed's Boom and Bust, by Joshua Philipp & Valentin Schmid
2018-01-19 ~National  WT: Trump must beware domestic enemies, by L. Todd Wood
2018-01-18 ~Potpourri JWR: The Left's nostalgia problem, by George Will
2018-01-18 ~National  Observer: American Students Rank Low in International Testing, by John A. Tures
2018-01-16 ~National  Politico: How China Infiltrated U.S. College Classrooms, by Ethan Epstein
2018-01-15 ~National  Daily Caller: Anti-PC Professor Suing NYU Speaks Out, by Patrick Granger
2018-01-12 ~Environmt CFACT: Climate skeptics have valid reasons to question manmade warming
2018-01-11 ~National  Project Veritas: Twitter bans "Way of Talking" via "Shadow Banning" (video 15:14)
2018-01-10 ~Virginia  Utilitydive.com: Will Virginia join Carbon Cap-n-Trade Scam?, by Robert Walton
2018-01-04 ~Potpourri AP: Who's affected by computer chip security flaw, by Matt O'Brien
2018-01-03 ~National  WT: Voter fraud commission duties transferred to DHS, by Stephen Dinan
2017-12-xx ~Potpourri IMPRIMUS: Churchill's Three Lessons of Statesmanship, by Larry P. Arnn
2017-12-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Edward Klein, on The Plot to Destroy Trump
2017-12-28 ~Environmt WT: Global warming films flop at box office in 2017, by Christian Todd
2017-12-25 ~Potpourri RT: Sign a contract before sex? Political correctness run amok, by Frank May
2017-12-21 ~National  Examiner: Trump Accomplishments - Year 1, by Paul Bedard
2017-12-20 ~Potpourri Daily Mail: Robot with AI knows when you're lying, by Shivali Best
2017-12-18 ~National  WT: The Democrats' great diversion, by James A. Lyons
2017-12-18 ~National  Daily Caller: Trump's 5-Point National Security Strategy, by Peter Hasson
2017-12-17 ~National  Politico: Secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook, by Josh Meyer
2017-12-15 ~Environmt The Federalist: Trump to Remove 'Climate Change' as National Security Threat
2017-12-14 ~World     Epoch Times: Saudi Arabian Reform Includes Shunning Islamism, by Joshua Philipp
2017-12-14 ~National  Daily Caller: FCC Frees Internet from Obama's Title II Regs, by Eric Lieberman
2017-12-11 ~Potpourri Verge: Former FB exec says social media ripping apart society, by James Vincent
2017-12-08 ~Health    New Atlas: Canola oil linked to Alzheimer's complications, by Michael Franco
2017-12-06 ~Potpourri Caltech: The World's Smallest Mona Lisa, by Lori Dajose
2017-12-06 ~National  Daily Caller: SCOTUS to Lower Courts on Travel Ban: Knock It Off, by Kevin Daley
2017-12-06 ~Health    WT: Weight loss, diet may reverse Type 2 diabetes - Study, by Laura Kelly
2017-12-06 ~Environmt Breitbart: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise, by James Delingpole
2017-12-06 ~Environmt Daily Caller: President Trump Kicks Off Rollback of National Monument Abuse
2017-12-05 ~National  WT: Team Obama tried 'stealth coup' by undermining Trump, by Rowan Scarborough
2017-12-04 ~National  WT: NFL deal to dole out millions to Soros-linked groups, by Valerie Richardson
2017-12-03 ~National  Epoch Times: Antifa Extremists Being Investigated by FBI, by Joshua Philipp
2017-12-02 ~National  Epoch Times: We Live in the Age of Capital Consumption, by Ronald-Peter St鰂erle
2017-11-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Problem of Identity Politics and Its Solution, by Matthew Continetti
2017-11-25 ~National  WaPo: Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees, by Kevin Sullivan & Mary Jordan
2017-11-22 ~National  WT: NFL stadiums cost taxpayers billions of dollars, by Jeff Mordock
2017-11-21 ~National  Reason: Killing Net Neutrality Will Set the Internet Free, by Gillespie & Keyser
2017-11-20 ~State-IL  JWR: Smashing the 'Blue Model' in Illinois, by George Will
2017-11-17 ~World     WaPo: Life in North Korea under Kim Jong Un, by Anna Fifield
2017-11-17 ~National  WaPo: Trump assaults our free press, but he also has a point, by Chris Wallace
2017-11-17 ~Health    Ars Technica: Swiss find way to turn any cell into a tumor killer, by Diana Gitig
2017-11-16 ~National  Epoch Times: Inflation, the Hidden Tax, by Valentin Schmid
2017-11-14 ~Potpourri WT: Teen suicides rise with smartphone use, by Laura Kelly
2017-11-12 ~State-ME  WT: Maine voters gave themselves an expensive Medicaid gift -- Editorial
2017-11-10 ~Environmt CFACT: Skeptic conference outshines UN COP 23, by David Wojick
2017-11-09 ~Potpourri Axios: Sean Parker unloads on Facebook "exploiting" human weakness, by Mike Allen
2017-11-09 ~National  BW: The History of U.S. Taxes, by Justin Fox
2017-11-05 ~Health    Ars Technica: Gut bacteria may improve cancer treatment success, by Beth Mole
2017-11-04 ~National  WT: Poll finds millennials prefer socialism to capitalism, by Bradford Richardson
2017-11-03 ~National  NRA: Former NPR CEO Finds Travel Fatal to Anti-gun Prejudice
2017-11-02 ~National  Daily Caller: Tucker Carlson Slams FBI for Incompetence, by Justin Caruso
2017-10-xx ~National  Limbaugh: The Left's hateful view of America vs Reality
2017-10-30 ~Environmt WT: Burying 'sue and settle' at EPA, by Ed Feulner
2017-10-27 ~National  NRA: From Kneeling to Stepping On Freedom
2017-10-25 ~Potpourri NYT: The Battle of Brains vs. Brawn, by Gretchen Reynolds
2017-10-25 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Colliding neutron stars support dark matter theory, by Chris Lee
2017-10-23 ~National  WT: Liberal leanings of Google, Facebook shape political landscape, by J. Mordock
2017-10-22 ~Health    Epoch Times: Nursing Crisis Strains U.S. Hospitals, by Jilian Mincer
2017-10-21 ~National  NY Post: Former NPR CEO opens up about liberal media燽ias, by Ken Stern
2017-10-19 ~National  WaPo: George Soros, "superpower for democracy" -- SAY WHAT???
2017-10-17 ~Potpourri BW: One Scientist's Marathon Quest for the Exercise Pill, by Adam Piore
2017-10-17 ~Potpourri The Subversionist: The New 95 [Theses], by Mike Gibson of Peter Thiel's 1517 Fund
2017-10-15 ~Potpourri Daily Mail: Thomas the Tank Engine to become gender-balanced, by Stewart Paterson
2017-10-14 ~National  Daily Caller: Soros funds study on White Working-Class Voters, by Eric Owens
2017-10-13 ~National  Project Veritas: American Pravda - NYT Part 1; NYT Part 2; 
2017-10-12 ~National  JWR: It's 1968 all over again, by Victor Davis Hanson
2017-10-12 ~National  Daily Caller: Corruption and failing standards at West Point, by Patrick Granger
2017-10-11 ~Environmt WT: Unplugging the Obama power scheme -- Editorial
2017-10-06 ~National  Epoch Times: Antifa Tied to Communist Revolutionary Groups, by Joshua Philipp
2017-10-05 ~National  WT: Players' union teams with George Soros to destroy NFL, by Valerie Richardson
2017-10-02 ~State-NC  WT: North Carolina a model for Federal tax relief, by Robin Hayes
2017-10-01 ~National  WT: The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left -- Book Review
2017-09-xx ~National  JW: Special Report - Exposing the Deep State
2017-09-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Dinesh D'Souza, on Nazi roots of the American Left
2017-09-xx ~National  Limbaugh: Will Republicans Blow Their Greatest Opportunity?
2017-09-30 ~World     Epoch Times: Communism's (and Democrats') Secret Tool, by Joshua Philipp
2017-09-27 ~National  WT: Trump guts tax code: Slashes rates, kills death tax, by S.A. Miller
2017-09-25 ~Potpourri WT: The steps from freedom to Socialism, by Richard Rahn
2017-09-25 ~National  JWR: The thing America strives for most? Complacency, by George Will
2017-09-25 ~Health    JAMA: Pathway to Patient Data Ownership & Better Health, by Mikk, Sleeper & Topol
2017-09-20 ~World     Telegraph: British supermarket offers 'finger vein' payment, by Katie Morley
2017-09-19 ~Environmt Breitbart: Alarmists admit global warming models are broken, by James Delingpole
2017-09-17 ~Environmt CFACT: Common-sense finally comes to Western fire policies, by Paul Driessen
2017-09-17 ~Environmt Breitbart: Environmentalists biggest threat to environment, by James Delingpole
2017-09-16 ~Health    AJC: Avandia skin patch melts 'love handles' in mice, by Stephanie Toone
2017-09-14 ~National  WT: And now for the REAL Russia collusion story, by L. Todd Wood
2017-09-13 ~State-MD  Fox News: Undocumented Democrats get to vote in College Park MD -- OOPs, Not yet!
2017-09-12 ~National  Examiner: Rogue CFPB federal agency needs to be reigned in, by Mike Hunter
2017-09-12 ~National  Examiner: Barack Obama, the former president who won't go away, by W. James Antle
2017-09-12 ~Environmt WT: Coming ice age can be thwarted, by S. Fred Singer
2017-09-07 ~National  WT: Wildfires in the West revive push to thin federal forests, by V. Richardson
2017-09-07 ~National  WT: Out-of-state voters tipped New Hampshire to Hillary, by Rowan Scarborough
2017-09-07 ~Health    Epoch Times: Should dementia be referred to type-3 diabetes?, by Conan Milner
2017-09-05 ~National  WT: Navy War College taking on a kinder, gentler identity, by Gary Anderson
2017-09-04 ~National  WT: Labor Day thoughts from President Reagan, 1981  and Henry Ford, 1922.
2017-09-01 ~National  Free Beacon: The Irrelevant Democrats, by Matthew Continetti
2017-08-31 ~National  WT: Southern Poverty Law Center, the Left's premier hate group, by Wesley Pruden
2017-08-24 ~Potpourri Telegraph: 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet remaps math history, by Sarah Knapton
2017-08-21 ~National  WT: All aboard the censor ship -- Editorial
2017-08-20 ~National  WT: Replacing the Republican Party, by Angelo M. Codevilla
2017-08-19 ~Potpourri Jacobin Mag: Richard Florida's Re-urbanization Reconsidered, by Sam Wetherell
2017-08-18 ~World     Epoch Times: Communist Origins of the 'Antifa' Extremist Group, by Joshua Philipp
2017-08-18 ~National  NRA: Justice Department Terminates and Repudiates 'Operation Chokepoint'
2017-08-18 ~National  JWR: Intolerance is the game the fearful and frightened play, by Suzanne Fields
2017-08-15 ~National  WT: Teaching history amid America's history gap, by Deborah Simmons
2017-08-15 ~National  Daily Caller: Corporations Increasingly Serve As Arbiters Of Public Morality
2017-08-14 ~National  Squawker: Leftist Identity Politics Caused the Violence in Charlottesville
2017-08-13 ~National  WT: Beware the Obamacare industrial complex, by Stephen Moore
2017-08-13 ~National  WT: Google favors 'diversity' over technical innovation, by Rebecca Hagelin
2017-08-13 ~Environmt CFACT: Life in fossil-fuel-free utopia, by Paul Driessen
2017-08-09 ~National  Philly Inquirer: Let's celebrate the culture of the 1950s, by Wax & Alexander
2017-08-07 ~Environmt WT: Men's sperm count drops dramatic 52 percent, by Renee Garfinkel
2017-08-07 ~Environmt WT: The high cost of unreliable power, by Benjamin Zycher
2017-08-06 ~National  Epoch Times: Watchdog Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Voter Fraud in California
2017-08-03 ~National  WT: Illegals cost taxpayers nearly $750 billion over lifetime, by Stephen Dinan
2017-08-01 ~Environmt FCTA: Tom Cranmer nixes ethanol in gasoline at EPA hearing
2017-07-31 ~Potpourri Daily Caller: George Soros, the 'Anti-Fascist' Fascist, by Dinesh D'Souza
2017-07-31 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Australian Bureau of Meteorology caught erasing cold temperatures
2017-07-27 ~Health    Epoch Times: Rethinking the War on Salt, by Conan Milner
2017-07-23 ~National  Fx Free Citizen: The War in the Courts, by Gary Porter
2017-07-18 ~National  Bull Elephant: The Death of Consequences, by Michael Giere
2017-07-16 ~Environmt WT: Anti-frackers exploited for Russia's gain, by Dan Boylan
2017-07-12 ~World     Epoch Times: 200 Million Women and Girls Forced with Female Genital Mutilation
2017-07-12 ~National  WT: Conservative parents turn away from universities, by Bradford Richardson
2017-07-11 ~Potpourri WT: The values of the West ARE the best, by Clifford D. May
2017-07-10 ~National  WT: The dirty secret behind the Senate's Obamacare quandary, by Angelo Codevilla
2017-07-10 ~Health    TheBalance.com: Rising Cost of Health Care & Causes, by Year, by Kimberly Amadeo
2017-07-09 ~States    WT: Marching to the poorhouse (Illinois vs Kansas) -- Editorial
2017-07-06 ~Potpourri JWR: The sequence to success, by George Will
2017-07-06 ~Potpourri Crisis Mag: Disturbing Portrait of Present-Day American Left, by Stephen Krason
2017-07-04 ~National  FCTA: The Three Reasons Republicans Never Cut Taxes, by Arthur Purves
2017-07-03 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Reclaiming Our History to Mend Our Culture, by Sharon Kilarski
2017-07-03 ~Potpourri WT: Fourth of July 100 years ago made familiar headlines, by Nicole Ault
2017-07-03 ~Potpourri WT: Sanders, wife accused of shady financial dealings, by Seth McLaughlin
2017-07-02 ~Environmt CFACT: The monumental environmental impacts of going 'Green', by Paul Driessen
2017-06-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: 2016 Election and Demise of Journalistic Standards, by Michael Goodwin
2017-06-30 ~States    Fox News: Dem state officials refusing to cooperate with Trump voter fraud probe
2017-06-29 ~Health    BW: The Crazy Math Behind Drug Prices, by Paul Barrett & Robert Langreth
2017-06-28 ~World     Ars Technica: Petya-2017 ransomware is actually a disk wiper, by Dan Goodin
2017-06-28 ~Potpourri ReasonTV: People Will Die!, by Remy Munasifi (video 1:55)
2017-06-28 ~Health    Epoch Times: In Defense of Fat, by Justina Reichel
2017-06-26 ~Potpourri UK Sun: Meet 'the most armed man in America', by Jon Lockett
2017-06-26 ~National  Project Veritas: CNN admits their Trump-Russia narrative is FAKE NEWS
2017-06-26 ~Health    UK Mirror: Regular sex 'can help prevent heart disease' in men, by Pat Hagan
2017-06-26 ~Health    UK Express: To live to 100, eat less sugar, by Sarah Westcott
2017-06-24 ~Potpourri WT: A guidebook for Christians experiencing cultural vertigo -- Book review
2017-06-22 ~National  WT: Susan Rice malfeasance locked in Obama's archive, by Dan Boylan, Guy Taylor
2017-06-22 ~National  WT: For Democrats, the party's over and no place to call home, by Wesley Pruden
2017-06-22 ~National  WT: Report says 1.4 million illegals working under stolen SSNs, by Stephen Dinan
2017-06-21 ~National  WT: Nearly 30% of illegal immigrant children at border have ties to MS-13, gangs
2017-06-19 ~National  WT: Study of non-citizen votes close to Trump's number, by Rowan Scarborough
2017-06-15 ~Health    BW: American Chipmakers Outsourced Toxicity Problem, by Cam Simpson
2017-06-14 ~National  WaPo: Another MSM-inspired Bernie supporter guns down GOP in Alexandria
2017-06-14 ~National  Epoch Times: Bank Money - 'The Root of All Evil', by Valentin Schmid
2017-06-14 ~National  Ars Technica: Navy may resurrect retired Perry-class frigates, by Sean Gallagher
2017-06-14 ~National  Daily Caller: A Code Of Ethics For K-12 Educators, by David Horowitz, Mark Tapson
2017-06-04 ~Environmt Fx Free Citizen: 31,487 U.S. Scientists Reject Global Warming Hoax, by J. Moseley
2017-06-03 ~Environmt Examiner: Green religion - justification by climate faith alone -- Editorial
2017-06-02 ~National  CatholicCurture.org: How conservative ideas are censored, by Phil Lawler
2017-06-01 ~State-IL  BW: S, Moody's Downgrade Illinois to Near Junk, by Elizabeth Campbell
2017-06-01 ~Environmt WT: Trump rescues U.S. from Obama's Paris climate accord, by Ben Wolfgang
2017-05-31 ~National  WT: Obama's 2016 regulations cost economy $2 trillion a year, by David Sherfinski
2017-05-24 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Dark Origins of Communism: Part 1, 2, and 3, by Joshua Philipp
2017-05-24 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Insects Are Making Their Way Into the American Diet, by Emel Akan
2017-05-22 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: 'Emergent gravity' theory offers alternative to 'dark matter'
2017-05-20 ~National  Examiner: Where Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome comes from, by Ying Ma
2017-05-19 ~National  OANN: The Mysterious Death of Seth Rich (Video 6:13)
2017-05-18 ~National  WT: Why swamp fever must be cured, by Stephen B. Presser
2017-05-18 ~National  WT: Anything goes in the Great American Snipe Hunt, by Wesley Pruden
2017-05-18 ~National  Free Beacon: 7.2 Million Voter Registrations Are Duplicated in Multiple States
2017-05-13 ~World     
2017-05-08 ~National  WT: Professor out after fighting Duke's racism 'training', by Bradford Richardson
2017-05-07 ~National  WND: Obama tripled 'unmaskings' in 2016 election year, by Garth Kant
2017-05-04 ~National  WT: Republicans eat another 'crap sandwich' on health care, by Charles Hurt
2017-05-04 ~National  WT: FBI finds 'de-policing after anti-cop hostility, by Valerie Richardson
2017-05-02 ~National  WT: Ann Coulter and campus outrage, by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
2017-04-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Left's War on Free Speech, by Kimberley Strassel
2017-04-23 ~National  WT: Presidential popularity parallels dollar strength, by S. Moore  J. Tammy
2017-04-17 ~Health    WT: Type 2 diabetes on rise in minorities, young people, by Laura Kelly
2017-04-16 ~National  WT: Democrats latching onto 'completely false' (Dem-funded) Russia dossier
2017-04-13 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Somewheres vs the Anywheres -- Book review, by Simon Veazey
2017-04-12 ~National  Sun Gazette: Single-payer is the exact wrong way to go, by Donna Hurlock, M.D.
2017-04-06 ~World     ANC Report: The Long Stench of Syria's "Gas Attack" Fake News, by Michael Darr
2017-04-06 ~National  WT: The United States in World War I -- 100 Years Later
2017-04-05 ~National  Tablet Mag: The Obama Spying Scandal Started Long Before Trump, by Lee Smith
2017-04-03 ~National  NY Post: The Russia 'scandal' now looks like a Team Obama operation -- Editorial
2017-04-02 ~State-RI  WT: Rhode Island's successful Medicaid experiment, by Stephen Moore
2017-04-02 ~National  WT: Trump should inflict Obamacare on members of Congress -- Editorial
2017-04-01 ~Potpourri JHU Mag: The internet of bad things, by Jenna McLaughlin
2017-03-30 ~Potpourri FCTA: An online replacement for the Patient Intake clipboard form, by David Swink
2017-03-28 ~Environmt WT: Trump scraps 'social cost of carbon' experiment, by Ben Wolfgang
2017-03-27 ~National  Frontpage Mag: The Civil War [with the Left] is Here, by Daniel Greenfield
2017-03-23 ~Potpourri TIME: The Home of the Future, by Karl Vick
2017-03-23 ~National  WT: Social warriors, sometimes, by Kelly Riddell
2017-03-19 ~National  WT: Maryland county's count suggests noncitizens voting across U.S.
2017-03-17 ~Health    Ars Technica: Genome study reveals human groups evolved to eat different diets
2017-03-16 ~National  WT: Transgendered child abuse, by Kelly Riddell
2017-03-16 ~National  WT: The hateful idea of hate crime -- Editorial
2017-03-15 ~Environmt Climate Depot: Obama 'stashed' $77B in 'climate money'to elude budget cuts
2017-03-14 ~State-FL  WT: Retired Air Force captain demonstrates how to hold local officials accountable
2017-03-14 ~National  WT: Number of sanctuary cities nears 500 (listed here), by Stephen Dinan
2017-03-09 ~Potpourri Examiner: The upsides and downsides to eliminating paper money, by Kevin Cochrane
2017-03-09 ~Potpourri American Mirror: Obama's two birth certificates, by Kyle Olson
2017-03-09 ~Health    New Atlas: Low-gluten diets linked to increased risk of diabetes, by Rich Haridy
2017-03-07 ~National  Daily Signal: House Republican Health Care Bill Misses the Mark, by Ed Haislmaier
2017-03-04 ~Health    Ars Technica: New non-addictive opioid works only where it hurts, by Beth Mole
2017-03-03 ~National  Breitbart: Mark Levin says Obama conducting 'Silent Coup' vs Trump, by J. Pollak
2017-03-02 ~Potpourri JWR: The decline and fall of the American elite, by Victor Davis Hanson
2017-03-01 ~National  Epoch Times: Sanctuary Policies Shield Convicted Criminals From Feds
2017-03-01 ~National  Daily Mail: Obama and Valerie Jarrett plan Trump insurgency from Kalorama
2017-02-xx ~Potpourri FCTA: Play notes and chords on your computer, by David Swink
2017-02-23 ~National  Epoch Times: Immigration Economics, by Valentin Schmid
2017-02-23 ~Health    Epoch Times: Why Getting Dirty Is Good for Your Health, by Lynn Jaffee
2017-02-22 ~Potpourri CNS News: Georgetown University OK with Slavery and Rape, by Bill Donohue
2017-02-22 ~National  WT: Feds no longer push transgender bathrooms, leave to states, by B. Richardson
2017-02-20 ~National  WaPo: Trump advisor views Islam itself as the problem, by Greg Jaffe (Horrified!)
2017-02-20 ~National  WT: Lower Obamacare premiums using high-risk pools, by Betsy McCaughey
2017-02-20 ~National  WT: Finding the Flynn leak in the "Dark State" -- Editorial
2017-02-20 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Trump to dismantle Obama's 'Climate Action Plan', by M. Bastasch
2017-02-17 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Communism - The Dead-End Path, by Joshua Philipp  John Nania
2017-02-15 ~National  WT: Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote
2017-02-14 ~National  WT: Could North Korea deliver EMP to U.S. today?, by Peter Vincent Pry
2017-02-12 ~National  WT: Think tank backs ODU study on non-citizen voter fraud, by Rowan Scarborough
2017-02-11 ~National  NY Post: How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump's presidency, by Paul Sperry
2017-02-10 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Is Central Banking a Capitalist or Communist Concept?, by V. Schmid
2017-02-10 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Myth of Multitasking, by Conan Milner
2017-02-10 ~National  Epoch Times: Innovation Key to Job Growth in America, by Emel Akan
2017-02-10 ~Environmt IBD: U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare -- Editorial
2017-02-09 ~State-CA  JWR: California goes Confederate, by Victor Davis Hanson
2017-02-09 ~Potpourri Times Dispatch: Time to license guns - for journalists -- Editorial
2017-02-08 ~National  WaPo: The Disaster that is Obamacare [buried on page A15], by Dan Gorenstein
2017-02-06 ~National  City Journal: No Thug Left Behind [in Public Education], by Katherine Kersten
2017-02-05 ~National  WT: BSA's moral compromising induces Scouting alternatives -- Editorial
2017-02-05 ~Environmt WT: Whistleblower claims NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming 'pause'
2017-02-02 ~National  TIME: Steve Bannon, Second Most Powerful Man in the World?, by David Von Drehle
2017-01-xx ~National  Limbaugh: My conversation with Tucker Carlson
2017-01-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: How and Why the Senate Must Reform the Filibuster, by Tom McClintock
2017-01-27 ~National  Grabien.com: Hard to beat #44 for chilling press freedom
2017-01-26 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Danger of Political Labels, by Joshua Phillip
2017-01-26 ~National  WT: ODU study bolsters Trump's non-citizen voter assertion, by Rowan Scarborough
2017-01-26 ~Health    TIME: What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash, by Haley Sweetland Edwards
2017-01-20 ~National  WhiteHouse.gov: Full text of President Donald Trump's Inaugural Address
2017-01-20 ~National  Examiner: James O'Keefe "going after the media next", by Miaread McArdle
2017-01-19 ~Potpourri Fx Free Citizen: Metro Man Meets Alpha Man, by Michael Giere
2017-01-19 ~National  Politico: Democrats in the Wilderness, by Edward-Isaac Dovere
2017-01-19 ~Material  WT: Donald Trump the Revolutionary, by Charles Hurt
2017-01-18 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: New ideas on gravity would vanquish dark matter, by Chris Lee
2017-01-18 ~National  NBC News: Democrats Left in the Lurch Electorally, by Alex Seitz-Wald
2017-01-16 ~Health    WT: Is veganism a mental disorder?, by Rick Berman
2017-01-16 ~Environmt WT: Trump and the Rough Rider's conservation ethos, by Jeff Goodson
2017-01-13 ~National  CNS News: Political Correctness, a Tool of Liberal Coercion, by Rabbi Aryeh Spero
2017-01-11 ~National  WT: Colleges reshape civics to 'Rules for Radicals', by Bradford Richardson
2017-01-08 ~National  WT: Speaking FOR a border adjustable tax system, by Stephen Moore
2017-01-08 ~National  WT: Speaking AGAINST a border adjustable tax system, by Brian J Wise
2017-01-06 ~World     Epoch Times: Another Chinese Billionaire Entrepreneur Leaves China, by Dao Feng
2017-01-04 ~National  Downsizing Fed Govt: History and Costs of Urban Transit, by Randal O'Toole
2017-01-02 ~National  Breitbart: A look back at Obama's 'Scandal-Free' presidency, by John Hayward
2016-xx-xx ~National  FCTA: U.S. Congressional Contacts, Key Votes: Incl email addresses (if available)
2016-12-xx ~National  Limbaugh: The Defeat of the Elites
2016-12-xx ~National  Limbaugh: Bo Snerdley's post-election conversation with ME
2016-12-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: A More American Conservatism, by Larry P. Arnn
2016-12-29 ~National  The Atlantic: Democrats Have a Religion Problem, by Emma Green
2016-12-28 ~World     JW: Islamic Terrorists Operate, Raise Cash in Latin America to Attack U.S.
2016-12-28 ~Potpourri BEST video compilation of 'Donald Trump WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT' proclamations
2016-12-28 ~Environmt Real Climate Science: All U.S. Warming Due To NOAA Data Tampering, by Tony Heller
2016-12-25 ~National  WT: Political correctness and opioids [Don't mention its from China or Mexico]
2016-12-25 ~National  WT: Obama has reshaped federal courts for decades, by Dave Boyer
2016-12-21 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Are High-Tech Devices Harming Our Children?, by Barbara Danza
2016-12-21 ~National  AP: DEA chemists race to identify synthetic opioids, by Erika Kinetz
2016-12-21 ~Health    Telegraph: Breathalyser can detect 17 diseases, by Henry Bodkin
2016-12-18 ~National  WT: Obama Dems decry Trump's Putin ties - after own Russia outreach fizzles
2016-12-16 ~National  Epoch Times: Debt Nation: The Problem, the Solutions, by Valentin Schmid
2016-12-13 ~Potpourri WT: Wash Post's mad search for pro-Trump columnists, by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
2016-12-13 ~National  FCTA: 2016 Presidential Results, EV vs Popular Vote In Extremis, by David Swink
2016-12-12 ~Health    BW: Is Kratom a Deadly Drug or a Life-Saving Medicine?, by Bryan Gruley
2016-12-10 ~National  Examiner: Ben Carson's HUD to kill Obama's "slum housing" rule, by Joseph Lawler
2016-12-07 ~National  Gateway Pundit: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit
2016-12-07 ~National  , by Randolph G. Russell -- Book Review
2016-12-06 ~National  WaPo: U.S. high schoolers drop further behind internationally, by Joe Heim
2016-12-06 ~National  Rxaminer: Presidential election major setback for cultural Marxism, by V. Gaetan
2016-12-04 ~States    WT: The blue state [economic] depression, by Stephen Moore
2016-11-xx ~Environmt CFACT: 2016 State of the Climate Report, by Marc Morano
2016-11-22 ~National  The Federalist: Meet the Intolerant Vulgarians of the Dirtbag Left
2016-11-18 ~National  Epoch Times: Election Gives Media Chance to Change Course, by Stephen Gregory
2016-11-18 ~National  Breitbart: Public supports Trump's immigration policies -- hidden Ipsos poll
2016-11-17 ~National  Fox News: The five essential reasons Hillary lost, by Bryan Wright (a Democrat)
2016-11-17 ~National  BCN: What Led to Post-Election College Campus Protests?, by Dr. Everett Piper
2016-11-17 ~Environmt CFACT: Corporate rent-seeking on climate in Morocco, by Adam Houser
2016-11-16 ~National  NYT: The End of Identity Liberalism, by Mark Lilla - a Liberal Columbia prof
2016-11-15 ~National  WT: The Obama legacy -- Editorial
2016-11-13 ~World     Irish Indep: Irish Reflection on 2016 Election in the Colonies, by Ian O'Doherty
2016-11-13 ~National  WT: Obama IRS denies Tea Parties tax-exempt status after 7 years, by S. Dinan
2016-11-11 ~Environmt NYT: Trump's Climate Contrarian Takes On the E.P.A., by Henry Fountain
2016-11-10 ~National  Examiner: Americans have voted; so what actually is populism?, by Dick Sim
2016-11-10 ~National  CBS News: The unbearable smugness of the press -- a mea culpa, by Will Rahn
2016-11-09 ~State-ME  Slate: Maine First State to Enact Ranked-Choice Voting, by Henry Grabar
2016-11-08 ~National  FCTA: Vote for President: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? -- Opposing editorials
2016-11-08 ~National  AMAC: Democrats vs Republicans on 10 Key Issues -- from official party platforms
2016-11-07 ~National  PJ Media: Expansive George Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections
2016-11-07 ~National  CNS News: Gov't Workers Now Outnumber Manufacturing Workers by 9,977,000
2016-11-06 ~National  Examiner: The death of elitism, by Saleno Zito
2016-11-05 ~National  Examiner: How 2016 changed the news media, by Eddie Scarry
2016-11-02 ~National  Examiner: Illegal trial lawyer donations lift Democrats' finances
2016-10-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Sovereignty vs "Who We Are As a People", by Edward J. Erler
2016-10-31 ~National  Peter Thiel, on why he supports Donald Trump for President -- Video (13:10)
2016-10-29 ~National  Daily Beast: Muslim Reformer Smeared as 'Anti-Muslim Extremist', by Maajid Nawaz
2016-10-26 ~National  WT: Obamacare is collapsing ... by design, by Monica Crowley
2016-10-23 ~National  ZeroHedge: Podesta Email Exposes Playbook for Rigging Polls via "Oversamples"
2016-10-23 ~National  ACDemocracy.org: Is War Imminent?, by FCTA's Thomas Cranmer
2016-10-23 ~Health    Roanoke Times: Va. company creates first sheets to prevent bed sores, by L. Rife
2016-10-21 ~National  JWR: When character is in season -- a presidential perspective, by Suzanne Fields
2016-10-20 ~States    American Interest: Where Increased Education Spending REALLY Goes -- Pension debt
2016-10-20 ~National  WT: Trump campaign rally disrupter is an Alinsky protege, by Kelly Riddell
2016-10-18 ~State-GA  WT: Georgia's criminal justice reform saving lives and money, by Gov. Nathan Deal
2016-10-18 ~National  AMAC: About Those Unthinking, Backward Catholics, by Archbishop Charles Chaput
2016-10-17 ~State-NV  WT: Nevada endorses Educational Savings Accounts -- Why not in Virginia?
2016-10-17 ~National  Breitbart: O'Keefe videos Dem admitting 'bird-dogging' at Trump rallies
2016-10-16 ~National  WT: The vast left-wing media consensus -- Editorial
2016-10-13 ~States    ALEC: Unfunded Public Pension Liabilities Near $5.6 Trillion
2016-10-13 ~States    Boston College: Will Pensions and OPEBs Break State and Local Budgets?
2016-10-13 ~National  JWR: Medieval America -- a culturally apt analogy, by Victor Davis Hanson
2016-10-13 ~National  WT: Leaked emails reveal journalists 'friendly' to Clinton, by Dave Boyer
2016-10-12 ~National  Video: Democrat explains voter fraud techniques in NYC, by Project Veritas
2016-10-12 ~National  WT: Fewer colleges require seven core disciplines, by Bradford Richardson
2016-10-11 ~National  Chapman Univ: Top American Fears of 2016 -- Gov't corruption #1
2016-10-09 ~Potpourri Patch: Here's How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs, by Mary Ann Barton
2016-10-09 ~National  WT: Lawlessness from above, by Robert Knight
2016-10-08 ~National  PJ Media: America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump, by D.C. McAllister
2016-10-06 ~National  Examiner: Science is becoming increasingly unscientific, by Ashe Schow
2016-10-06 ~National  JWR: America's 'quiet catastrophe' (low workforce participation), by George Will
2016-10-06 ~National  JWR: From Greek tragedy to American therapy, by Victor Davis Hanson
2016-10-05 ~Potpourri Telegraph: Luxury travel on the Boeing 787 Dreamjet, by John O'Ceallaigh
2016-10-05 ~National  WT: Voter fraud is real, and it's happening now, by Tammy Bruce
2016-10-05 ~National  WT: Questioning the gap between soldier and state, by Ken Allard
2016-10-05 ~National  WT: Obama's DOJ drops charges in Libya weapons scheme, by Rowan Scarborough
2016-10-04 ~National  Examiner: Record 42.4M immigrants, 23% of school kids, by Paul Bedard
2016-10-04 ~National  WT: Social justice: Principled or power-hungry lobby?, by Bradford Richardson
2016-10-04 ~Environmt WT: EU approves Paris climate deal; threshold reached, by Valerie Richardson
2016-10-02 ~National  WT: Veterans facing hostility in federal workplace, by Rowan Scarborough
2016-09-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Restoring America's Economic Mobility, by Frank Buckley
2016-09-29 ~Environmt CFACT: Support grows for right-to-farm, by Bonner Cohen
2016-09-27 ~National  Claremont: After the Republic, by Angelo M. Codevilla
2016-09-25 ~National  Scott Adams: Why I Switched My Endorsement from Clinton to Trump
2016-09-25 ~Environmt Examiner: Obama's global warming legacy on trial, by John Siciliano
2016-09-24 ~States    Examiner: An easy solution to the teacher shortage, by Robert Fellner
2016-09-23 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Texas' pile of debt, and shadowy bond votes, by Kenric Ward
2016-09-23 ~National  Fx Free Citizen: The Crisis of Faith, by Michael Giere
2016-09-21 ~National  Examiner: What happens to the Democrat Party if Hillary loses?, by Michael Barone
2016-09-21 ~National  , by Michael Savage
2016-09-20 ~National  NR: NeverTrumpers: Not voting Trump is Republican suicide, by Victor Davis Hanson
2016-09-20 ~National  , by Clifford May
2016-09-19 ~National  Epoch Times: The U.S. Real Estate Bubble 2.0, by Valentin Schmid
2016-09-15 ~State-MO  WT: Missouri passes 'stand your ground' gun rights law, by Andrea Noble
2016-09-15 ~National  WT: Welcome details of Trump economics -- Editorial
2016-09-14 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: China Could Control Global Internet After Oct. 1, by Joshua Philipp
2016-09-14 ~Potpourri AFP: Sexploits of Diego the Tortoise save Galapagos species, by S.P. Silva
2016-09-14 ~National  Examiner: Obama DOJ's two-tiered system of justice, by Shepard Stewart
2016-09-12 ~World     Epoch Times: Dr. Doom explains folly of central bank intervention, by V. Schmid
2016-09-12 ~National  Examiner: The Obama Legacy: Big government's failed pitchman, by Philip Klein
2016-09-12 ~National  WT: The President and the Constitution -- Special Report, 23 articles
2016-09-07 ~National  WT: IRS continues targeting of tea party, conservative groups, by Stephen Dinan
2016-09-07 ~National  WT: Leaders who live by their own rules, by Matt Patterson
2016-09-05 ~National  Infowars: Reuters orders cameraman to kill positive Trump footage, by P.J. Watson
2016-09-05 ~National  Claremont: The Flight 93 Election, by Publius Decius Mus
2016-09-05 ~National  Breitbart: 80% Captured at Border Set Free in U.S., Says Agent, by Bob Price
2016-09-04 ~World     WT: An unabashed EU cash grab, by Alexander Hendrie
2016-09-02 ~National  JWR: Higher education, beyond parody, by Suzanne Fields
2016-09-02 ~National  NR: The Reopening of the American Mind, by Jim Talent
2016-09-02 ~Health    Ars Technica: FDA bans antibacterial soaps, by Beth Mole
2016-09-01 ~Porpourri JWR: The more things change, the more they actually don't, by Victor Davis Hanson
2016-09-01 ~National  WT: With Obama leaving, despots' window of opportunity closing, by L. Todd Wood
2016-09-01 ~National  JWR: Trumps calls for an oath to America, by Cal Thomas
2016-08-31 ~World     WT: Like peas in a pod: ISIS and Palestinians, by Ziva Dahl
2016-08-31 ~National  Examiner: Who's afraid of free speech? A tale of two universities, by Alexis Zhang
2016-08-30 ~National  Politico: George Soros' quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system, by Scott Bland
2016-08-30 ~National  Breitbart: George Soros' Plan for Federally Controlled Police, by Aaron Klein
2016-08-30 ~National  WT: IRS stayed silent as 1M taxpayers' IDs stolen, by Stephen Dinan
2016-08-30 ~Environmt CFACT: EPA's illegal experiments exposed, by Steve Milloy
2016-08-29 ~National  IBD: Caution, Men (Not) At Work -- could become a hidden, combustible underclass
2016-08-28 ~National  FCTA: Why NOT to vote 3rd-party in the U.S., by David Swink
2016-08-26 ~National  AMAC: Obamacare Double-Digit Rate Hikes in 17 States, by Melissa Quinn
2016-08-25 ~Potpourri JWR: Diversity is history's pathway to chaos, by Victor Davis Hanson
2016-08-25 ~Potpourri BW: This Is Your Company on Blockchain, by Peter Coy & Olga Kharif
2016-08-25 ~National  Examiner: Why are so many white men angry?, by Frederick R. Lynch
2016-08-24 ~National  WT: Democrats leaving no voter behind -- Editorial
2016-08-23 ~World     Epoch Times: 'The Private Sector Will Never Recover', by Valentin Schmid
2016-08-23 ~National  Examiner: George Soros worked to prevent documentation of illegals, by Rudy Takala
2016-08-23 ~National  AP: Foundation donors got access to Hillary at State Dept, by Braun  Sullivan
2016-08-23 ~Health    Xinhua: Aussie drug melting cancer cells approved for human use in U.S.
2016-08-22 ~World     JPost: George Soros' campaign of global chaos, by Caroline B. Glick
2016-08-22 ~National  Reuters: U.S. judge grants nationwide injunction to halt Obama transgender policy
2016-08-22 ~National  Daily Caller: Mainstream Media won't cover the Soros leaks, by Peter Hasson
2016-08-21 ~National  Examiner: Onstage, Trump 2.0 sheds ego, hones new role, by Byron York
2016-08-21 ~National  NY Post: American journalism is collapsing before our eyes, by Michael Goodwin
2016-08-18 ~National  JWR: Sheriff Clarke's hard truths about inner-city dysfunction, by Cal Thomas
2016-08-14 ~National  Epoch Times: Making College Worth the Cost, by Arthur Wiegenfeld
2016-08-14 ~National  WT: Anti-Trump letter reveals jittery band of GOP establishment power brokers
2016-08-12 ~States    Bond Buyer: Why the Municipal Pension Crisis Will Worsen, by Robert Slavin
2016-08-10 ~National  Watchdog.org: Court says FCC can't preempt state broadband laws, by Johnny Kampis
2016-08-10 ~National  Daily Caller: Obama DOJ stops FBI investigation of Clinton Foundation
2016-08-09 ~National  Examiner: Thomas Sowell takes down the gender 'wage' gap, by Ashe Schow
2016-08-09 ~National  Daily Caller: NPR Host Proves Why We Need Alternative Media, by Scott Greer
2016-08-09 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Scientist Predicts 'Little Ice Age', Icy Reception by Colleagues
2016-08-07 ~Environmt WT: EPA corrupts an 'independent' science panel, by Steve Milloy
2016-08-05 ~National  WT: Court says IRS must prove it stopped tea party targeting, by Stephen Dinan
2016-08-02 ~National  Breitbart: Obama paid $400M ransom to Iran for 4 hostages, by W. Todd Huston
2016-08-02 ~National  Breitbart: Khizr Khan's law firm specializes in pay-to-play Muslim immigration
2016-07-29 ~State-FL  Watchdog.org: Feds confirm higher-than-expected Medicaid expansion costs
2016-07-29 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Middle-Class Backlash Threatens Globalization, by Matthew Little
2016-07-28 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Apollo astronauts dying of heart disease 4-5X faster than others
2016-07-27 ~Health    AMAC: Dizziness and Aspartame, by Gregory DeGlorgis
2016-07-25 ~National  Examiner: Trump blows up conventional convention strategy, by Byron York
2016-07-25 ~National  Infowars: O'Keefe films Dems saying how they plan to ban guns, by Adan Salazar
2016-07-22 ~Environmt CFACT: Students taught advocacy in place of science, by David R. Legates
2016-07-20 ~National  -- [Former] Naval dictum, by Adm James Lyons
2016-07-19 ~National  Rent-A-Riot: Soros' Assault on America -- video (5:26 min)
2016-07-19 ~National  WT: 9/11 report details Saudi funding of U.S. Islamists, by Rowan Scarborough
2016-07-19 ~Environmt WT: U.N. pleads for climate ratification before mass 'Clexit', by V. Richardson
2016-07-18 ~National  WT: New data prove the obvious: Taxes matter!, by Curtis S. Dubay
2016-07-18 ~National  WT: Democrat-funded black protests face voter backlash, by Valerie Richardson
2016-07-17 ~National  WT: Those 28 pages on 9/11 -- Read them here!
2016-07-12 ~National  WT: Obama's State Dept spent $350K in 2015 to oust Israeli PM, by Stephen Dinan
2016-07-07 ~National  JWR: 1966 Coleman Report study of public education still valid, by George Will
2016-07-07 ~National  WT: DOJ ends funding to sanctuary cities, by Stephen Dinan
2016-07-06 ~National  WT: Paper - System forgives sexual abuse by U.S. doctors, by Andrew Blake
2016-07-06 ~National  WT: Dems?filibusters shield illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, by S. Dinan
2016-07-05 ~National  NR: FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook, by Andrew C. McCarthy
2016-07-05 ~Environmt Examiner: Cool sun may indicate coming Ice Age, by James Wanliss
2016-07-04 ~National  Examiner: What's next for the college snowflakes?, by Ashe Schow
2016-07-01 ~World     MarketWatch: Economist says China headed for 1929-style depression, by Sue Chang
2016-06-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Freedom and Obligation -- 2016 Commencement Address, by Clarence Thomas
2016-06-30 ~World     JWR: Trump? Brexit? Elitism creates a new populism, by Victor Davis Hanson
2016-06-30 ~National  WT: Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton hold impromptu private meeting at Phoenix airport
2016-06-30 ~National  WT: Justice Thomas' opinions set course for future -- celebrating 25 years
2016-06-29 ~World     WT: Trump? Brexit? It's the freedom, stupid!, by Monica Crowley
2016-06-29 ~National  WT: Federal judge upholds voter citizenship checks, by Stephen Dinan
2016-06-29 ~National  WT: Benghazi report overlooked failed arms scheme, by Andrew Napolitano
2016-06-28 ~State-SC  AMAC: New S.C. Law Ensures Students Will Study the Founding Documents
2016-06-27 ~National  WT: McDonnell's bribery conviction overturned by Supreme Court, by Ryan McDermott
2016-06-26 ~World     WT: The world turned upside down after Brexit (In U.S. too) -- Editorial
2016-06-24 ~Potpourri AMAC: Yes, There Are Options When Planning a Funeral, by Angela Webster
2016-06-24 ~Health    Science Daily: New doubts on Zika as cause of microcephaly
2016-06-21 ~Health    Gizmag: First cold-pressed cow's milk on sale in Australia, by Stu Roberts
2016-06-20 ~National  Examiner: The genderfication of U.S. politics, by Steven Hayward
2016-06-20 ~National  WT: Obama's attempt to alter the Orlando transcript -- Editorial
2016-06-20 ~Environmt WT: Greenpeace co-founder says CO2 saves Earth, by Valerie Richardson
2016-06-17 ~States    AMAC: How Does Your State Rank for Fiscal Solvency?, by Eileen Norcross
2016-06-16 ~Potpourri WaPo: Start-up wants to change how stocks are traded, by Renae Merle
2016-06-16 ~Environmt WT: GOP AGs warn global warming alarmists can be sued too, by Valerie Richardson
2016-06-15 ~National  Daily Caller: 'Guccifer 2.0' Leaks Big Donor Info From DNC Breach, by Chuck Ross
2016-06-14 ~State-WI  WT: Meet the Wisconsin 'cookie ladies', by M.D. Kittle
2016-06-14 ~National  WT: Conservatives struggle to get ahead in academia, by Bradford Richardson
2016-06-11 ~National  Examiner: Dilbert creator analyzes Donald Trump, by Sean Higgins
2016-06-10 ~States    Examiner: 10 states spend more on pensions than on universities, by Jason Russell
2016-06-10 ~National  Daily Caller: Feds Push To Urbanize Suburbia Under New HUD Regulation
2016-06-09 ~Potpourri Sun UK: Meet 'Generation Snowflake' - young women can't cope with being offended
2016-06-09 ~National  WT: The other driver of congressional gridlock, by Alfred J. Lechner Jr.
2016-06-08 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Light rail runs at heavy price in Dallas, Houston, by Kenric Ward
2016-06-08 ~Environmt WT: EPA's favorable Roundup-cancer report goes missing, by Valerie Richardson
2016-06-07 ~World     Infowars: Bilderberg 2016 to talk Trump, Riots, Migrants & BREXIT
2016-06-07 ~National  JWR: Hillary and the 'what if' scenarios, by Cal Thomas
2016-06-07 ~National  FCTA: Letter to FBI RE Hillary Clinton's crimes at the State Dept, by Tom Cranmer
2016-06-06 ~Potpourri WT: Book Review - 'Eamon de Valera: A Will to Power', by Ronan Fanning
2016-06-05 ~Potpourri Motley Fool: India's New Space Shuttle -- Cheaper Than SpaceX?, by Rich Smith
2016-06-05 ~National  WT: IRS finally reveals list of targeted tea party groups, by Stephen Dinan
2016-06-02 ~Potpourri WT: English majors at Yale shun top writers, by Bradford Richardson
2016-06-02 ~National  WT: Obama's Middle East report card after 7 years, by William C. Triplett II
2016-06-01 ~Environmt Climate Depot: Portland public schools ban textbooks doubting 'global warming'
2016-05-xx ~National  Limbaugh: The Left - World's Most Destructive Force
2016-05-31 ~World     Open Univ: Iceland completes its miracle economic escape, by Alan Shipman
2016-05-31 ~State-CA  WT: California moves to criminalize undercover abortion videos, by B. Richardson
2016-05-30 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Property taxes outstrip Texans' incomes, by Kenric Ward
2016-05-29 ~National  WT: Bernie's utopian nightmare, by Armstrong Williams
2016-05-27 ~State-GA  Watchdog.org: Georgia GOP voters eager for more school choice, by Heather Kays
2016-05-27 ~Environmt CFACT: Former Obama Energy Chief slams EPA climate regs, by Marc Morano
2016-05-27 ~Environmt CFACT: Bill Nye the scientism guy, by Dr. Willie Soon and Istv醤 Mark?!--~o-->
2016-05-26 ~World     JWR: Britain's chance to break free (Brexit), by George Will
2016-05-26 ~National  Examiner: Why U.S. v McDonnell is important, by Former MD Gov. Robert Erhlich
2016-05-26 ~National  BW: Trump getting advice from Reaganomics team, by Hamilton  Jamrisko
2016-05-26 ~Health    Nucific: Sweetened to Death: Exposing Sugar for What It Truly Is, by Dr. Amy Lee
2016-05-25 ~National  WT: Clinton broke rules with secret server - State Dept IG, by Stephen Dinan
2016-05-25 ~National  WT: 11 states sue Obama regime over transgender school-bathroom directive
2016-05-24 ~Potpourri Newsmax: Koran's Reward of 72 Virgins  Raisins? -- Canadian academic Irshad Manji 
2016-05-24 ~National  Examiner: McAuliffe just one of many shady Hillary fundraisers, by Timothy Carney
2016-05-24 ~National  
2016-05-23 ~Health    Guardian: Official advice wrong on low-fat diet, cholesterol, says health charity
2016-05-22 ~World     
2016-05-21 ~National  Examiner: Justice rots from the top -- Editorial
2016-05-21 ~National  CFACT: Graduates face big a challenge... to THINK, by Paul Driessen
2016-05-19 ~State-NV  Examiner: School choice wins in Nevada court, by Jason Russell
2016-05-18 ~Environmt WT: Hit back on RICO suit -- letter, by FCTA's David Swink
2016-05-16 ~Potpourri WT: Students using devices to take notes perform worse, by Bradford Richardson
2016-05-16 ~National  Watchdog.org: Google's unrivaled White House access, by Johnny Kampis
2016-05-16 ~National  WT: Universal gov't-funded preschool proves to be misguided, by Burke & Furth
2016-05-16 ~National  BlackBoxVoting.org: Fraction Magic - The Decimalization of Votes, by Bev Harris
2016-05-14 ~National  Examiner: The truth about credit card swipe fees, by Lyle Beckwith
2016-05-13 ~National  WT: Obama orders transgender bathrooms in all public schools, by Brad Richardson
2016-05-12 ~National  JWR: Amtrak's for-profit regulation, by George Will
2016-05-12 ~National  WT: Judge rules in favor of House GOP in Obamacare lawsuit, by Tom Howell Jr.
2016-05-12 ~National  TIME: Saving Capitalism, by Rana Foroohar
2016-05-12 ~Environmt WT: Obama EPA's issues tougher methane rules, by Valerie Richardson
2016-05-10 ~National  WT: Obama and Lynch rely on distorted lens of racism, by Charles Hurt
2016-05-09 ~National  NPR: Why Americans Are Buying More Trucks & SUVs Than Cars, by Sonari Glinton
2016-05-09 ~National  WT: Fakebook accused of blacklisting conservative news, by Andrew Blake
2016-05-08 ~Environmt Examiner: Greens declare war on Donald Trump, by Kyle Feldscher
2016-05-07 ~National  Examiner: How Obama plays his adoring fans in the press -- Editorial
2016-05-06 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: SpaceX booster lands "very hot and fast" after launch, by E. Berger
2016-05-05 ~World     BW: The Book That Will Save Banking From Itself, by Michael Lewis
2016-05-04 ~National  Fox News: Romanian hacker Guccifer describes his Clinton email breach
2016-05-04 ~National  Daily Caller: Regulations cost economy $1.9 trillion in 2015, by Ethan Barton
2016-05-04 ~National  AMAC: Wade into the Culture Waters, by Diana Erbio
2016-05-03 ~National  WT: Immigration self-support law ignored, by Stephen Dinan
2016-05-03 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Ten years after "An Inconvenient Truth", by Michael Bastasch
2016-05-02 ~National  Examiner: What the 'bathroom wars' tell us about our culture, by Kim Holmes
2016-05-01 ~National  WT: GOP establishment pressured to embrace insurgents, by Seth McLaughlin
2016-05-01 ~Environmt , by V. Richardson
2016-04-xx ~National  Limbaugh: The Democrat KKK
2016-04-28 ~National  CNS News: Majority of H.S. Seniors Not College-Ready, by Barbara Hollingsworth
2016-04-26 ~World     WT: The high cost of subsidized credit, by J.T. Young
2016-04-26 ~World     WT: China's water hegemony in Asia, by Brahma Chellaney
2016-04-26 ~National  Bull Elephant: Speech, Religion, Assembly: RIP?, by Michael Giere
2016-04-25 ~National  WT: Debating about Harriet Tubman, by Tammy Bruce
2016-04-25 ~Health    Epoch Times: How to Lose Weight Fast - Proven 3-Step Plan, by Kris Gunnars
2016-04-24 ~National  WT: Knocking the Ty Cobb meme out of the park, by Robert Knight
2016-04-24 ~National  WT: Obama marches armed forces leftward, by Rowan Scarborough 
2016-04-21 ~Health    BW: FDA Considers Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids, by Paul Barrett
2016-04-20 ~States    Tax Foundation: State Income Taxes Per Capita -- VA #9, by Jared Walczak
2016-04-18 ~National  Fox News: America has forgotten how to win at war, by Lt Gen Michael Flynn
2016-04-17 ~Environmt WT: Emails show Dem-Wacko collusion against "climate deniers", by V. Richardson
2016-04-16 ~National  JWR: Histories that shouldn't be secret (incl 9/11, Bay-of-Pigs), by George Will
2016-04-16 ~National  NR: Willful Blindness and Our Saudi 'Friends', by Andrew C. McCarthy
2016-04-15 ~Potpourri JWR: Connecting with the young across 'the generations gap', by Suzanne Fields
2016-04-14 ~National  JPost: BDS movement harasses Jewish faculty across U.S., by Shula Kopf
2016-04-14 ~National  WT: Gay rights movement "emboldened" by queeriage ruling, by Brad Richardson
2016-04-14 ~Environmt WT: The global warming assault on free speech, by Wesley Pruden
2016-04-13 ~National  WT: A line-by-line history of Form 1040, by Thomas V. DiBacco
2016-04-13 ~Health    NYT: Old Study, Rediscovered, Challenges Advice on Saturated Fat, by A. O'Connor
2016-04-10 ~National  The Peoples Cube: Boston Globe Trump Parody and Counter-Parody -- Which is best?
2016-04-10 ~National  WT: Border Patrol ordered to release illegals 'still soaking wet' from Rio Grande
2016-04-09 ~Potpourri AMAC: We are the 'Better Angels' we are looking for, by Diana Erbio
2016-04-09 ~National  Examiner: The wages of the minimum wage is more joblessness -- OpEd
2016-04-08 ~Potpourri Examiner: One cheer for GE's Jeff Immelt, by Tim Carney
2016-04-08 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: SpaceX booster lands on ocean barge after launch, by Eric Berger
2016-04-08 ~National  Fox News: Romanian hacker Guccifer extradited amid Clinton email probe
2016-04-06 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Tax Havens? Forget Panama, Look at Delaware, by Valentin Schmid
2016-04-01 ~National  Daily Caller: Ted Cruz And The Wall Street Connection, by Roger Stone
2016-03-xx ~National  Limbaugh: Interview with Jeffrey Lord on Donald Trump
2016-03-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Who Was Ty Cobb? The History We Know That's Wrong, by Charles Leerhsen
2016-03-31 ~World     WT: Identifying the enemy - Islam itself, by James A. Lyons
2016-03-31 ~National  WT: The peasants have tasted the milk and honey, by Wesley Pruden
2016-03-29 ~World     Politico: Europe's Muslims hate the West, by Leon deWinter
2016-03-29 ~Environmt IBD: Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare
2016-03-29 ~Environmt WT: Democrat attorneys general to police climate change dissent, by V. Richardson
2016-03-29 ~Environmt WT: The global warming industry's RICO gambit, by Chris Horner
2016-03-26 ~Environmt CFACT: Varroa mites, not neonicotinoids, are killing honeybees, by Paul Driessen
2016-03-25 ~National  Epoch Times: Why Our Economy Crashes Every 18 Years, by Joshua Philipp
2016-03-25 ~National  Examiner: The Constitution's cancer clause, by Tracie Groh
2016-03-24 ~Potpourri WT: Men are fleeing Christianity, but embracing Islam, by Bradford Richardson
2016-03-24 ~National  McClatchy: America to Establishment: Who the hell are you people?, by D. Lightman
2016-03-23 ~World     WT: It's the civilizational jihad, stupid, by Monica Crowley
2016-03-23 ~State-NC  AP: North Carolina reins in local governments, transgender rule
2016-03-23 ~National  CFACT: Washington's despotic lawlessness, by Paul Driessen
2016-03-22 ~National  WT: When universities become day care centers, by Clifford D. May
2016-03-21 ~World     Daily Mail: Documentary on Saudi Arabia brutality to air in UK, by Peter Osbourn
2016-03-21 ~National  Examiner: Is Donald Trump Obama's real legacy?, by W. James Antle III
2016-03-21 ~National  US Defense Watch: The Death of the U.S. Marine Corps, by Ray Starmann
2016-03-21 ~Environmt  -- Book Review
2016-03-20 ~National  WT: DIA ex-chief pans Army's DCGS war data network, by Rowan Scarborough
2016-03-16 ~National  RCP: GOP path forward is both Conservative and Populist, by Michael Needham
2016-03-16 ~Environmt Canada Free Press: Energy Poverty Around the World, by Ileana Johnson
2016-03-14 ~Environmt Epoch Times: Climate Change -- Assessing the Risks, by Tom Harris
2016-03-12 ~Porpourri WaPo: These Christian teachers bringing Jesus into public schools, by Emma Brown
2016-03-10 ~World     WT: Tracing the roots of Islamic jihad, by James A. Lyons
2016-03-10 ~Potpourri BW: The Democratization of Surveillance, by Robert Kolker
2016-03-10 ~Health    BW: Monsanto's Roundup gets new scrutiny in Europe, by A. Martin  L. Mulvany
2016-03-07 ~National  Americans Don't Know Who Washington DC is Named After!!! -- video (4:37)
2016-03-06 ~National  WT: Bill Clinton left NSA 'brain dead' for 9/11 attacks, by Rowan Scarborough
2016-03-04 ~Health    CBS: Sex linked to better brain power in older age, by Cari Nierenberg
2016-03-01 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: James Grant on the Folly of Central Banking, by Valentin Schmid
2016-02-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Islam -- Facts or Dreams?, by Andrew C. McCarthy
2016-02-26 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Scientists finally admit climate models fail, by Michael Bastasch
2016-02-25 ~National  MarketWatch: 45% of Americans pay no federal income tax, by Catey Hill
2016-02-24 ~National  BLS: Private hourly earnings rise 1.1% in 2015 (Was 2.4% in 2014!)
2016-02-23 ~Environmt WT: The Obama EPA's regulatory terrorism, by Jason Johnston
2016-02-23 ~Environmt WT: Stopping Zika before it deforms millions -- Editorial
2016-02-22 ~World     WT: Central bank policies have turned global economy upside down, by Richard Rahn
2016-02-20 ~National  Legal Insurrection: Is Twitter Silencing Conservatives?, by Jonathan Levin
2016-02-18 ~Potpourri Crisis Mag: Why Natural Law is a Superior Guide to Life, by James Kalb
2016-02-17 ~National  Just Facts: The State of the U.S. Education System -- video (6:56)
2016-02-16 ~Health    Sky News: 'Extraordinary' Cancer Breakthrough Revealed
2016-02-15 ~National  Examiner: The country our founding presidents envisioned, by Sen. Mike Rounds
2016-02-15 ~National  WT: Antonin Scalia, the justice who set words on fire, by Wesley Pruden
2016-02-13 ~National  AMAC: Equal Outcome Musical Chairs Anyone?, by Diana Erbio
2016-02-11 ~State-WI  Watchdog.org: Scott Walker's Act-10 saves Wisconsin taxpayers $5B, by M.D. Kittle
2016-02-11 ~Potpourri AP: Scientists detect Einstein-predicted gravitational waves, by Seth Borenstein
2016-02-10 ~National  WT: Rubio knows Obama is no incompetent; it's deliberate, by Don Feder
2016-02-10 ~Environmt WT: The politics behind the anti-fossil fuels campaign, by Dears  Burnett
2016-02-09 ~Health    Algemeiner: Int'l Research Team Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms in Mice
2016-02-09 ~Environmt WT: Supreme Court halts Obama carbon emissions rule, by Stephen Dinan
2016-02-08 ~World     WT: When Stone Age comes to town, by Tammy Bruce
2016-02-07 ~State-MD  WT: Police use of cellphone tracking goes to court, by Andrea Noble
2016-02-07 ~National  WT: Pentagon to prioritize "climate change" in all military actions
2016-02-06 ~State-MI  Examiner: How bad government caused the Flint water crisis, by Kyle Feldscher
2016-02-05 ~Potpourri NYT: Who Needs Advanced Math? Not Everybody, by Jane Karr
2016-02-04 ~World     Epoch Times: A Chinese Hospital Built for Murder, by Matt Robertson  Sophia Fang
2016-02-04 ~National  JWR: Indoctrination, not education in today's colleges, by Victor Davis Hanson
2016-02-04 ~National  JWR: The failure of multiculturalism, by Cal Thomas
2016-02-04 ~Environmt WT: The profits of doom -- Editorial
2016-02-03 ~National  WT: College ignorance and the threat to liberty, by Michael Poliakoff
2016-02-03 ~Environmt Daily Caller: GOP Question EPA's Appointing Of Advisors Getting Gov't Grants
2016-02-02 ~World     ACT: Explaining the Islamic State Phenomenon - Parts 1, 2, 3, by Jacques Neriah
2016-02-02 ~Potpourri WT: Muslim cultural practices antithetical to Western pluralism, by Abe Miller
2016-02-01 ~World     Heritage: 2016 Index of Economic Freedom - Country Rankings, plus Video
2016-02-01 ~National  CATO: President Clinton and the Chilean Pension Model, by Jos?Pi馿ra
2016-01-31 ~National  WT: Judging the tax plans, plus the Bar Graph, by Stephen Moore
2016-01-31 ~Environmt WT: Obama on federal coal mining is throwback to Jimmy Carter, by William Pendley
2016-01-29 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Texas homeowners' plea: Do mess with taxes, by Kenric Ward
2016-01-28 ~World     WT: France finally cracks down on Islamic radicalism, by Rowan Scarborough
2016-01-27 ~National  WT: How Donald Trump made anger legit, by Monica Crowley
2016-01-26 ~Potpourri WT: Trump Derangement Syndrome sweeping the elite, by Charles Hurt
2016-01-26 ~National  NAS: The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom, by Peter Wood
2016-01-24 ~National  Fx Free Citizen: Shining Light On Common Core, by Ileana Johnson
2016-01-22 ~National  Fx Free Citizen: Think tanks miss boat on poverty, causes and cures
2016-01-21 ~States    Watchdog.org: 7 articles for National School Choice Week
2016-01-19 ~National  Va Right: Trump Needn't be Conservative or Polite to Fix America, by Tom White
2016-01-19 ~National  WT: 2016's resemblance to 1937, by Eric Wilson
2016-01-18 ~National  The Federalist: O'Keefe's Common Core Videos Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
2016-01-18 ~National  WT: The moral case against the Establishment, by Tammy Bruce
2016-01-15 ~National  AMAC: Simple economics may cause Obamacare to self-destruct, by John Grimaldi
2016-01-15 ~Environmt CFACT: White House, Greens target Atlantic fishing grounds, by Bonner Cohen
2016-01-14 ~World     Epoch Times: For China's Economy It's Reform or Bust, by Valentin Schmid
2016-01-14 ~Environmt Examiner: Big Oil's crony bid to tax carbon, by Ken Blackwell
2016-01-13 ~National  AMAC: Education, More than Elections, Shape a Nation, by Diana Erbio
2016-01-02 ~National  Examiner: American business could learn from near-death of the railroad industry
2015-xx-xx ~National  FCTA: U.S. Sanctuary Cities: Incl leaders, party affiliation (if available)
2015-12-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Property Rights and Religious Liberty, by Larry P. Arnn
2015-12-29 ~National  Examiner: 2015, the year the Democrats fully embraced corporatism, by Tim Carney
2015-12-29 ~National  WT: The American Left, source of homegrown Islamic terrorism, by Manda Zand Ervin
2015-12-29 ~National  WT: Americans feel like strangers in a strange land -- Editorial
2015-12-21 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: SpaceX booster lands intact after successful launch, by Eric Berger
2015-12-21 ~National  WT: Surviving the season of the sophomores, by Wesley Pruden
2015-12-21 ~National  Conservative Intel: What Ryan got in his Omnibus, by David Freddoso
2015-12-20 ~National  WT: Explaining Donald Trump, by Daniel Gallington
2015-12-19 ~Potpourri Fx Free Citizen: Conversion to Islam -- a Personal Story, by FCTA's Tom Cranmer
2015-12-18 ~National  Fx Free Citizen: Musings on Indoctrination by Teachers, by Ileana Johnson
2015-12-17 ~National  Limbaugh: GOP Sells America Down the River -- Caves again to Dems on budget
2015-12-14 ~Environmt Climate Depot: Vegetarian Diets 'Worse' For 'Climate Change', by Shilo Rea at CMU
2015-12-14 ~Environmt WT: How Obama saved the world from Global Warming, by Wesley Pruden
2015-12-12 ~Environmt CFACT: German scientist: Researchers fiddling with temperature data, by CFACT Ed
2015-12-08 ~National  WT: Supreme Court to weigh whether redistricting should include non-citizens
2015-12-08 ~Environmt CFACT: The movie "Climate Hustle" premieres in Paris -- Video (2:37)
2015-12-07 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: The machines that make modern recycling work, by John Timmer
2015-12-05 ~National  JWR: Still no empirical argument for progressive taxation, by George Will
2015-12-04 ~Environmt CFACT: Four inconvenient facts about global warming at COP, by CFACT Ed
2015-12-01 ~National  Examiner: Whither the snowflakes?, by Noemie Emery
2015-11-30 ~National  WT: The showboating college student, hard at work, by Wesley Pruden
2015-11-29 ~National  WT: Creating isolation, not assimilation of refugees, by Bon Barnett
2015-11-28 ~National  JWR: Battling the modern American administrative state, by George Will
2015-11-25 ~Potpourri WT: Google deems Sanders' economic plan a 'phishing scam', by Stephen Dinan
2015-11-25 ~National  AMAC: Do You Know Saul Alinsky?, by Ellen Cora
2015-11-25 ~Environmt WT: Spanish 'Solyndra' on verge of bankruptcy, by Ben Wolfgang
2015-11-24 ~Potpourri DNC & WaPo & NYT -- "How to talk to your family about politics this Thanksgiving"
2015-11-23 ~National  Fx Free Citizen: Republican Elites Experienced Only in Failure, by Jon Moseley
2015-11-21 ~State-MI  WaPo: Residents in first majority-Muslim U.S. city tense about its future
2015-11-20 ~World     WT: Amphetamine drug Captagon fuels Syrian fighters, funds war, by Kellan Howell
2015-11-20 ~Potpourri WaPo: Women's curves, mansplained -- Curvology book review, by Caitlin Flanagan
2015-11-19 ~Potpourri Examiner: O'Reilly's Killing Reagan is a 'pile of garbage' -- Craig Shirley
2015-11-19 ~National  Examiner: Obamacare losses worsening, unsustainable past 2016 -- UnitedHealth CEO
2015-11-19 ~National  WT: Obama's distorted strategy to take down America, by James Lyons
2015-11-19 ~National  WT: The demise of academic freedom, by Gerald Walpin
2015-11-19 ~Environmt CFACT: Warming radicals blind to science and history, by Kelvin Kemm
2015-11-18 ~World     Market Oracle: Cashless Society - Totalitarian Dream Come True, by Nick Giambruno
2015-11-17 ~National  MarketWatch: New B-3 bomber to keep China and Russia at bay, by STRATFOR analysts
2015-11-16 ~World     WT: The West and Islam, by Robert W. Merry
2015-11-16 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Texans go naked as rates rise under Obamacare, by Kenric Ward
2015-11-16 ~National  Examiner: Democrats' war on youth, by W. James Antle III
2015-11-16 ~National  WT: The government holds down interest rates for its own benefit, by Richard Rahn
2015-11-15 ~Potpourri WT: A little history of 'politically correct' -- Editorial
2015-11-15 ~National  JWR: Academia celebrates diversity in everything but thought, by George Will
2015-11-13 ~National  JWR: The closing of the American mind mouth, by Suzanne Fields
2015-11-13 ~National  Fx Free Citizen: The Alinsky Effect taking hold in America, by Ron Edwards
2015-11-12 ~World     WT: Factually inaccurate maps distort Jewish and Arab land claims
2015-11-12 ~National  JWR: The fiction of 'Truth', by Victor Davis Hanson
2015-11-12 ~National  WT: Feds spend $462 billion after debt cap is lifted, by Stephen Dinan
2015-11-12 ~National  EAGnews.org: Liberal fascism... now at Vanderbuilt, by Kyle Olson
2015-11-12 ~Environmt CFACT: UN Launches "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", by Bonner Cohen
2015-11-11 ~World     MarketWatch: Ireland is making Paul Krugman eat crow, by Nicholas A. Vardy, CFA
2015-11-11 ~National  WT: U.S. no longer a nation of laws, by David Keene
2015-11-11 ~National  WT: Common Core's double whammy, David V. Anderson
2015-11-10 ~Potpourri NR: David Horowitz's Journey from Left to Right, by Jamie Glazov
2015-11-08 ~Potpourri WT: University officials agree to rip up Constitution -- Project Veritas sting
2015-11-05 ~National  WT: Minot AFB ground zero in military's new gender wars + Updates 1 and 2
2015-11-04 ~National  WT: The left plans to move Obamacare into single-payer, by Monica Crowley
2015-11-04 ~Health    WaPo: A Maryland farm now sells raw milk -- for pets, by Karen Heller
2015-11-03 ~World     WT: Islamic financing rivals Western-style lending, by Christin Roby
2015-11-03 ~States    WT: Voters elect GOP governors, nix 'bathroom bill', pot, by Valerie Richardson
2015-10-31 ~Environmt WUWT: NASA says Antarctica isn't losing ice mass after all!, by Anthony Watts
2015-10-29 ~Potpourri WaPo: How McDonald's gets to kids while they're at school, by Roberto Ferdman
2015-10-29 ~National  WT: The miraculous Republican debate on CNBC, by Newt Gingrich
2015-10-28 ~World     UK Express: Doctor in Germany warns about Muslim migrants, by Nick Gutteridge
2015-10-27 ~National  WT: Planned Parenthood doc will 'strive' for intact fetal skull -- PP video #11
2015-10-26 ~World     WT: A century of Palestinian hatred of Jews, by Daniel Pipes
2015-10-26 ~State-OH  Watchdog.org: Ohio Obamacare expansion keeps getting bigger, by Jason Hart
2015-10-25 ~National  WT: What political correctness has wrought, by Robert Knight
2015-10-23 ~National  WT: Obama's DOJ clears IRS, Lois Lerner in tea party scandal, by Stephen Dinan
2015-10-23 ~Environmt CFACT: UN climate text adds an "International Tribunal of Climate Justice"
2015-10-23 ~Environmt WT: Two dozen states sue to stop EPA's Clean Power Plan, by Valerie Richardson
2015-10-22 ~World     WT: Toxic voice of China's history (especially under Mao), by Miles Yu
2015-10-22 ~Potpourri JWR: Can California be saved?, by Victor Davis Hanson
2015-10-22 ~Potpourri TIME: Inside the Quest for Fusion, Clean Energy's Holy Grail, by Lev Grossman
2015-10-19 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: California lawmakers rank fish above people, by Steven Greenhut
2015-10-16 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: RICO letter backfires on GMU global warmist, by Rob Nikolewski
2015-10-15 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Democratic Party boss takes hit in Texas vote-fraud case, by K Ward
2015-10-15 ~State-IL  JWR: Rahm Emanuel reaps the whirlwind of Democratic rule, by George Will
2015-10-15 ~State-FL  WT: Florida sheriff will keep "In God We Trust" bumper stickers, by Tom Quimby
2015-10-15 ~Potpourri AMAC: A Waiter Learns Why Socialism Doesn't Work, by Rob Knowles
2015-10-15 ~National  WT: Liberals can't see what's coming, by L. Todd Wood
2015-10-15 ~Health    EMR & HIPAA: One Doctor's Perspectives on the Evolution of Health Care
2015-10-14 ~Potpourri Telegraph: Male brain is programmed to seek out sex over food, by Sarah Knapton
2015-10-14 ~Potpourri WT: Washington Times reaches profitability after 33 years, $1 billion in losses
2015-10-14 ~National  WaPo: Meet the abortion foe behind the hidden camera, by Sandhya Somashekhar
2015-10-13 ~Health    Examiner: U.S most obese in the world, has fattest kids, by Paul Bedard
2015-10-13 ~Environmt Breitbart: Top Physicist Says Obama Wrong on Global Warming, by James Delingpole
2015-10-11 ~State-CA  WT: California new motor-voter law encourages voter fraud, by Valerie Richardson
2015-10-09 ~Potpourri Guardian: Are shipping containers really the future of housing?, by Adam Forrest
2015-10-09 ~Environmt WT: Court halts Obama EPA's controversial water rule, by Wolfgang & Dinan
2015-10-08 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Texas charter network boasts 99.9% college-going rate, by K. Ward
2015-10-08 ~State-IL  CBS: Former CEO of Chicago Public Schools indicted on corruption charges
2015-10-08 ~National  Cato: Federal gov't workers make 78% more than private workers, by Chris Edwards
2015-10-08 ~National  BW: Steve Bannon, the vast right-wing conspirator, by Joshua Green
2015-10-08 ~National  WT: Number of sanctuary cities, criminal releases rise, by Stephen Dinan
2015-10-07 ~National  Reason: How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps -- incl video (2:11)
2015-10-06 ~Potpourri Infowars: Matt Drudge Warns of the End of the Internet -- video (9:38)
2015-10-06 ~Health    Waking Times: Heart surgeon reveals truth about heart disease, by Alex Pietrowski
2015-10-05 ~Potpourri Examiner: If you really want to reduce economic inequality ..., by Michael Barone
2015-10-05 ~National  WT: Clinton White House suppressed evidence of Iran's terrorism, by John Solomon
2015-10-04 ~Potpourri Science News: Einstein's genius changed science's perception of gravity
2015-10-04 ~National  Examiner: Gun control and magical thinking, by Hugh Hewitt
2015-10-04 ~Environmt NT News (AU): Perth engineer's discovery will change global warming debate
2015-10-03 ~States    FCTA: Financial State of the States - 2014 -- data from Truth In Accounting
2015-10-01 ~National  WT: How the election revolution has arrived, by Robert W. Merry
2015-09-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Justice and the Obama Justice Department, by Michael B. Mukasey
2015-09-30 ~National  WT: How the GOP gets to the final four, by Ralph Z. Hallow
2015-09-30 ~Environmt CFACT: GMU alarmists want skeptics prosecuted under RICO, by Paul Driessen
2015-09-28 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Houston's pension crisis - Part 1 and Part 2, by Jon Cassidy
2015-09-28 ~Potpourri WaPo: Trust in the media is at an all-time low, by Chris Cillizza
2015-09-28 ~Potpourri The Insider: False Economic Security and the Road to Serfdom, by Donald Boudreaux
2015-09-28 ~National  WT: Why payday loans are in consumers' best interests, by Rep. Alcee Hastings
2015-09-28 ~Environmt CFACT: The Pope, climate change, and Volkswagen, by Marita Noon
2015-09-24 ~National  WT: The phenomenon of the unpleasant fact, by Michael Hayden
2015-09-24 ~National  WT: Dodd-Frank suppresses job and wealth creation, by Eric Grover
2015-09-24 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: Texas prepares to take on the EPA in court over Obama's CPP
2015-09-22 ~Potpourri WT: Donald amongst the conservative eggheads, by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
2015-09-21 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: California's drought is a man-made crisis, by Steven Greenhut
2015-09-21 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: Debate continues over cost of commuter lines, by Rob Nikolewski
2015-09-20 ~World     WT: Estonia, the little country that could, by Richard Rahn
2015-09-19 ~Potpourri JWR: Pope Francis' fact-free flamboyance, by George Will
2015-09-17 ~World     WT: Poland's Gdansk shipyard celebrates a comeback, by Beata Biel
2015-09-17 ~Environmt Real Science: NOAA Massively Ramps Up Their Temperature Fraud Ahead Of Paris
2015-09-16 ~National  WT: CIA opens window to its workings in 1960s, by Guy Taylor
2015-09-16 ~Environmt WT: Fun with the Green Climate Fund -- OpEd
2015-09-15 ~World     WT: Saudi Arabia has 100,000 empty air-conditioned tents, won't take refugees
2015-09-15 ~National  WT: Planned Parenthood worries about fetal-tissue 'headlines' -- PP video #10
2015-09-15 ~National  WT: Navy head ignores deficient combat performance of women, by Elaine Donnelly
2015-09-10 ~State-NV  Project Veritas: Hillary team filmed violating Nevada election laws (video 8:18)
2015-09-10 ~Potpourri BBC: The chicken that lived for 18 months without a head
2015-09-10 ~National  WT: Ex-Im subsidy recipients keep profits offshore, skirt taxes, by Arthur Kane
2015-09-08 ~National  WT: Michael Hayden on Obama's Iran nuke deal: Anger, Recognition, & Way Forward
2015-09-07 ~State-WI  Watchdog.org: School choice improved public schools in Milwaukee, by Paul Brennan
2015-09-04 ~National  Examiner: A closing argument for rejecting the Iran deal, by Philip Klein
2015-09-02 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Drought Could Turn Millet Into American Food, by Gretchen Kell
2015-09-01 ~Potpourri Last Refuge: Rush Limbaugh recognizes the GOP's "Splitter" strategy...
2015-09-01 ~Potpourri WT: The president who casts no shadow, by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
2015-08-31 ~States    WT: Better school choices for less (in AZ, FL, MS, NV, TN), by Ed Feulner
2015-08-31 ~Environmt WT: Obama EPA's clean power fraud, by Paul Driessen
2015-08-31 ~Environmt WT: Obama's green pressure tactics exposed, by Ben Wolfgang & Stephen Dinan
2015-08-30 ~State-NJ  Watchdog.org: Three-fourths of NJ sheriffs double-dip, by Mark Lagerkvist
2015-08-30 ~National  WT: Army's PC leadership leaves soldiers in the lurch, by Rowan Scarborough
2015-08-28 ~States    Examiner: The limits of pension reform, by Daniel DiSalvo
2015-08-28 ~State-LA  Examiner: It shouldn't take a hurricane to create all-choice school districts
2015-08-28 ~National  AMAC: New AP Test Seeks to Rewrite History for Political Gain, by John Grimaldi
2015-08-28 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: EPA fines rancher $16M over 'stock pond', by Eric Boehm
2015-08-27 ~National  WT: Bloated U.S. voter rolls could lead to lawsuits, by Stephen Dinan
2015-08-25 ~National  WT: StemExpress shown hustling for organs -- PP video #8
2015-08-24 ~National  WT: IRS finds yet another Lois Lerner email account, by Stephen Dinan
2015-08-23 ~Potpourri , by Stephen Moore
2015-08-22 ~Potpourri Examiner: The price of stealth -- and USAF's next-gen bomber, by Tara Copp
2015-08-22 ~Environmt CFACT: Climate Crisis, Inc. has become a $1.5 trillion industry, by Paul Driessen
2015-08-21 ~National  Examiner: Republicans have themselves to blame for Donald Trump, by Adam Brandon
2015-08-20 ~Potpourri Politico: Democratic Blues... in Obama's wake, by Jeff Greenfield
2015-08-20 ~Potpourri AMAC: To Win, You Have to Know How to Lose, by Fran Tarkenton
2015-08-19 ~National  WT: With heart still beating, aborted baby organ harvested -- PP video #7
2015-08-19 ~National  WT: What if Tehran turns down the nuclear deal?, by Daniel Pipes
2015-08-19 ~Health    BW: Is ketamine the best hope for curing major depression?, by Caroline Winter
2015-08-19 ~Health    AP: Scientists find how obesity gene works, by Marilynn Marchione
2015-08-19 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: Exploiting kids to file environmental lawsuits, by Rob Nikolewski
2015-08-19 ~Environmt WT: The necessity of hunting, by Theodore Roosevelt IV
2015-08-18 ~National  Examiner: Teachers clueless on money schools spend per student, by Jason Russell
2015-08-18 ~National  WT: A Shariah-approved nuclear EMP attack, by James Woolsey and Peter Pry
2015-08-18 ~Environmt Examiner: No one showed up for California's green jobs rush -- OpEd
2015-08-18 ~Environmt American Thinker: Obama drives down coal stocks, and Soros buys them on the cheap
2015-08-14 ~Environmt Examiner: With an EPA this incompetent, who needs robber-barons? -- OpEd
2015-08-13 ~States    Tax Foundation: How High Are Property Taxes in Your State? -- Va. is 37th
2015-08-13 ~Potpourri MarketWatch: Map of the world, if size were determined by market cap
2015-08-13 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: Months ago, Colorado town begged EPA to leave Gold King Mine alone
2015-08-11 ~Environmt WT: Regulators' fumbling of coal ash spill creates fear, confusion in N.C.
2015-08-10 ~States    Watchdog.org: Tax breaks for Facebook raise hard questions, by Jon Cassidy
2015-08-09 ~Potpourri WT: Herbert Hoover predicted the perils of big government, by Thomas V. DiBacco
2015-08-07 ~National  Examiner: IRS's Lois Lerner called conservatives 'a--holes' (Senate final report)
2015-08-05 ~National  WT: 1965, the start of uncontrolled immigration, by Ian deSilva
2015-08-05 ~Material  Video: Does Argentina's decline foretell America's -- video (7:16) by Jerry Rye
2015-08-04 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Texas flunks school-choice test, by Kenric Ward
2015-08-04 ~Environmt WT: EPA talked privately with green groups on carbon cuts, by Ben Wolfgang
2015-08-03 ~Potpourri WT: The two Donald Trumps (Brash in public, kind in private), by Ron Kessler
2015-07-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: History, American Democracy, and the AP Test Controversy, by W. McClay
2015-07-29 ~National  The Federalist: Paglia Blasts Media Refusal To Cover Planned Parenthood Videos
2015-07-29 ~National  WT: Is Obama taking Hillary out? ... will endorse Biden, by Monica Crowley
2015-07-28 ~National  WT: Third Planned Parenthood video follows money behind fetal-organ supply chain
2015-07-28 ~National   -- Stephen Dinan
2015-07-28 ~Environmt WT: Court rules Obama must rewrite pollution rules -- affects VA, by Ben Wolfgang
2015-07-27 ~State-LA  Examiner: Louisiana's charter school solution after Katrina, by Jason Russell
2015-07-27 ~Environmt Real Science: Mind-Blowing Temperature Fraud At NOAA, by Tony Heller
2015-07-26 ~National  FCTA: The Futile Fight Against ISIS -- letter by Fred Costello
2015-07-24 ~State-TX  WT: Texas Supreme Court suspends Houston's 'bathroom bill', by Valerie Richardson
2015-07-23 ~National  JWR: On the path to Soylent Green -- OpEd on American morality, by Cal Thomas
2015-07-22 ~State-TX  Watchdog.org: Houston's debt passes Detroit's, by Jon Cassidy
2015-07-22 ~Potpourri , by Sean Coughlan
2015-07-22 ~Environmt CFACT: States sue EPA over WOTUS (Waters Of The U.S.) definition, by Ron Arnold
2015-07-20 ~National  Examiner: HUD's "disparate impact" war on suburban America, by Michael Barone
2015-07-20 ~National  WT: Another bailout looms for Fannie, Freddie, by Kelly Riddell
2015-07-20 ~Environmt WT: Sierra Club puts almighty dollar ahead of Mother Earth, by Kelly Riddell
2015-07-19 ~Potpourri WT: The deprogramming of Dinesh D'Souza -- OpEd: Conservatism a mental disease?
2015-07-18 ~National  NRA: Obama attempting to strip some 4M Social Security recipients of gun rights
2015-07-17 ~Potpourri JWR: Harper Lee's 'Watchman' flips 'Mockingbird' on its end, by Suzanne Fields
2015-07-16 ~States    WT: States step back from lofty green energy goals, by Valerie Richardson
2015-07-16 ~State-WI  Watchdog.org: Wisc Supreme Court shuts down John Doe investigation, by Eric Boehm
2015-07-16 ~Potpourri JWR: Liberalism's finger of fault always points outward, by Victor Davis Hanson
2015-07-16 ~National  Examiner: Obama and the end of U.S. leadership, by Pete Kasperowicz
2015-07-16 ~National  WT: Congress guts No Child Left Behind education plan, by Tom Howell
2015-07-14 ~World     WT: Obama and world powers cave unconditionally on Iranian nukes, by Dave Boyer
2015-07-14 ~National  WT: Planned Parenthood doc discusses selling baby parts -- View video1 and video2
2015-07-14 ~National  WT: Murder rates drop as concealed carry permits soar, by Kellan Howell
2015-07-13 ~Potpourri WT: The summer the nation went mad -- Elite mob hysteria, by Wesley Pruden
2015-07-12 ~National  WT: 17th Amendment moved power from states to Washington, by John S Baker
2015-07-12 ~Health    ProPublica: Coumadin/warfarin often misused in nursing homes, by Charles Ornstein
2015-07-12 ~Environmt WT: European scientists predict 'mini ice age' starting in 2030, by V Richardson
2015-07-12 ~Environmt , by Alan Carlin -- Book Review by Anthony Sadar
2015-07-11 ~National  Examiner: OPM breach highlights perils of big, stupid government -- OpEd
2015-07-09 ~National  NCPPR: Law Should Not Treat Bill Cosby Differently..., by Judy Kent
2015-07-09 ~National  WT: F-35 highlights Pentagon's bad choice of weapon systems, by Jed Babbin
2015-07-08 ~States    Tax Foundation: The Real Value of $100 in Each State -- $97.09 in Va.
2015-07-08 ~National  Examiner: Documents show Obama's DOJ and FBI linked to IRS scandal
2015-07-07 ~National  Examiner: The Supreme Court's rule by talking points, by Naomi Rao
2015-07-07 ~National  WT: Washington finally united -- in hatred for Donald Trump, by Charles Hurt
2015-07-06 ~Environmt Examiner: Junk science = garbage policy, by T Becket Adams
2015-07-05 ~World     WT: Bankruptcy only way Greece can fashion a new beginning, by Stephen Moore
2015-07-05 ~Environmt Fx Free Citizen: Pope Francis' Encyclical on Climate Change -- from "Agenda 21"
2015-07-02 ~Potpourri JWR: We are all Californians now, by Victor Davis Hanson
2015-07-01 ~National  WT: Obama, the Left and their Declaration of Dependence, by Monica Crowley
2015-06-29 ~National  WT: Why gays "can't get no satisfaction" -- OpEd by Wesley Pruden
2015-06-29 ~Environmt WT: Supreme Court strikes down Obama power-plant regulations, by Ben Wolfgang
2015-06-28 ~World     WT: David Cameron moves to unslant the news at BBC -- Can NPR take a hint?
2015-06-28 ~National  WT: Supreme Court 'disparate impact' ruling encourages repeat of housing crisis
2015-06-28 ~National  WT: Religious leaders reject queeriage ruling -- Tax-exempt status next?
2015-06-28 ~National  WT: New York farm claims gay couple 'set them up', by Valerie Richardson
2015-06-26 ~National  WT: Supreme Court legalizes queeriage in all 50 states -- 5-4 decision
2015-06-25 ~National  Examiner: Second Roberts rewrite turns courts and the IRS into legislators
2015-06-25 ~National  WT: Roberts saves Obamacare a second time -- Scalia: "Words have no meaning"
2015-06-24 ~State-MD  WT: Judicial Watch files Maryland gerrymandering lawsuit, by Andrea Noble
2015-06-23 ~National  WT: Confederacy of one dunce spurs battle flag retreat, by Charles Hurt
2015-06-23 ~Environmt AP: Home efficiency upgrades fall short, don't pay, by Jonathan Fahey
2015-06-20 ~Environmt WaPo: How climate-change doubters lost a papal fight, by Faiola and Mooney
2015-06-18 ~Environmt WT: Pope Francis merges with the global warming religion -- OpEd
2015-06-17 ~National  US News: Americans Have Lost Confidence ... in Everything, by Ken Walsh
2015-06-17 ~National  WT: HUD's war against the suburbs, by Betsy McCaughey
2015-06-16 ~Potpourri Limbaugh: My Advice for Apple's News App: Hire DRUDGE!
2015-06-16 ~Material  The Federalist: Left Resorts To 'Gaslighting' Tactics In Transgender Debate
2015-06-15 ~States    Examiner: Public pensions about to crush taxpayers, by Steven Malanga
2015-06-15 ~Potpourri WT: State of the American Mind: On the new Anti-Intellectualism -- Book review
2015-06-14 ~Potpourri WT: Magna Carta抯 first 800 years, by Bruce O'Brien
2015-06-14 ~National  FoxNews: Ballot machines easy targets, including Virginia's WINVote
2015-06-10 ~National  WT: White House actively suppresses all FOIA requests, per WH memo
2015-06-09 ~Potpourri Examiner: Washington Free Beacon a headache for New York Times, by Becket Adams
2015-06-08 ~World     Examiner: Rethinking the Asian Century, by AEI's Blumenthal, Coblin, Dhume, et al
2015-06-05 ~National  Examiner: Obamacare paperwork costs states $880M, 27M worker hours, by P Bedard
2015-06-04 ~National  WaPo: Chinese hack OPM, steal data on 4 million federal employees, by E Nakashima
2015-06-04 ~Environmt Daily Caller: NOAA Adjusts Climate Data To Erase 15-Year Global Warming 'Hiatus'
2015-06-03 ~National  Watchdog.org: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Nosier than the NSA?
2015-06-02 ~National  WT: Clinton Foundation cashed in as Sweden lobbied Hillary on Iran sanctions
2015-06-02 ~Material  WT: Washington Times launches new email partnership with Viguerie Political Lists
2015-06-01 ~National  Dennis Prager: The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear (Video 5:50)
2015-06-01 ~National  WT: TPP would trump American interests, by Tammy Bruce
2015-05-30 ~National  JWR: A summer break from campus muzzling ... via Progressivism, by George Will
2015-05-29 ~Health    JWR: Why doctors quit... and Part 2, by Charles Krauthammer
2015-05-27 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: SpaceX's Falcon 9 certified for nat'l security, military launches
2015-05-27 ~National  WT: Obama's Internet overhaul includes extortion, shakedowns, by Earnest Istook
2015-05-26 ~World     WT: Resisting the trend toward anti-Semitism, by Clifford May
2015-05-26 ~National  WT: A Reaganesque solution to the Ex-Im Bank dilemma, by John Bolton
2015-05-24 ~State-IL  Daily Signal: Illinois Court rules taxpayers on hook for union pensions
2015-05-24 ~National  WT: Supreme Court's long war against the family, by Robert Knight
2015-05-24 ~National  WT: Nixon's 1974 Memorial Day speech -- just as applicable today!
2015-05-21 ~Environmt Watchdog.org: Green power lines hogtie poorest Texans, by Kenric Ward
2015-05-20 ~World     MEMRI TV: Muslim world reacts to Obama's latest speech -- Video (2:20)
2015-05-20 ~State-OR  AP: Oregon to test pay-per-mile to replace gas tax, by Gosia Wozniacka
2015-05-19 ~Potpourri WT: Boy Scouts ban water guns-- "pointing a firearm not kind", by Douglas Ernst
2015-05-19 ~National  WT: Defense report rebuts Obama-Clinton Benghazi narrative, by Rowan Scarborough
2015-05-17 ~States    AP: States saying 'NO' to cities seeking to regulate businesses, by David Lieb
2015-05-15 ~Health    WaPo: Exercise alone won't make you lose weight., by Aseem Malhotra
2015-05-14 ~Potpourri BW: Elon Musk's Space Dream -- a modern-day Howard Hughes, by Ashlee Vance
2015-05-14 ~Potpourri WT: Women in military can't march like men... Subject to stress fractures
2015-05-12 ~National  WT: U.S. Christians shrink, but Evangelicals increase, by Cheryl Wetzstein
2015-05-12 ~National  WT: ACU releases 2015 Congressional ratings, by Jennifer Harper
2015-05-11 ~National  Examiner: Cash crop -- a treatise on American farm subsidies, by Vince Smith
2015-05-11 ~Health    Epoch Times: Why 80 Percent of Us Are Deficient in Magnesium, by Dr. Mark Sircus
2015-05-10 ~National  WT: Kirsten Powers on The Left's Crusade Against Free Speech, by Jennifer Harper
2015-05-08 ~National  Examiner: There's a war on free speech, and radical Islam is winning, by P Klein
2015-05-07 ~State-MI  Examiner: Michigan conservatives defeat Big Business, Big Money, tax hikes ...
2015-05-07 ~Potpourri The Hill: Is Matt Drudge the second most influential man in America?
2015-05-05 ~Potpourri The Intercept: How NSA converts spoken words into searchable text, by Dan Froomkin
2015-05-04 ~National  Detroit News: Think voluntary, not coercive, unions, by Mark Mix, NRTWF president
2015-05-04 ~Environmt Daily Caller: 25 Years Of Predicting The Global Warming 'Tipping Point'
2015-04-xx ~Potpourri Swiss America: The Biggest Bank Heist In History, by Craig Smith, Lowell Ponte
2015-04-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Battle of Indiana  the Promise of Battles to Come, by David French
2015-04-30 ~Environmt Vencor Weather: The sun is now virtually blank -- no solar activity
2015-04-28 ~National  WSJ: Baltimore shows how progressivism has failed urban America
2015-04-27 ~Potpourri WT: Liberals and magical thinking -- OpEd, by Tammy Bruce
2015-04-26 ~National  WT: Left makes it safe to commit voter fraud, by Robert Knight
2015-04-26 ~National  WT: Army seeks private help for 50-year-old M4 rifle, by Rowan Scarborough
2015-04-25 ~Environmt Telegraph: Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures
2015-04-23 ~National  WT: The Legacy of Eric Holder... Articles by Powell, Adams, Fund, and Connor
2015-04-23 ~Environmt Examiner: California's environmentalist-induced water shortage, by Chris Carson
2015-04-21 ~Health    BW: Buttered Coffee Could Make You Invincible, by Gordy Megroz
2015-04-21 ~Environmt CFACT: The environmental insane asylum, by Alan Caruba
2015-04-15 ~National  WT: Obama amnesty granted 541,000 Social Security numbers to illegal immigrants
2015-04-14 ~State-MD  WT: Maryland seizes 'free-range kids' for walking alone in the park -- OpEd
2015-04-14 ~National  JW: ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm
2015-04-14 ~National  WT: ICE released 30,558 criminal aliens into community in 2014, by Stephen Dinan
2015-04-14 ~Health    WSJ: Feds to Probe Generic Drug Price Increases, by Ed Silverman
2015-04-13 ~States    WT: The redistribution racket -- Stephen Moore on 
2015-04-13 ~National  WT: OPT program offers incentive to hire foreign workers over Americans
2015-04-13 ~Environmt WT: Liberals blamed for Calif drought... Water use: 10% urban, 41% agr, 48% env
2015-04-11 ~Health    Guernsey Press: Dog prostate cancer detection rate '98% reliable'
2015-04-09 ~National  LA Times: FCC's net neutrality rules open door to new fee on Internet service
2015-04-09 ~Environmt CFACT: Climate-shaking victory for students in West Virginia
2015-04-08 ~World     WT: Iran plans use of 'suicide drones' in Gulf, says U.S. Army
2015-04-08 ~National  Politico: Drudge Report still dominant, by Hadas Gold
2015-04-08 ~National  WT: Obama gun control push backfires as industry sees unprecedented surge
2015-04-08 ~National  WT: The dirty little (open) secret about the press, by Monica Crowley
2015-04-07 ~Potpourri BBC: Bendy battery promises safe, speedy charging -- aluminum and graphite
2015-04-06 ~Health    WaPo: Many scientists say gov't salt guidelines too low, by Peter Whoriskey
2015-04-05 ~National  LA Times: Pentagon's $10-billion missile defense bet gone bad, by David Willman
2015-03-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Frank Capra's America and Ours, by John Marini
2015-03-31 ~Potpourri WaPo: How America's most famous farmer can appeal to left, right and center
2015-03-31 ~National  Examiner: The Left wages total war and then plays victim... (standard procedure)
2015-03-31 ~Environmt CFACT: The tip of the climate spending iceberg, by Paul Driessen
2015-03-30 ~National  Breitbart: Ted Kennedy's Real Legacy: 50 Years of Ruinous Immigration Law
2015-03-26 ~National  WaPo: Why America's obsession with STEM education is dangerous, by Fareed Zakaria
2015-03-26 ~National  WT: Obamacare begins a death spiral... regardless of King v. Burwell outcome
2015-03-26 ~Health    Epoch Times: MIT doctor links Glyphosate herbicide (Roundup) to Autism spike
2015-03-24 ~Potpourri Examiner: Deja vu once again -- How liberals explain election failures
2015-03-24 ~National  WT: Small business owners still victimized by 'Operation Choke Point'
2015-03-23 ~State-NM  WT: New Mexico ends the abuse of police seizure of private property
2015-03-23 ~National  Heritage: 2015 Federal Budget in Pictures
2015-03-22 ~National  Examiner: Silenced workers who lost jobs to H-1B visa abuse (quietly) speak out
2015-03-20 ~Potpourri 
2015-03-20 ~National  Watchdog.org: U.S. subsidies energize foreign corporations, by Kenric Ward
2015-03-19 ~National  Examiner: Tech giant seeks more foreign workers, to displace costlier Americans
2015-03-18 ~National  WT: A 'reasonable' view of privacy, security, by Michael Hayden
2015-03-16 ~National  WT: Chile, where freedom nurtures success, by Richard Rahn
2015-03-16 ~National  WT: Failure to track death cost feds $124B in bogus payments, by Stephen Dinan
2015-03-16 ~National  WT: The dark secrets of federal pensions, by Adam Andrzejewski
2015-03-15 ~National  AP: Pipeline Boom -- Fight over Keystone XL project doesn't deter industry growth
2015-03-12 ~Potpourri WT: D.C. streetcars go back and forth to nowhere, by Deborah Simmons
2015-03-11 ~National  Watchdog.org: Public-private SBA firms capitalize in secret -- Apple  Intel?
2015-03-10 ~Potpourri Fx Free Citizen: The Christian "Church": Missing in Action, by Mike Giere
2015-03-09 ~Potpourri MarketWatch: Understanding the IRA mandatory withdrawal rules -- after age 70 1/2
2015-03-04 ~National  WT: Book Review - Hidden in Plain Sight -- housing policies => financial crisis
2015-03-03 ~Potpourri WT: M. Stanton Evans, conservative icon, dead at 80 -- Obituary
2015-03-03 ~National  WT: FBI tolerates nepotism, and discourages whistleblowers -- by Kelly Riddell
2015-03-03 ~National  RT: Hillary Clinton's "hacked" Benghazi emails -- via "
2015-03-02 ~World     Epoch Times: China Is Not the World's Largest Economy, by Valentin Schmid
2015-03-02 ~Health    Mercola.com: US Guidelines To Lift Limits on Dietary Cholesterol, by Dr. Mercola
2015-03-02 ~Environmt WT: Judge slaps EPA for its misdeeds with FOIA -- Judge Lamberth's Opinion
2015-03-02 ~Environmt WJ: Objective Behind Climate Change Is Economic, Not Climatic -- UN's Figueres
2015-02-xx ~States    JohnLocke.org: First in Freedom Index -- ranking the 50 states
2015-02-26 ~National  WT: Huge trove of 'destroyed' Lois Lerner emails found -- Criminal probe by IG
2015-02-26 ~National  NR: Comrades for Net Neutrality -- Powers behind FCC's muscling of the Internet
2015-02-25 ~National  WT: Clinton's war on Libya lost terror intelligence -- Gadhafi was aiding U.S.
2015-02-25 ~National  American Thinker: Same Sex Marriage and Dred Scott, by J Peter Mulhern
2015-02-24 ~National  Watchdog.org: Unions throw millions at data firm accused of breaking election law
2015-02-23 ~Potpourri Examiner: A brief history of the Internet, leading to Obama's "net fix"
2015-02-23 ~Environmt WT: Australia's wind-power market deflates, by David W. Kreutzer
2015-02-21 ~World     Epoch Times: Chinese Refugee Once 'Kept Like an Animal For [Organ] Harvest'
2015-02-21 ~Potpourri Video: President Obama, do you really love America?, by CJ Pearson (3:01)
2015-02-19 ~Environmt CFACT: EPA's ozone nightmare, by Alan Caruba
2015-02-18 ~Environmt American Thinker: Bad news for warmists: Sun in 'weakest solar cycle in a century'
2015-02-17 ~Environmt WT: Peeking behind the 'green' curtain -- corruption not confined to Oregon's Gov.
2015-02-16 ~Potpourri Reuters: Russians expose breakthrough U.S. spying program => "Equation Group"
2015-02-16 ~National  WT: FCC, FEC look to ruin the Internet -- OpEd by Tammy Bruce
2015-02-16 ~National  WT: Carly Fiorina Unplugged - takes aim at liberal elitism, by Ralph Hallow
2015-02-12 ~National  WT: Obama amnesty creates path for illegal immigrants to vote, by Stephen Dinan
2015-02-11 ~National  WT: Texas ruling allows cross-state handgun purchases, overturns 1968 gun law
2015-02-11 ~National  WT: Obama drafts federal workers to shill for Obamacare, by Ernest Istook
2015-02-09 ~National  WT: Exposing the cause of the Great Recession -- Gov't redistributionist policy
2015-02-07 ~Environmt Telegraph: Fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever
2015-02-07 ~Environmt CFACT: Divesting people of better living standards, by Paul Driessen
2015-02-06 ~National  Examiner: Which states get the most bang for their educational buck? -- Utah #1
2015-02-06 ~National  Free Beacon: Afghanistan War Hero Stripped of Silver Star -- Criticized strategy
2015-02-04 ~Potpourri WT: Redneck ethnic cleansing on the Shenandoah -- Book review by James Bovard
2015-02-02 ~Environmt WT: Russian money funds American environmental groups, by Richard Rahn
2015-01-29 ~Potpourri Examiner: Transportation mode of the future: The bus, by Michael Barone
2015-01-29 ~Health    WT: Weighing childhood risks of contact sports, by Joseph Maroon, Julian Bailes
2015-01-28 ~State-IL  WT: Attorney general gives pay raises as Illinois goes broke -- A lesson here?
2015-01-28 ~Potpourri WT: California protects the chickens, Al Gore targets the humans, by Ernest Istook
2015-01-28 ~Potpourri  -- 'Shoot him! He has an IED!'
2015-01-28 ~National  WT: Secret tapes undermine Clinton on Libyan war: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, OpEd
2015-01-28 ~National  WT: Former CENCOM chief criticizes Obama defense, security policies, by Bill Gertz
2015-01-28 ~National  WT: FDIC attempts to end "Operation Choke Point" (Obama's war on gun sellers)
2015-01-27 ~World     WT: Argentina federal prosecutor's murder and the Iranian connection, Clifford May
2015-01-26 ~State-NJ  Reason: $25,000 per Student to Fix Camden Schools. And Nothing Changed.
2015-01-25 ~World     , by Rowan Scarborough
2015-01-24 ~World     Telegraph: How the European dream is dying, state by state, by Bruno Waterfield
2015-01-23 ~National  WaPo: New Marine Corps Commandant plans to shake up the service, by Dan Lamothe
2015-01-22 ~Potpourri Examiner: Student journalist Daniel Mael on free speech and campus culture war
2015-01-22 ~Material  American Thinker: Obama's Abuse of Taxpayers to Buy Voters' Love, by Lloyd Marcus
2015-01-20 ~National  Watchdog.org: 25-year-old 'test program' shields federal contract data, by K Ward
2015-01-19 ~National  Examiner: Government created the housing and financial crises - may do so again
2015-01-19 ~National  
2015-01-16 ~Environmt Climate Depot: Scientists balk at 2014-hottest-year claims -- The pause continues
2015-01-15 ~State-AZ  Reuters: Arizona first-in-nation law mandates students pass civic test
2015-01-15 ~Potpourri BW: Forget Everything You Didn't Understand About Bitcoin, by Carter Dougherty
2015-01-14 ~National  WT: Taxpayer advocate predicts 'new lows' for IRS service, by Stephen Dinan
2015-01-14 ~National  WT: George Soros funds Ferguson protests -- $33 million for "astroturf" activists
2015-01-13 ~States    MarketWatch: The only state where less than half its civilians work -- WV
2015-01-13 ~Potpourri Examiner: Piketty's data don't match the facts, by Jason Russell
2015-01-10 ~Potpourri Red Nation Rising: Muslim Extremists are an Extreme Problem, Politically Incorrect
2015-01-07 ~World     WT: A courageous voice from inside Islam -- Egypt's President el-Sissi speaks up
2015-01-07 ~World     WT: Muslims segregated from French society in growing Islamist mini-states
2015-01-07 ~World     Free Beacon: Tribute to Charlie Hebdo, whose cartoons offended "Religion of Peace"
2015-01-06 ~National  Examiner: Racism for fun and profit -- "Race-hustling" perfected by the Rev Al
2015-01-05 ~National  WT: Apocalypse prophecies drive Islamic State strategy, recruiting efforts
2015-01-05 ~National  Examiner: Family fragmentation: Can anything be done?, by Michael Barone
2014-12-22 ~Health    TIME: Medicine Gets Personal Again with Direct Primary Care, by David Von Drehle
2014-12-21 ~National  Military Times: Obama's mark on the military; deeply unpopular commander-in-chief
2014-12-21 ~Health    Wisc Journal Sentinel: Benefits of diabetes drugs dubious -- Follow the money!
2014-12-19 ~State-TX  Examiner: Texas job growth outpaces rest of U.S. combined, by Jason Russell
2014-12-19 ~National  WT: Obamacare's Christmas surprise -- CMS to re-enroll you in cheaper plan
2014-12-17 ~State-AR  AP: Arkansas' private-option Medicaid experiment in jeopardy, by Andrew DeMillo
2014-12-17 ~Potpourri  -- Updated for modern times
2014-12-14 ~Health    Delta Inst Int'l: BX Protocol - Lyme Disease Medical Breakthrough -- video(18:02)
2014-12-11 ~Potpourri WT: The Bible's Influence -- 25 articles sponsored by the Bible Literacy Project
2014-12-09 ~National  , by Michael Barone
2014-12-03 ~National  Brookings: The Earned Income Tax Credit in Your County -- An interactive map
2014-12-02 ~States    Fraser Inst: Economic freedom among U.S. states -- summary from the detailed data
2014-12-02 ~National  Conservative Intel: The U.S. Electorate Since 1982, In 12 Graphs, David Freddoso
2014-12-01 ~National  Examiner: Are IGs REALLY Independent?... or lapdogs of agency management?
2014-11-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Effects of Obamacare on Economic Productivity, by Casey Mulligan
2014-11-27 ~World     Telegraph: David Cameron to lead Britain out of Europe if migrant reforms fail
2014-11-26 ~Health    Reuters: Celiac disease showing up in many forms and at all ages, Janice Neumann
2014-11-25 ~World     Breitbart: Pope Francis to European Union: Keep Democracy Alive, by Tom Williams
2014-11-25 ~Potpourri Telegraph: Frenchman develops pills to make flatulence smell of roses
2014-11-24 ~World     Examiner: Beating these bloody, banal jihadis, by Dan Hannan
2014-11-24 ~World     Examiner: Nobody pushing Thomas Piketty's policies to combat economic inequality
2014-11-24 ~Potpourri Examiner: WaPo editor defends 'fact check' on SNL Obama skit (executive amnesty)
2014-11-23 ~Potpourri The College Fix: "Do The Left Thing", by Omar Mahmood
2014-11-22 ~Health    Robert Rowan: Rapid Ebola Infection Cure -- Rowen-Robins Treatment Protocol
2014-11-19 ~National  CSpan video: Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States -- Arthur Laffer (53:05)
2014-11-18 ~State-IN  Streetsblog.com: Dark Side of Privately Financed Highways: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
2014-11-17 ~Potpourri WT: The Stupidity of 'Experts' -- Obamacare, Gruber Warming, Dodge-Frank, etc.
2014-11-17 ~Potpourri Yahoo: Facebook slams the door on political campaigns, by Jon Ward
2014-11-17 ~National  WT: In the beginning there was Goldwater -- Started modern conservative movement
2014-11-17 ~National  WT: The menace of civil forfeiture -- Was originated to fight organized crime
2014-11-15 ~World     Gulf News: UAE lists 86 terrorist organizations -- includes CAIR, MAS in U.S.
2014-11-12 ~National  Examiner: Gruber's Obamacare comments expose what's wrong with liberalism
2014-11-12 ~National  Examiner: Obamacare's foundation of lies a warning for new Supreme Court case
2014-11-10 ~World     Examiner: Europe grieves over defeat of Obama and the Dems, by Dan Hannan
2014-11-10 ~Potpourri WaPo: Washington National Cathedral to host Friday Muslim prayer service
2014-11-09 ~State-MD  Examiner: How Larry Hogan used tax data to turn Maryland red, by Jim Pettit
2014-11-09 ~Potpourri Daily Mail: Algae-borne virus found that makes us more stupid [... more Liberal?]
2014-11-07 ~National  GRUBER: Lack of [Obamacare] transparency a huge political advantage, video (0:53)
2014-11-07 ~National   More Gruber videos: #3 (2:31), #5 (1:26)
2014-11-05 ~National  Examiner: GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear -- Learned from Dems
2014-11-04 ~National  Breitbart: Second Amendment Crushes Gun Control Candidates In Midterm Elections
2014-10-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Case Against Liberal Compassion, by William Voegeli
2014-10-30 ~State-NC  Project Veritas: NC campaign workers encourage non-citizens to vote (video 6:57)
2014-10-29 ~State-MD  PJ Media: Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered in Maryland
2014-10-28 ~States    Tax Foundation: 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index -- Va. slides to #27
2014-10-28 ~National  Examiner: Obama's digital health records effort may be 'effectively dead'
2014-10-26 ~National  WaPo: The family deficit -- How the marriage decline affects the nation.
2014-10-25 ~National  Examiner: Study shows illegally voting non-citizens could tip close races in U.S.
2014-10-23 ~National  Breitbart: Judge refuses to penalize IRS targeting; Opinion: True the Vote v. IRS
2014-10-22 ~State-CO  Project Veritas: O'Keefe films potential voter fraud in Colorado (video 7:45)
2014-10-21 ~State-NC  WT: Ire over toll roads could bite GOP, including Thom Tillis' Senate bid in NC
2014-10-20 ~Potpourri Examiner: A nation divided by marriage -- Interview with W. Bradford Wilcox
2014-10-20 ~Potpourri KHouse: Thorium - One Nuclear Alternative
2014-10-19 ~National  WT: The Pentagon's war on the global climate -- Green agenda vs core mission
2014-10-17 ~World      -- "Too expensive for young people"
2014-10-17 ~State-TX  Dallas News: Texas breaks record for jobs added in 12-month span
2014-10-16 ~World     WT: Ex-political prisoner: Putin's regime destined to fall, by Jeff Shapiro
2014-10-16 ~National  Daily Beast: Insiders Blame Rove for Covering Up Iraq's Real WMD, by Eli Lake
2014-10-10 ~National  Examiner: Doctors, hospitals rethinking electronic medical records <--2009 law
2014-10-07 ~Potpourri Smash Co: OOP, an expensive disaster ... analogies for today's world (now 404)
2014-10-06 ~National   -- It pays not to work!
2014-10-06 ~National  Governing: The Secret to Making Tough Fiscal Choices: Open Gov't -- Chuck Reed
2014-10-06 ~National  Examiner: Democrats losing long war against voter ID -- Fund and Von Spakovsky
2014-10-06 ~Environmt CFACT Climate Truth File: 2014 -- A patient Global Warming Q
2014-10-03 ~Potpourri Video: Frightening Details From Beheader's Oklahoma Mosque (9:07)
2014-10-03 ~Environmt Examiner: WaPo hires "Republican War on Science" author to cover the environment
2014-10-02 ~National  Examiner: The disaster caused by granting mortgages to non-creditworthy Hispanics
2014-09-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The History and Danger of Administrative Law, by Philip Hamburger
2014-09-30 ~National  WT: Navy sailors distrust commanders, fear crippling political correctness
2014-09-30 ~National  NPR: Mexico Pays To Help Its Citizens Avoid Deportation From The U.S.
2014-09-24 ~Environmt Examiner: The People's March against common sense, rationality and science
2014-09-21 ~Material  Free Beacon: The Hillary Letters -- correspondence with Saul Alinsky
2014-09-21 ~Environmt Climate Depot: Socialism promoted at People's Climate March -- True GW purpose
2014-09-19 ~Environmt WSJ: Climate Science Is Not Settled -- by former DOE scientist Steven E. Koonin
2014-09-18 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Apple expands data encryption under iOS 8 -- To cops: "Get Lost"
2014-09-18 ~Environmt CFACT: Climate Hype Exposed: Now "environment-government-industrialist complex"
2014-09-17 ~Potpourri The Atlantic: Why I Hope to Die at 75, by Ezekiel Emanuel; Breitbart response.
2014-09-17 ~Potpourri MercatorNet: It's time to take the Islamic State seriously -- Rev. James Schall
2014-09-17 ~Material  PJ Media: 'CATALIST' - Obama's Database for Fundamentally Transforming America
2014-09-16 ~Environmt WUWT: Obama's Lonely Climate Summit -- world leaders are staying home
2014-09-15 ~National  Heritage: The War on Poverty After 50 Years, by Robert Rector  Rachel Sheffield
2014-09-15 ~Environmt WT: Emails show 'collusion' between Obama's EPA, environmental lobby
2014-09-10 ~State-RI  WaPo: Gina Raimondo reins in Rhode Island pensions, propelling a bid for governor
2014-09-05 ~Potpourri  (1:37) -- Who put together this zaney video?
2014-09-04 ~States    FCTA: Financial State of the States - 2013 -- data from Truth In Accounting
2014-09-04 ~Potpourri Telegraph: What happens when your friends start leaving Facebook?
2014-09-02 ~World     Islam Times: To Understand ISIS, Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia
2014-09-02 ~Potpourri Video: Former Muslim describes the true face of Islam (8:35)
2014-09-02 ~Material  Ricochet.com: Political scientists' verdict on the Obama presidency: Silence
2014-09-01 ~State-IL  WT: Illinois to go bust as teachers get richer -- Excessive pension plans
2014-08-31 ~Environmt Daily Mail: Myth of arctic meltdown -- Ice cap has expanded for last two years.
2014-08-27 ~World     Telegraph: In the face of such evil [in Rotherham], who is the racist now?
2014-08-27 ~National  WT: Racial hostility, discrimination inside Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
2014-08-26 ~Environmt Examiner: Under assault from Big Green, coal is fighting back, by Ron Arnold
2014-08-21 ~World     Daily Signal: Paycheck for Terrorism - $5,300 for Suicide Attack, Sharyl Attkisson
2014-08-20 ~Health    New Scientist: Young blood to be used in ultimate rejuvenation trial
2014-08-19 ~National  WT: Army quits tests after competing rifle outperforms M4A1 carbine
2014-08-19 ~Environmt CFACT: Morano (humbly) promotes CFACT's new film Climate Hustle on TV
2014-08-17 ~Potpourri Examiner: Iraq, Ferguson, and the 'libertarian moment'
2014-08-14 ~Health    Ft Wayne Physical Medicine: The Benefits Of DIM (Diindolylmethane)
2014-08-11 ~Potpourri Examiner: The most liberal and conservative U.S. cities revealed in one chart
2014-08-11 ~National  Daily Mail: O'Keefe Strikes again, crosses US-Mexico dressed as Osama bin Laden
2014-08-10 ~Potpourri WKRB: SyNAPSE Chip by IBM Mimics Brain
2014-08-09 ~National  Examiner: Don't mistake Tea Party birth pains for death throes, by Star Parker
2014-08-06 ~Material  News.org: 1,000-member secretive progressive journalist group uncovered
2014-08-05 ~World     NDTV Video: How Hamas assembles and fires rockets (4:23 min)
2014-08-05 ~Material  WT: Do you favor the BLEED Act, or are you a racist?, Charles Hurt satire
2014-08-05 ~Environmt Examiner: The hidden persuaders of the environmental elite, by Ron Arnold
2014-08-04 ~Health    STICK: ObamaCare...Condensed Version -- 10,535 pages condensed to 4 sentences
2014-08-01 ~Environmt Examiner: EPA officials divert millions of tax dollars to activist groups
2014-07-30 ~Environmt U.S. Senate Report: Environmental Billionaires Club and Obama's EPA
2014-07-29 ~World     NYT: Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror
2014-07-29 ~National  Examiner: Highway Trust Fund going into bike lanes?, by Mark Tapscott
2014-07-28 ~States    FCTA: Gov't Size in Maryland and Texas counties -- For comparison to Virginia
2014-07-26 ~Material  Telegraph: Barack Obama has already checked out of his job
2014-07-25 ~State-TX  WT: To fix America, copy Texas ... which not just survived, but thrived.
2014-07-25 ~National  Examiner: Dodd-Frank at war with itself, by Hester Peirce
2014-07-25 ~Material  The Other McCain: Evan Sayet Explains How Liberals 'Think' (Video 2:47)
2014-07-24 ~States    Heartland: Retiree Healthcare Tops Unfunded Pensions as Fiscal Threat
2014-07-23 ~National  Heritage: 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity -- Change over last 10 years
2014-07-22 ~Potpourri WaPo: Don't send your kids to Ivy League Schools!
2014-07-22 ~Potpourri Infowars: How Matt Drudge Changed the World
2014-07-22 ~Environmt CFACT: How should global warming be taught?
2014-07-20 ~World     Weekly Standard: All The News Hamas Sees Fit to Print
2014-07-19 ~National  Ars Technica: Feds have old IP addresses, full credit card numbers
2014-07-18 ~Potpourri 
2014-07-17 ~Material  Examiner: Has the Right lost its will to fight?
2014-07-17 ~Environmt CFACT: The sun has gone quiet
2014-07-17 ~Environmt WSJ: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax
2014-07-16 ~Potpourri Examiner: The things Obama likes to say in just about every speech, in 76 seconds
2014-07-15 ~Health    Mosaic: Why do we have blood types?, by Carl Zimmer
2014-07-14 ~National  WT: Editing out an enlightened history of America
2014-07-14 ~Environmt Telegraph: People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity
2014-07-11 ~National  WND: Catholic Church Raising Money for Illegals
2014-07-10 ~National  Guardian: The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control
2014-07-10 ~National  ABC News: Police Face Severe Shortage of Recruits
2014-07-09 ~Environmt CFACT: Science recommends climate model re-start
2014-07-08 ~Environmt Examiner: Convicted felon designed EPA's playbook for faking science, Ron Arnold
2014-07-07 ~National  Epoch Times: Money for Nothing, by Valentin Schmid
2014-07-05 ~Environmt Daily Mail: Antarctic sea ice hits new record high -- Computer models "confounded"
2014-07-03 ~National  WaPo: Why we stuck with Maliki -- and lost Iraq
2014-07-02 ~World     WT: Finding a patsy in Benghazi, by Kenneth R. Timmerman
2014-06-xx ~Potpourri First Things: The Good of Government, by Roger Scruton
2014-06-28 ~Potpourri ZeroHedge: Warning - Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: "This Won't End Pretty"
2014-06-28 ~National  Epoch Times: Is the Fed Unconstitutional?, by Valentin Schmid
2014-06-27 ~Potpourri WT: An obituary for the Tea Party
2014-06-26 ~National  NR Online: All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants
2014-06-26 ~Environmt DailyTech: Microsoft's New Fuel Cell Partner is Ready to Blow Away the Bloom Box
2014-06-25 ~Environmt Video: Global Warming is a Hoax (4:44) -- Lenar Whitney, GOP Louisiana candidate
2014-06-23 ~National  WT OpEd: Free speech on the guillotine
2014-06-23 ~Environmt Examiner: Supreme Court limits EPA on some greenhouse gas emissions rules
2014-06-21 ~Health    Epoch Times: A New Understanding of the Cause of Cancer, by James Grundvig
2014-06-21 ~Health    TIME: Ending the War on Fat, by Bryan Walsh
2014-06-21 ~Environmt Telegraph: The scandal of fiddled global warming data
2014-06-14 ~National  American Thinker: Obama's Children's Crusade, by James Lewis
2014-06-10 ~State-CA  WaPo: California Court Rejects Teachers Union Tenure
2014-06-06 ~World     Telegraph: Vodafone says governments use secret cables to tap phones
2014-06-06 ~Potpourri JWR: The monotony of thought in the modern university, by Victor Davis Hanson
2014-06-05 ~National  AmRen.com: FAA Changes Hiring Practices for Air Traffic Controllers -- "Diversity"
2014-06-01 ~State-CA  City Journal: Lawmakers Gone Wild, by Victor Davis Hanson
2014-06-01 ~National  Telegraph: Bowe Bergdahl: a darker story behind the release of America's last POW
2014-05-xx ~National  YG Netwk: Conservative Reforms for Limited Gov't, Thriving Middle Class
2014-05-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Worldview that Makes the Underclass, by Anthony Daniels
2014-05-31 ~Environmt CFACT: John Holdren in his own (radical) words
2014-05-30 ~Material  Examiner: Dinesh D'Souza's America warns Hillary Clinton will "finish off" country
2014-05-30 ~Health    Telegraph: Bicycle helmets are useless, says brain surgeon
2014-05-30 ~Environmt Examiner: Seven things to know about the coming EPA power-plant rule
2014-05-29 ~State-OK  ACT: American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) now in Oklahoma
2014-05-29 ~Potpourri Examiner: Why even Reagan couldn't be Reagan today, by Michael Barone
2014-05-29 ~Environmt Chamber: Power plant rules will cost economy $50 billion annually
2014-05-27 ~Potpourri Examiner: A historian who understood why big business wanted regulation
2014-05-27 ~Environmt Examiner: The Myth of the Climate Change '97%'
2014-05-26 ~World     Euroskeptics Win Big in the UK and on the Continent -- Globalism support way down
2014-05-26 ~Environmt WT: Retired officers to profit after Pentagon's alarmist climate change report
2014-05-24 ~National  Examiner: Export-Import Bank costs taxpayers $2 billion a decade, by Tim Carney
2014-05-20 ~World     Gatestone Inst: A Month of Islam in Britain
2014-05-20 ~National  WT OpEd: The academic recession: Big bucks, little knowledge
2014-05-19 ~National  The Atlantic: The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage
2014-05-18 ~National  WT: Feds press banks to cut off gun retailers -- 'Operation Choke Point'
2014-05-18 ~National  WT: Corporations hoard cash away from high U.S. taxes
2014-05-16 ~Environmt dcnfenergy: Scientists respond to Obama's National Climate Assessment
2014-05-15 ~Material  WT: Leftward, ho: Obama unlikely to stop portside push
2014-05-15 ~Environmt Examiner: A look behind the curtain hiding Tom Steyer's fortune
2014-05-14 ~State-PA  Watchdog.org: PA cops can search your car without warrant -- State Supreme Court
2014-05-14 ~Material  WT: Who's afraid of the USA?
2014-05-13 ~National  House Floor: Trey Gowdy gets a standing ovation - 'We Make Law!' -- video (5:28)
2014-05-13 ~Environmt Examiner: Mainstream media don't know Big Green has deeper pockets than Big Oil
2014-05-12 ~Potpourri Defense One: What the Most Secure Email in the Universe Would Look Like
2014-05-12 ~National  Heritage: IRS Tries to Silence Political Speech Again, with New Regulations
2014-05-08 ~National  WT: Obama's attack on the independence of inspectors general
2014-05-07 ~Environmt CFACT: National climate embarrassment
2014-05-05 ~National  WT: Margaret Sanger, racist eugenicist extraordinaire, by Arina Grossu
2014-05-03 ~Health    Book: Missing Microbes: How Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues
2014-04-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Sagebrush Rebellion Redivivus, by William Perry Pendley
2014-04-30 ~State-AR  WT: The Arkansas Obamacare bailout -- the so-called "private option"
2014-04-29 ~World     WT: U.K. politician arrested for quoting Churchill's criticism of Islam
2014-04-28 ~National  Examiner: Education spending skyrockets while student achievement stays stagnant
2014-04-28 ~National  Examiner: Out of touch With America: Are unions obsolete? -- 5-part series
2014-04-28 ~Health    WSJ: A Doctor's Declaration of Independence
2014-04-25 ~Environmt CFACT: Local communities face onslaught from self-anointed planners
2014-04-24 ~States    MarketWatch: Most and least expensive states to live in the U.S.
2014-04-24 ~National  Examiner: Will demographics doom the GOP -- video (24:41)
2014-04-23 ~National  CFACT: Secure property rights: Hold government to the law
2014-04-23 ~National  TIME: The Drinking Age Is Past Its Prime, by Camille Paglia
2014-04-21 ~National  WT: A better way to help the dangerously mentally ill
2014-04-20 ~Potpourri Quarks To Quasars: Will MOND replace the "dark matter" theory?, by Joshua Filmer
2014-04-16 ~Health    WSJ: More People Pick Elimination Diets to Discover Food Sensitivities
2014-04-15 ~State-UT  Heartland: Utah Has Nation's Best Economic Outlook, New York Worst (VA ranks #11.)
2014-04-15 ~Environmt CFACT: Agenda 21? What is Agenda 21?
2014-04-14 ~National  A Libertarian song for the tax filing blues
2014-04-12 ~World     The Economist: The slumps that shaped modern finance
2014-04-12 ~National  Examiner: K Street loses a loyal ally in Kathleen Sebelius
2014-04-10 ~National  WT: RINOs head to FL while Conservatives meet in NH
2014-04-10 ~National  WSJ: Ali: Here's What I Would Have Said at Brandeis
2014-04-10 ~Environmt WT: How Chevron fought back against fraud (Also see related article.)
2014-04-07 ~Potpourri Chris Dixon: The decline of the mobile web (Reversing this 2011 prediction.)
2014-04-06 ~Potpourri WaPo: Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming -- researchers
2014-04-06 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Not dead yet: Dutch, British gov'ts pay to keep Windows XP alive
2014-04-05 ~Health    NY Post: America rejoice! Being fat may actually make you healthier
2014-04-04 ~National  WSJ: The Unemployment Puzzle: Where Have All the Workers Gone?
2014-04-02 ~State-NC  NR: N.C. State Board Finds More than 35K Incidents of 'Double Voting' in 2012
2014-04-01 ~Potpourri WT: An Anxious Age: Post-Protestant Ethic and Spirit of America -- Book review
2014-04-01 ~Health    CBS: Study - Vegetarians Less Healthy, Lower Quality Of Life Than Meat-Eaters
2014-03-31 ~Environmt Pruden: Flatulent cows and the global warming hysteria
2014-03-30 ~Environmt James Lovelock: environmentalism has become a religion
2014-03-25 ~National  OpenMarket: How Obamacare Victims Can Escape the "Liberty Tax"
2014-03-25 ~Environmt Examiner: Supreme Court says regulatory law is whatever EPA says it means, today
2014-03-24 ~National  Free Beacon: Obama to Kill Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile Programs
2014-03-22 ~National  WaPo: Sinkhole of bureaucracy -- OPM in Pennsylvania limestone mine.
2014-03-19 ~States    Watchdog.org: States still use unrealistic pension assumptions
2014-03-12 ~Environmt Free Beacon: Radicals Creating the New Federal Dietary Guidelines
2014-03-10 ~World     WT: Separating violent Islam from its peaceful twin won't be easy
2014-03-06 ~Potpourri Peter Schiff: What Needs to Happen to Bring Production Back to the US
2014-03-05 ~World     MarketWatch: Breakfast in America - Bacon, eggs, coffee and a gun (Looks yummy!)
2014-03-05 ~Potpourri The Week: Why American internet so slow? (Also Protest-1, Protest-2, Your speed?)
2014-03-03 ~National  Dennis Prager: The Bigger the Government... the smaller the citizen. (Video 5:17)
2014-03-03 ~National  Examiner: Paul Ryan releases new report criticizing the federal safety net
2014-02-27 ~State-PA  PA Independent: PA Auditor General Warns of Pension Woe
2014-02-25 ~National  Free Beacon: Pentagon Contractors Exploring Business with Iran
2014-02-25 ~National  Free Beacon: End of American Military Dominance
2014-02-24 ~Potpourri BW: The Unlikely Tale of How ARM Came to Rule the World
2014-02-24 ~National  Ars Technica: DOD aims to scrap A-10 to keep F-35 alive in new budget
2014-02-21 ~National  CNS News: Universities in FCC Newsroom Probe Have Close Ties to Soros
2014-02-21 ~Environmt JWR: The myth of 'settled science', by Charles Krauthammer
2014-02-19 ~State-TX  Breitbart: O'Keefe Busts Illegal Voter Scheme to 'Turn Texas Blue'
2014-02-19 ~Potpourri 
2014-02-19 ~National  WT: Part 1 - Troops must use inferior rifle; Part 2 - Army cover-up?
2014-02-19 ~National  Examiner: UAW loss in Chattanooga a repudiation of 1930s unionism
2014-02-19 ~Material  Infowars: The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack
2014-02-18 ~Environmt BW: U.S. Government Never Saw This Winter Coming
2014-02-17 ~World     Frontpage Mag: How Al Qaeda Is Winning the War on Terror
2014-02-14 ~Material  Infowars: U.S. Army Builds 'Fake City' in Virginia to Practice Military Occupation
2014-02-12 ~World     Reporters w/o Borders: 2014 World Press Freedom Index - Country Rankings
2014-02-11 ~World     Codevilla: Lessons From Switzerland's immigration referendum
2014-02-10 ~National  WSJ: The FCC Wades Into the Newsroom
2014-02-09 ~National  USMC Times: Marine Corps Times first casualty in HQ's war to "professionalize"
2014-02-07 ~Potpourri Breitbart: WaPo laments that Democrat groups have no one like the Kochs
2014-02-07 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: GOP arms itself for next "war" in analytics arms race
2014-02-07 ~Health    JWR: The health-care myths we live by, by Charles Krauthammer
2014-02-06 ~State-AR  WT: Model Arkansas way of expanding Medicaid at risk
2014-02-06 ~Material  MEDIAite: GOP, Dems Clash - 'Coincidence' Multiple Agencies Targeted Republican
2014-02-06 ~Environmt CFACT to EPA: Proposed power plant regs nothing less than industrial sabotage
2014-02-02 ~Material  FCTA: Chesterfield County Schools Better, Cheaper than Fairfax?, Charles McAndrew
2014-01-xx ~National  Limbaugh: The "Common Core" Debacle
2014-01-29 ~World     Telegraph: World risks deflationary shock as BRICS puncture credit bubbles
2014-01-28 ~States    Examiner: Tax cuts are big for states languishing in economic doldrums
2014-01-28 ~National  WaPo: The diminishing returns of a college education, by Kathleen Parker
2014-01-28 ~Material  Buchanan: How the GOP Lost Middle America
2014-01-23 ~National  BW: Spy vs Spy, the inside story of Tor.
2014-01-23 ~National  Frank Wolf's letter to Speaker Boehner urging Benghazi action
2014-01-21 ~Potpourri Snopes: How to Create a Social State -- 8 levels of control; Saul Alinsky?
2014-01-17 ~Health    Examiner: A conservative case for universal coverage
2014-01-16 ~Health    AMAC: What ObamaCare is Really About
2014-01-09 ~Potpourri Reason: Dumbest New Ban in 2014 -- Incandescent Light Bulbs
2014-01-07 ~Environmt Weekly Standard: What Catastrophe? -- MIT's Lindzen, unalarmed climate scientist
2013-12-29 ~World     Bechor: The End of the Christians in the Muslim World
2013-12-29 ~States    FT: US public finance - Day of reckoning
2013-12-28 ~Environmt CFACT: Global warming expedition remains trapped in ice
2013-12-27 ~Material  Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues
2013-12-26 ~Material  The Federalist: A Tale of Two Millennials - Pajama Boy and Me
2013-12-23 ~Environmt CFACT files amicus brief with Supreme Court
2013-12-19 ~Health    AMAC: ObamaCare's New Year's Day Surprise: Deep Cuts to Medicare
2013-12-13 ~National  Brookings: Income Taxes in Your County -- An interactive map
2013-12-12 ~World     BBC: Australia high court overturns ACT gay marriage law
2013-12-12 ~National  Gallup: Americans Cite Gov't, Economy, Healthcare as Top Problems
2013-12-09 ~National  Bob Lonsberry: Two Americas -- Essay
2013-12-09 ~National  JW: U.S. Gov't Purges Law Enforcement Training Material Muslims Deem 'Offensive'
2013-12-08 ~States    Fox News: Teachers complain about Common Core-linked lessons
2013-12-06 ~National  AMAC: ObamaCare's Next Legal Challenge
2013-12-06 ~National  AMAC: Americans 'Dismayed' By the Country's Left Turn
2013-12-05 ~Environmt NY Post: Global-warming 'proof' is evaporating
2013-12-04 ~Health    Reuters: Dementia epidemic looms
2013-12-03 ~State-IL  Reuters: Illinois lawmakers pass long-awaited pension reform
2013-11-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: The Case for Repealing Dodd-Frank, by Peter J. Wallison
2013-11-28 ~Environmt 
2013-11-26 ~National  Limbaugh: Conversation with David Horowitz -- Conservatives: Fight fire with fire.
2013-11-26 ~National  Brookings: Property Taxes in Your County -- An interactive map
2013-11-20 ~Material  
2013-11-20 ~Material  Obamacare costs and impact -- Tom Cranmer to Arthur Purves
2013-11-15 ~Potpourri WSJ: The World of English Freedoms -- by Daniel Hannan
2013-10-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Budget Battles and Growth of the Administrative State, by John Marini
2013-10-29 ~Environmt Examiner: LEED certification doesn't guarantee energy efficiency
2013-10-24 ~Material  Examiner: Charles Krauthammer diagnoses Obama's policies and psyche
2013-10-23 ~Health    Minn Post: Another call to end the war against saturated fat, by Susan Perry
2013-10-15 ~Health    HBR: India's Secret to Low-Cost Health Care, by V. Govindarajan  R. Ramamurti
2013-10-14 ~Potpourri Hannah Arendt on How Bureaucracy Fuels Violence, by Maria Popova
2013-10-01 ~National  Epoch Times: Federal Reserve Bank Privately Owned, by Heide B. Malhotra
2013-09-30 ~Environmt Examiner: Green group hides environmental ratings of buildings it certifies
2013-09-24 ~National  Herman Cain: Yes, there's a Republican plan to replace ObamaCare, including HR2300
2013-09-04 ~National  Are You a Patriot or a Comrade?, by Krayton Kerns, DVM
2013-09-03 ~Environmt Telegraph: If you still believe in 'climate change' read this, by James Delingpole
2013-08-13 ~National  WAR is BORING: F-35 - The World's Worst New Warplane, by David Axe
2013-07-12 ~Environmt RARE photo of a falcon nesting in a tree
2013-05-29 ~State-IN  Indiana: $5 million returned to public schools from voucher program
2013-04-16 ~Potpourri 
2013-04-09 ~National  Pithocrates.com: Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate  Recessions 1950-Present
2013-03-24 ~National  The Hill: Senate Votes to Stop US from Joining UN Arms Treaty
2013-03-20 ~Environmt Examiner: Climate hustlers destroying our civilization for a lie
2013-03-11 ~Potpourri Video: Paper is not dead -- Emma.... (0:38)
2013-02-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Calvin Coolidge and the Moral Case for Economy, by Amity Shlaes
2013-02-20 ~Health    TIME: Bitter Pill - Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us, by Steven Brill
2013-01-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Man, Sex, God, and Yale, by Nathan Harden
2013-01-31 ~Potpourri Video: The Girls on Fox News (4:17 min)
2013-01-05 ~Material  Mychal Massie: Why I Do Not Like The Obamas -- by a well-known black journalist
2012-12-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Time to Give Up or Time to Fight On?, by Larry P. Arnn
2012-12-12 ~Environmt Video-404: The Great Global Warming Swindle (76 min, but Google took down)
2012-12-11 ~National  NR: An Embarrassing Metric Disappears -- "How Money Walks" tax migration data
2012-11-27 ~Potpourri Video: Best Conservative Speech of 2012 (Bill Whittle) (15:30 min)
2012-10-29 ~Material  PolitiZoid: The Great Pretender (Video 1:35 min)
2012-10-25 ~National  Video: Jihad in America: The Grand Deception (70 min) -- plus IBD review
2012-10-13 ~National  FCTA: Entitlement Spending Leading to Bankruptcy
2012-09-xx ~States    Governing: Are Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) Useless?
2012-07-28 ~Potpourri NYT: Is Algebra Necessary?, by Andrew Hacker
2012-06-02 ~Potpourri Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren profited by flipping homes, by Jerry Kronenberg
2012-05-14 ~States    Latest studies show growing pension peril
2012-05-01 ~States    Galen Inst: Why states should not expand Medicaid, by Turner & Roy
2012-04-10 ~Environmt CFACT: Astronauts and scientists tell NASA: Stop global warming advocacy
2011-xx-xx ~Potpourri Iron Spider: Tables vs. Tableless Web Design, by Robert Darrell
2011-12-xx ~Potpourri Book: The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power
2011-11-xx ~Potpourri The Conservative Tree House discusses Liberalism vs Conservatism
2011-11-02 ~State-RI  Mn Free Mkt Inst: Suspend Pension COLAs? The Rhode Island Plan, by John LaPlante
2011-10-21 ~States    Forbes: The Red State in Your Future, by Merrill Matthews
2011-05-19 ~Potpourri MIT Tech Review: Why Mobile Apps Will Soon be Dead, by Christopher Mims
2011-05-13 ~Potpourri Limbaugh: Origins of the EIB Theme Song -- Transcript
2011-01-24 ~National  Examiner: Who Controls the Democratic Party? -- Lawyers, Unions, Greens, Insiders
2010-xx-xx ~National  Chuckhawks: M4, M16 (AR) - A National Disgrace?
2010-12-20 ~Health    HealthMatters: Health Care Systems - Four Basic Models
2010-12-10 ~Potpourri Dear Abby, My husband has a long record of money problems. -- Lost in DC
2010-10-22 ~Environmt American Spectator: Thank heavens for Bob Carter, by V醕lav Klaus
2010-08-20 ~Potpourri Video: When You're Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail (3:09 min)
2010-05-13 ~State-MO  Ozarks Sentinal: Missouri has NO illegal aliens -- Editorial, by Nita Jane Ayres
2010-01-29 ~Potpourri Cenedella: Leonardo da Vinci's Resume
2010-01-14 ~States    Heritage: Expanding Medicaid - The Real Costs to the States, by Ed Haislmaier
2009-12-24 ~Potpourri OLD FART PRIDE... It's just getting harder to find them.
2009-11-16 ~Potpourri NPR: Predicting The Next Credit Crisis, by Joshua Kosman
2009-11-11 ~National  Thurmont Statement -- We are for freedom, they are for coercion.
2009-08-17 ~National  Canada Free Press: First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants??, by Dr. Paul L. Williams
2009-04-15 ~National  Cause of Action: White House to review all agency FOIA requests -- Executive order
2008-07-14 ~National  Digital Journal: AP Endorses 'Accountability Journalism', by Susan Duclos
2008-04-21 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: Why Microsoft Software Sucks and Apple's Doesn't - Parts 1, 2, & 3
2008-04-08 ~Potpourri Universe Today: A Case of MOND Over Dark Matter, by Nancy Atkinson
2008-03-17 ~National  American Thinker: The Lawyers' Party, by Bruce Walker
2007-06-27 ~Health    Discovery Health: How can nicotine be good for me?, by Jacob Silverman
2007-04-xx ~Potpourri GFOA: A New Vision for Public Sector Audit Committees, by Stephen J. Gauthier
2005-xx-xx ~National  DiscoverTheNetworks.org: The Cloward-Piven Strategy, by Richard Poe
2005-02-22 ~Health    URMC: When the Brain, Not the Ears, Goes Hard of Hearing
2005-01-12 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
2004-11-21 ~World     Israel Science  Tech: All European Life Died In Auschwitz, by S.V. Rodriguez
2004-05-17 ~Potpourri Bill Cosby's "Pound Cake" Speech -- Video (3:41)
2003-10-03 ~National  Snopes: How to Destroy America, by former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm
2003-06-03 ~Potpourri Scheme to compress genomic codon triplets into readable ASCII text, by David Swink
2002-11-26 ~Potpourri WaPo: My Heart on the Line, by Frank Schaeffer
1996-01-24 ~Potpourri KC Star: Urgent Prayer for America, by Pastor Joe Wright
1995-10-xx ~National  Guns&Ammo: Battle of Athens, TN - the 1946 Rebellion Against Local Gov't
1995-05-30 ~Potpourri Aish.com: Moe Berg - Baseball Player and WWII Spy
1991-05-22 ~National  Muslim Brotherhood: An Explanatory Memorandum On General Strategic Goal In America
1990-xx-xx ~National  The Practice of Ritual Defamation, by Laird Wilcox
1985-09-xx ~National  IMPRIMUS: Who Killed Excellence?, by Samuel Blumenfeld
1965-03-xx ~National  DOL: The Negro Family - The Case for National Action, by Daniel Patrick Moynihan
1964-10-27 ~National  Video: "A Time for Choosing", by Ronald Reagan (29:32); read the full text
1957-xx-xx ~Potpourri Ayn Rand: "This is John Galt speaking"
1957-xx-xx ~Potpourri Ayn Rand: Francisco's Money Speech
1949-11-04 ~Potpourri NY Daily News: Ode to the Welfare State
1939-xx-xx ~Health    Nasty, Brutish and Short?, a summary version of Dr Weston A Price's famous work.
1939-xx-xx ~Health    Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, the classic work of Dr. Weston A. Price
1850-xx-xx ~Potpourri The Law -- Frederic Bastiat analyzes government proclivities versus human nature
.Not Dated ~Potpourri Wikipedia: The Curta calculator -- created in a Nazi death camp
.Not Dated ~Potpourri Skeptics Annotated Bible... Quran... Book of Mormon -- Accurate original material
.Not Dated ~Potpourri History Lesson: Liberals vs Conservatives Joke
.Not Dated ~Potpourri Why Grandpa carries a gun!
.Not Dated ~Potpourri Online Music Oldies, by FCTA's David Swink
.Not Dated ~Misc      Jokes-n-Quotes, by FCTA's David Swink
.Not Dated ~Environmt Dr. Roy Spencer: My Global Warming Skepticism, for Dummies

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