Racist Democrats Dismantling Thomas Jefferson H.S.

Racist Democrats Dismantling Thomas Jefferson H.S.

-- by "Happy Person", contributor to FCTA, 10/04/2020

As if Democrats' burning, looting, assaulting, and killing people across America in organized riots, and releasing criminals and defunding police nationwide was not enough, here in Fairfax County the Democrats are now attempting to dismantle the prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) by lowering academic standards and forcing race-based quotas through lottery picks.

No longer is excellence, hard work, investment, and merit rewarded that attracts the best, brightest, and those motivated to attend and succeed at the prestigious school. Instead the racist school system is now targeting Asians and Caucasians in their latest scheme, and deliberately discriminating against them by decreasing their enrollments to make up for decades of Democrat control and failures.

The Fairfax County Public Schools is run by Democrat School Board members and activist educators, who have been in charge of the school system and county for decades, where they have already spent tens of millions of dollars on programs and policies to try to improve the education of minorities. Yet their solution to their continued failures is to deflect attention from themselves, and instead blame Asians and Caucasians. To avoid scrutiny of themselves, they have no problem unfairly and unjustly penalizing and discriminating against Asians and Caucasians with their blatant racist bigotry and discrimination.

The school system and school board is not alone, as they claim the mandates are coming from the Democrat Virginia Governor Northham (who was caught lampooning Blacks by wearing Blackface) and the Virginia Department of Education Secretary, who state they will withhold education funds.

Out of nowhere this summer, without parent or much public notification and involvement, the Virginia Department of Education and the Fairfax County Public School system started rushing with unfounded urgency to lower academic standards and force race based quotas on the TJHSST school's enrollment, which traditionally had been based on merit and hard-working talented kids that attracted the best and made the school a perennially top-10 National academic school and success.

How will the public be well served when the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology drops out of its annual enjoyment of being ranked in the top-10 schools in America and then eventually falls out of the top-100 due to lowering enrollment standards and implementing racist and unjust enrollment schemes?

The Democrat Con is to Blame Other Races for their Decades of Failure

Democrats have been in charge of the school system and county in Fairfax for decades. If other minorities have failed or been mis-served under decades of Democrat policies and control who is to blame? Yet there is no public outrage to demand the scrutiny and elimination of the existing Democrat programs and policies that caused these so-called failures. Instead they demand more programs and policies and more wasting of public education funds, and then attack and dismantle anything that remains and may be working successfully (like the TJHSST, whose top notch graduates are sought after in colleges nationwide).

In their quest to deflect from their decades of failures running the local government, Democrats try to blame other races (Asians and Caucasians) to try to hold onto the loyalty of Blacks and Latinos voters, and in the process, Democrats expose who the real racists are.

Racist Democrats Can't Find Courage Rename Themselves

Those who know history are not surprised, as it was the Democrat party that supported slavery, started the Civil War, supported the KKK, lynched minorities, imposed Jim Crow, and fought against segregation until the 1960s. Yet during the recent manufactured outrage and demanding of renaming of schools named after Virginia soldiers who defended their homeland (i.e., JEB Stuart and R.E. Lee High Schools), members of the Democrat Party deliberately remain silent and hide from their own racist history, which they still proudly associate with to this day. Why aren't Democrat Party members demanding to rename and disassociate from their own racist party -- especially since it would not cost the public tax payer a cent?

And why aren't they demanding that schools teach that the Democrat Party has been the worst perpetrators of racism, discrimination, violence, terrorism, and genocide of minorities in American history (including against Indians, Women, Blacks, Japanese Americans, Irish, Italians, Jews, Catholics, and Latinos)?

The public schools should teach and mandate long lessons on the horrible history of the Democrat Party and their racist and oppressive human rights abuses over the centuries in America, as they are the worst offenders. But Democrats are not only hypocrites, they are racist hypocrites.

The Democrat Party is Filled with Racists, Bigots, and Ignoramuses

It's not just Fairfax County School Board trying to dismantle Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, it's the Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, the Virginia Department of Education's Secretary Atif Qarni, Fairfax School Superintendent Brabrand, and the School's Principal Ann Bonitatibus. They are all working together to dismantle and destroy anything that makes America better, including the public schools.

Their stated goal is to water down the TJHSST student body to make it mirror the demographics of our County (including underachievers) instead of allowing those of merit lead the way and lift all of our futures. Their push for "Social Justice" and "Equity" are just deceptive tactics to impose classic Marxism and redistribution of wealth based on Government Mandates. It will cause much failure just like all other Marxist programs tried in history. The recent actions in Venezuela has shown that although Free Markets and Capitalism are not perfect, Marxism is catastrophic far worst. But facts and historical truth are ignored, and manipulated feelings of "social justice" and "equity" has invaded the school system, whose board couldn't care less about the imposed destruction and harm it imposes.

Unqualified Racist TJ School Principal is Against America's Founding

The School Principal of TJHSST (Ann Bonitatibus) recently displayed her bigotry, disdain, and ignorance by demanding that the school's mascot be changed from the Colonials (under the false belief that the US was founded on slavery and ruled by oppressive Colonies). But in fact, the US was founded in 1776 when the 13 colonies broke away from the British monarchy because it had engaged in a long series of abuses and tyranny against colonists, which are all listed in the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson (who promoted the revolutionary idea that all men were created equal, which started the civil rights movement that took centuries to evolve and improve).

In addition, having won the daring fight against their powerful oppressors, those same Colonials became the founding Patriots of our nation, who established the US Constitution that set the wheels in motion for a nation governed by rules for the people, by the people, and with the most equal protection of essential rights under the law in world history. It also set in motion our current status of nation with the most diversity, most economically mobile, most freedom from human rights abuses, and the most prosperous ever in history.

Furthermore, the school principal is bigoted by denying and hiding the fact that thousands of "Colonial" Blacks fought for America in the Revolutionary War. The principal is simply not qualified to be an educator of young minds, and her racism against descendants of the American Revolution and her bigotry against our basic freedoms is unacceptable.

Yet, here we are in year 2020, and the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is being dismantled by Democrats who celebrate cultural Marxists and cannot build and create (but can only ruin and destroy based on a manipulation of feelings).

After the school is lowered into obscurity, nobody will mind if the Democrat-created "cancel culture" changes the name of the school itself from Thomas Jefferson to Karl Marx. Even face masks cannot hide the ugly truth anymore.

Who are the divisive racists now?

Actions to Take:

  1. Write FCPS Superintendent Brabrand ( SSBrabrand@fcps.edu) and Democrat School Board Members ( www.fcps.edu/school-board/school-board-members) to let them know that their racism and bigotry is not acceptable in the public schools, let alone Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

  2. Attend and watch the FCSB Work Session on New TJ Admissions at 6:30pm on Tuesday October 6. Hold elected officials accountable. Sign up to speak at the 7pm FCSB Meeting on Thursday October 8 (see fcps.edu for speaker signup).

  3. Attend and speak at the Public Hearing at 6pm on Wednesday October 7, where the school board wants to waste more tax money to Rename Mosby Woods Elementary School (while holding onto their racist Democrat Party name). Sign up to speak at fcps.edu and cancel the "cancel culture". (Note that John Mosby was an inspiring Confederate Ranger, who later became a Civil Rights crusader against racist and violent Democrats after the Civil War and worked for the US Justice Department).

  4. Vote on Tuesday November 3 to remove all Democrats from public office everywhere, as if your life depends on it.