Fairfax County Issues

Fairfax County Issues

Minutes, Board Of Supervisors (BOS) Meetings, 2000-Present

Tax and Budget Issues
Issues that affect the wallets of Fairfax County taxpayers are posted here.

Pension Issues
Pension underfunding is a serious problem in all states and localities. Pension problems of Fairfax County employees and the Fairfax County Public School system are explored here. (Pension issues beyond Fairfax County are discussed under Virginia or Other States as applicable.)

Public Schools
Fairfax County Public Schools issues are discussed here, including education quality and costs to the taxpayer. Note that roughly half of the county budget goes to the schools, so this is an important segment of Fairfax County.

Transportation Issues
This should a major subject which would include light rail. But the roads we all use are likely to be competing indefinitely with Dulles Rail for funding in Fairfax County.

Dulles Rail Issues
Issues regarding the financial black hole known as Dulles Rail (aka Metro's Silver Line) are discussed. (The Feds and Virginia have capped their financial obligations to this monstrosity, but Fairfax County residents are on the hook forever.)

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