Environment and Energy Issues

Environment and Energy Issues

In normal times, environment and energy would be separate issues. But the Left has taken over environmental groups, and the Left hates capitalism and wishes to hinder it by restricting the energy that is capitalism's lifeblood. Thus this page will combine the faux environmental concerns and energy issues which are frequently topical merely because of objections made by so-called environmentalists. (Here's all you need to know regarding "climate change".)

2020-08-09: CFACT: The staggering human costs of "renewable" energy, by Paul Driessen
Just one electric car or backup-power battery weighs 1,000 pounds and requires extracting and processing some 500,000 pounds of various ores. The true environmental and human costs of "green" energy are staggering. But American "environmentalists" eschew mining for the required minerals in the U.S., in favor of "dirty mining" elsewhere in the world, often using child labor.

2020-07-09: ZeroHedge: 2020: A Rough Year For Greta?, via 21st Century Wire
The tea leaves are beginning to turn out. This may well be the year in which the climate change movement begins to go off the rails. Greta Thunberg is beginning to realize how she has been manipulated.

2020-07-01: WT: Ex-alarmist disputes climate narrative in new book, by Valerie Richardson
Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger's "Apocalypse Never" represents a rarity, a major release by a prestigious publisher that refutes widely repeated environmental talking points; accuses climate activists of misleading the public, and contends that policy solutions such as green energy are making matters worse. He argues that renewables are worse than fossil fuels, requiring more land, more materials, more mining, more metals, more waste.

2020-05-23: Epoch Times: Net-Zero Emissions Plans for Economy Are 'Madness', by A. McDonnell
Green New Deal-style plans to decarbonize economies by 2050 are "madness" and their effects on an economy would be "like the coronavirus all over again," a British engineering expert says.

2020-04-30: Breitbart: RIP Fred Singer, Godfather of Climate Skepticism, by James Delingpole
Professor S. Fred Singer -- Godfather of Climate Skepticism, Humiliator of Al Gore -- has died aged 95. Singer was a climate skeptic, not because he was funded by Big Oil, or the tobacco industry, or any of the other charges laid against him by alarmists -- but simply because he cleaved to good science.

2020-04-21: WT: Fall of oil prices threatens green energy gains, by Valerie Richardson
Climate warriors led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chuckling over the collapse of oil prices are receiving a crash course in economics from analysts who point out that cheap gas is actually the enemy of green energy.

2020-04-16: WT: Green New Deal requires 'massive increase' in mining, by Valerie Richardson
Replacing fossil fuels and nuclear power with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and electric vehicles would come at an environmental cost by driving a "massive worldwide increase" in mining. More than 70% of rare-earth elements are now mined by Chinese-controlled companies or in China, which has dismal records on environmental protection and working conditions.

2020-01-03: NYT: 'Climate Change' no longer an 'Environmental Impact' factor?, by L. Friedman
Federal agencies would no longer have to take climate change into account when they assess the environmental impacts of highways, pipelines and other major infrastructure projects, according to a Trump administration plan that would weaken the nation's benchmark environmental law.

2019-12-20: Electroverse: Iceland's Emigration Center buried under 30 feet of Snow
Located in a two-story house, the Emigration Center practically disappeared under a monster dumping of snow delivered by last week's record-breaking storm. "We've never before had snow on this scale ... Maybe this is why people emigrated to America," exclaimed director Valgeir 辭rvaldsson. This weather is in line with historically low solar activity (graphs provided).

2019-11-29: Breitbart: Global Warming, then Climate Change, now what?, by T.D. Williams, PhD
Climate change alarmists are pushing for a change in vocabulary to scare people into taking global warming more seriously, starting with terms like "global meltdown" and "climate collapse". But like Aesop's fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf ...

2019-10-25: Epoch Times: Climate Policies Sparked Chile Riots, by James Taylor
Chile earned praise from climate activists for recently imposing a carbon dioxide tax on conventional energy sources and switching the Santiago Metro system to renewable power. Now, just like France's yellow vest protests, the people of Chile are rising up and firing a shot across the bow of other nations considering similar energy taxes and expensive renewable energy programs.

2019-10-17: Epoch Times: Who Are the Climate Change Ideologues?, by Mark Hendrickson
If an "ideologue" is someone who pursues a pre-selected agenda under false pretenses, then consider the following remark of a "believer": "One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. ... [One] must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy." -- Ottmar Edenhofer, an IPCC senior official in 2010

2019-09-29: , by V. Richardson
Lost amid the coverage of Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg at last week's U.N. Global Climate Summit were the 500 international scientists, engineers and other stakeholders sounding a very different message: "There is no climate emergency."

2019-09-28: WT: Al Gore edges AOC for top Climate Hypocrite Award, by Valerie Richardson
Mr. Gore was announced Friday as the winner of the top Climate Hypocrite Award, a tongue-in-cheek "honor" presented by Sen. Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, aimed at recognizing what he described as climate-change leaders who fail to walk the talk.

2019-09-26: CFACT: The Greta plan backfired with young conservatives, by Adam Houser
Even though the Right has rejected Greta's calls for socialism, some conservatives and libertarians are already trying to justify carbon taxes and mini versions of the Green New Deal. The longer the Left has complete control of our education system, however, the less likely we'll dodge the Left's next climate power grab.

2019-09-24: On Fire', environmental false flag for radical revolution -- Book review
Naomi Klein's book "On Fire" rants about how capitalism is killing the planet and how the latter can only be saved by driving a stake through the heart of the former. Ms. Klein sees "climate change" as a handy weapon in the struggle against their pet hate -- the free market democracies. And their only hope is the most naive, impressionable and easily manipulated segment of society: School kids.

2019-09-18: Fox News: Climate doomsdays that didn't happen, by Sam Dorman
The conservative-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute has put together a lengthy compilation of apocalyptic predictions dating back decades that did not come to pass, timed as Democrat presidential candidates and climate activists refocus attention on the issue.

2019-09-10: Epoch Times: Head of World Meteorological Organization Slams Climate Extremists
Petteri Taalas, the secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), told a Finish magazine that he disagrees with doomsday climate extremists who call for radical action to prevent a purported apocalypse. So WMO is beginning to realize that the whole agenda has been hijacked by extremists and is undermining the economy and the social stability of European countries.

2019-09-09: WT: Ethanol in fuel hurts us all. Here's why., by Jerry Jung
The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is counterproductive in that more fossil fuel energy is consumed in the production of corn and soy biofuels than is produced. Plus 60 million acres are not producing food, so the increase in commodity prices caused Brazil to burn its rain forests and out-compete U.S. farmers in corn and soy production.

2019-08-26: WT: Annual Amazon farmland burn sets records for international outrage
Every year, farmers in the Amazon set fires to clear agricultural land during the dry season starting in August, but this year may be a record-setter, not for the number of fires, but for the global outrage. French President Emmanuel Macron said the blazes represented an "international crisis". But climate scientist Roy Spencer had another term for the fires: "normal agriculture".

2019-06-18: WT: Without mining there is no 'Green Revolution', by Stephen Moore & Ann Bridges
Today, the United States is 90 percent dependent on China and Russia for many vital "rare earth minerals" -- required to make renewable energy feasable. But we have plenty of these minerals in the U.S. It's just that so-called "environmentalists" have made it economically prohibitive to extract them. They can't have it both ways.

2019-06-09: WT: Bloomberg pledges $500M to shut down coal plants, block natural gas
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has pledged to spend $500 million to shut down coal-fired plants by 2030 -- and prevent natural gas from replacing it -- in part by bankrolling candidates who support his climate change agenda.

2019-06-08: WT: Climate change to bring '25 Holocausts' - and other stupid leftisms
Climate change, as the Natural Resources Defense Council has written, "is getting unprecedented attention from the growing field of 2020 presidential candidates" -- which means the empty-headed bobble bouncers of the left's echo chamber have ample opportunity to prove how very sheeplike they can be in their thinking. We may have found a winner.

2019-06-07: Daily Caller: NPS quietly removes 'Glaciers-Gone-By-2020' signs, by M. Bastasch
The National Park Service (NPS) quietly removed a visitor center sign saying the glaciers at Glacier National Park would disappear by 2020 due to climate change. Blogger Roger Roots was able to compare the signs to film and photographs he had taken on previous visits, and noticed some back-peddling by NPS in its doomsday declarations.

2019-06-04: Epoch Times: What Goes Up Must Come Down, by John A. Parmentola, Ph.D. Physicist
We know that weather-temperature goes up and then comes down. This is our sun at work. The last ice age ended about 14,000 years ago, so based upon existing scientific data, we may have about another 10,000 years or so of relatively warm climate to reach a peak and then head down over a period of about 75,000 years.

2019-05-19: JoNova: Australia votes, Climate action bombs, Pollsters crash.
Against all the polls, the money, advertising, and the non-stop media coverage, against all expectations and the betting agencies -- the Extreme Climate Fix was a flop. The Labor Plan to cut Australian emissions by 45% percent is now gone. Labor was tipped to win decisively in every poll. So people told pollsters one thing, then voted the other way. Bullying works in public, but people vote alone.

2019-05-13: Video: The History and Future of Climate Change, by Peter Temple (5:31)
Climate change periodicity is driven by solar activity and earth's position relative to the other planets. Mr. Temple shows earth's alternate warming and cooling periods over the last 4,000 years resembling a sine wave, that the current Modern Warm Period has peaked, and that we're heading into a cold and dry period.

2019-04-26: CFACT: Batteries cannot make renewables reliable, by David Wojick
Utilities are starting to experiment with adding batteries to wind and solar projects. These storage projects are feeding the mistaken belief that batteries can cure the intermittency that makes wind and solar unworkable as a reliable source of power. The reality is that the cost of battery based reliability would actually be stupendous, far more than we could ever afford.

2019-04-24: CFACT: NYC goes stone-age Green, by Craig Rucker
First the Greens starved NYC for power by blocking natural gas and scheduling nuclear power for shutdown. Now they're saddling, what is perhaps the world's greatest city, with a host of destructive environmental / climate policies guaranteed to do real damage and no meaningful good.

2019-04-19: Epoch Times: Climate Change Confusion: What Are We to Think?, by William Gairdner
The climate wars are an international disgrace. For a half-century, the public has suffered a bombardment of disputed facts about "anthropogenic global warming" (AGW), that it's hard for anyone concerned about our beautiful planet to know what to think. So I decided to look into the situation for myself.

2019-03-09: , by Ilene Eng
As the human population increases, the food industry is challenged with keeping up with the demand for more fruit, vegetables, and meat. It is possible to produce more with the same amount of land, nutrients, and water by just adding more CO2 into an environment. CO2 is described as a miracle molecule that is the key to saving the world.

2019-03-03: WT: Va. bill nixes Bloomberg funds to pay for climate lawyers, by V. Richardson
Virginia has become the first state to crack down on billionaire Michael Bloomberg's effort to embed within the attorney general's office privately funded lawyers dedicated to pursuing climate change litigation.

2019-02-28: CFACT: Giant solar has Virginia in uproar, by Bonner Cohen
If being "green" means "nature friendly", solar is anything but. Big industrial solar farms, like one currently being proposed by sPower Company off the I-95 corridor in Northern Virginia, are notorious for not only chewing up large tracts of open spaces but also threatening area wildlife.

2019-02-27: CFACT: My Testimony to Congress on Green New Deal, by Marc Morano
"Global warming" is merely the latest environmental scare with the same solutions of wealth redistribution and central planning. The "Green New Deal" has very little to do with the environment or climate. In summary, the Green New Deal has to be opposed, exposed and defeated. We must challenge the economics, ideology and science claims of this deal.

2019-02-27: Daily Caller: Biggest City to go 100% Renewable Now Regrets -- Green New Deal?!
Georgetown, Texas officials are lashing out at critics of its costly plan for 100 percent renewable electricity. Green energy contracts have cost the Texas city $30 million in three years, providing a cautionary tale for Green New Deal supporters.

2019-02-13: Epoch Times: Educational Malpractice on a Massive Scale, by Mark Hendrickson
My colleagues and I have lamented that the students coming into our college classrooms have had increasingly poor writing skills over the past few decades. One reason for this is that students are being taught climate-change hokum instead of the basic skills that would serve them so well in their adult careers. Education should teach youngsters how to think rather than indoctrinate them into what to think.

2019-02-07: Daily Caller: Dems' "Green New Deal" cracks up WSJ's Strassel, by Virginia Kruta
The Wall Street Journal's Kimberley Strassel was not impressed by the rollout of the proposed Green New Deal -- in fact, she argued Thursday that "if a bunch of GOPers plotted to forge a fake Democrat bill showing how bonkers the party is, they could not have done a better job."

2019-02-01: Epoch Times: There's a Better Way to 'Go Green', Georgetown, by Richard Trzupek
It appears that the wheels are coming off in Georgetown, Texas, the dream home of U.S. environmentalists. Georgetown's electric costs have reportedly risen alarmingly over the past four years as the mayor struggled to make his green dreams come true.

2019-01-25: CFACT: Carbon tax economists profoundly ignorant and/or cynical, by Mark Mathis
Sometimes smart people can be astonishingly ignorant, or just being self-serving and political. A bipartisan group of Nobel Prize-winning economists, former Federal Reserve chairs and top economic advisers to recent presidents has endorsed a carbon tax. Their reasons for supporting the tax demonstrate a profound obliviousness to energy reality.

2018-12-21: Daily Caller: Carbon Taxes Being Voted Down Everywhere, by John Kartch
A carbon tax is both bad policy and bad politics. As a simultaneous tax and spending hike, carbon taxes raise the cost of living and hit lower-income workers and small businesses hard. They give the government more control over private decisions. This issue highlights the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

2018-12-02: WT: Virginia taxpayers, ratepayers to get scammed with offshore wind power
Virginia's lawmakers recently approved a project to construct wind turbines 27 miles off the coast of Norfolk, to begin operation by the end of 2020. Virginians will pay 78 cents/Kwh for "wind farm" energy vs the 3 cents/Kwh wholesale price for coal, gas, hydroelectric, or nuclear electricity in the Commonwealth.

2018-11-30: AMAC: The Truth About the New Climate Report, by Cal Thomas
The latest prophecy of doom and planetary extinction comes from a government report authored by people appointed during the Obama administration. This report, and others before it, concluded that Earth is warming, humans are responsible, and that we have only 10 years to fix it.

2018-11-16: The Federalist: Misguided Environmentalism To Blame For California's Wildfires
The saddest part about these fires in California is that they are self inflicted. Californians should not allow such mismanagement to continue.

2018-09-05: WT: Good Intentions Gone Wrong - Congress' Renewable Fuels (RFS) Mistake
In 2005 and again in 2007, the U.S. Congress passed the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), dictating that up to 10% of the fuel you pump into your car be made from corn ethanol. It has turned out to be bad for the environment, increased food costs, and become a sacred cow that politicians feel intimidated to repeal. Here are 21 articles regarding RFS from all over the political spectrum.

Virginia has committed itself to an energy future that eventually will rely upon solar energy for some 25% of its electric generating capacity. While a portion of that capacity will be installed on rooftops and other urban/sububurban locations, most of it will take the form of vast solar farms consuming thousands of acres in the countryside.

2018-08-08: CFACT: Finally! Some fuel economy common sense, by Paul Driessen
The EPA and Department of Transportation have proposed to freeze fuel economy standards at the existing 2020 target of 37 mpg, which would save car and light truck buyers tens of billions of dollars over the next decade -- and save families hundreds of billions in burial, hospital, disability and related costs. But Greens are apoplectic over a rule change that would have no climate or other benefits.

2018-07-04: WT: South Africans claim leadership in 'clean coal' drive, by Geoff Hill
Experiments at Johannesburg's leading university suggest that South Africa is taking the lead in achieving the dream of clean coal rather than just capturing the smoke and emissions.

2018-06-28: JWR: Thirty years of 'global warming' panic, by Cal Thomas
On the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the "global warming" panic, it's time to acknowledge that the predicted rapid warming isn't happening. Climate researchers and policymakers should adopt the more modest forecasts that are consistent with observed temperatures. But that isn't about to happen, because, as with immigration reform, most politicians prefer the issue to the solution.

2018-06-22: IER: Failed Prognostications of Climate Alarm, by Rob Bradley
It has been 30 years since the alarm bell was sounded for manmade global warming caused by modern industrial society. And predictions made on that day -- and ever since -- continue to be falsified in the real world.

2018-06-11: CFACT: Freeze, reduce or eliminate CAF?fuel standards, by Paul Driessen
The federal government's Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard, better known by its acronym CAF? has morphed from "outlived its usefulness" to "counterproductive". President Obama's war on energy was a wrong-headed mistake. It's time to make the CAF?fuel standards broader and more realistic or, better yet, end them all together.

2018-06-07: CFACT: Banning plastic packaging hurts more than it helps, by Jason Hopkins
Bans on plastic tend to tend to do more harm to the environment than the so-called evils they intend to stop. The costs and energy needed to replace convenient plastic products outweigh any benefits.

2018-05-31: CFACT: Boneta settles $2 million lawsuit against Green realtors, by Bonner Cohen
After a decade of litigation involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees, Virginia farmer Martha Boneta has reached a settlement in her $2 million lawsuit against a husband-and-wife team of realtors whom she accused of colluding with an environmental group to drive her off her land.

2018-05-18: , by Paul Driessen
Across the globe, genetically engineered (GE) crops face opposition from environmental and organic food activists, who claim the crops harm the environment and endanger human health. How factual are their claims? The evidence strongly supports GE over organic crops.

2018-05-16: IBD: We just had two years of record-breaking global cooling!
Inconvenient Science: NASA data show that global temperatures dropped sharply over the past two years. Not that you'd know it, since that wasn't deemed news. Does that make NASA a global warming denier? -- Source: Real Clear Markets

2018-05-08: The Hill: Virginia regulators imperil energy infrastructure, by Bonner Cohen
The shenanigans [by environmental regulators] in Virginia will be closely watched elsewhere in the country, where opponents of pipelines or other energy projects will be tempted to copy-cat the arbitrary moves of the Virginia State Water Board.

2018-04-08: CFACT: Swamp's lynch mob out to get EPA's Scott Pruitt, by Bonner Cohen
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is under attack. For years EPA has been the poster child for bureaucratic overreach. Reform is underway and those who created the problem don't like it one bit.

2018-03-26: Breitbart: 40 New Scientific Papers - No Global Warming!, by James Delingpole
Conclusion: 20th century warming is perfectly normal in a long-term historical context. It was no warmer -- indeed, is slightly cooler -- than either the Roman Warm Period or the Medieval Warming Period. And these warming periods were global, not local, as alarmists like to claim to support their scaremongering thesis.

2018-02-20: Breitbart: NOAA caught adjusting Big Freeze out of existence, by James Delingpole
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has yet again been caught exaggerating 'global warming' by fiddling with the raw temperature data. This time, that data concerns the recent record-breaking cold across the northeastern U.S. which NOAA is trying to erase from history.

2018-01-12: CFACT: Climate skeptics have valid reasons to question manmade warming
Many people are actively worried about global warming. And it frustrates them that skeptics and "deniers" refuse to acknowledge the "science" of such an urgent, manmade problem. But there may be valid reasons to dispute the theory that man is responsible for climate change.

2018-01-10: Utilitydive.com: Will Virginia join Carbon Cap-n-Trade Scam?, by Robert Walton
As part of a joint legislative agenda proposed yesterday by Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Governor-elect Ralph Northam, Virginia could become the first southern state to put a cap on carbon emissions by formally joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. If the proposal goes through, Virginians can expect much higher electric utility rates -- all to appease the Global Warming crowd.

2017-12-28: WT: Global warming films flop at box office in 2017, by Christian Todd
"Hollywood is finding out that the climate scare continues to be nothing more than a big yawn for the public. Lecturing the public on climate change is boring, and ticket receipts prove this." -- Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot.

2017-12-15: The Federalist: Trump to Remove 'Climate Change' as National Security Threat
The Trump administration will reverse course from previous Obama administration policy, eliminating climate change from a list of national security threats. The draft of the National Security Strategy emphasizes national security and economic growth over climate change.

2017-12-06: Breitbart: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise, by James Delingpole
The raw (unadjusted) data from three Indian Ocean gauges showed that local sea level trends in the last 140 years had been very gently rising, neutral or negative (ie sea levels had fallen). But after the evidence had been adjusted by Alarmist tidal records gatekeepers, it suddenly showed a sharp and dramatic rise.

2017-12-06: Daily Caller: President Trump Kicks Off Rollback of National Monument Abuse
By significantly reducing the size of two gargantuan national monuments on federal land in Utah, President Donald Trump has begun to undo the decades-old mistreatment of rural Westerners by smug elites in faraway Washington.

2017-11-10: CFACT: Skeptic conference outshines UN COP 23, by David Wojick
The 2-day, science intensive Climate and Energy Conference sponsored by CFACT and EIKE stands in wonderful contrast to the glib, quick hit side events that surround the Bonn COP. There is no science in the COP shop talks. It is all about money and how to get it faster by accelerating the Paris Plan. Or it is about how things are not going fast enough.

2017-10-30: WT: Burying 'sue and settle' at EPA, by Ed Feulner
Under Obama's "sue and settle" practice, the EPA would invite environmentalists to sue the EPA over a regulation that it wanted to change but couldn't, at least not expeditiously. Then instead of fighting the lawsuit, the EPA would then almost immediately surrender, agreeing to settle on terms made by those environmentalists. Scott Pruitt has put a stop to this practice.

2017-10-11: WT: Unplugging the Obama power scheme -- Editorial
President Trump's EPA has rescinded Obama's 2015 order Clean Power Plan, meant to "save the environment". But global warming models have proved to be greatly flawed, and the President is simply rescuing energy users from the unjustified high costs of Obama's "war on coal".

2017-09-19: Breitbart: Alarmists admit global warming models are broken, by James Delingpole
Climate skeptics have been saying for years that the IPCC climate models have been running "too hot". Now a landmark paper, published in Nature Geoscience, finally admits that the computer models have overstated the impact of carbon dioxide on climate and that the planet is warming more slowly than predicted.

2017-09-17: CFACT: Common-sense finally comes to Western fire policies, by Paul Driessen
"These are not 'natural' fires of environmentalist lore ... Endless layers of laws, regulations, judicial decrees, and guidelines for Interior and Forest Service lands have meant that most Western forests have been managed like our 109 million acres of designated wilderness: They are hardly managed at all." President Trump promises to change that.

2017-09-17: Breitbart: Environmentalists biggest threat to environment, by James Delingpole
Nothing has been more destructive to our natural resources than the Green movement. President Trump could reverse this tragedy by owning the environmental agenda and reminding Americans that it is conservatives -- not shrill greenies with their soap issues and their obsession with the non-existent issue of climate change -- who are best at conserving the natural world.

2017-09-12: WT: Coming ice age can be thwarted, by S. Fred Singer
While global warming is scientifically a non-issue, global cooling in the near future presents serious problems for humanity, causing agriculture to fail and most of the world's population to starve. But geoengineering can be applied against climate cooling effectively and at relatively low cost.

2017-08-13: CFACT: Life in fossil-fuel-free utopia, by Paul Driessen
Life without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish, and short. Without fossil fuels, we couldn't mine the needed ores, process and smelt them, build and operate foundries, factories, refineries, or cement kilns, or manufacture and assemble turbines and panels. We couldn't even make machinery to put in factories.

2017-08-07: WT: Men's sperm count drops dramatic 52 percent, by Renee Garfinkel
Sperm counts among men in Western countries have more than halved in the last 40 years. The fact that we don't know what is causing the declining sperm count is worrisome, and should spur support for further research.

2017-08-07: WT: The high cost of unreliable power, by Benjamin Zycher
There is the heavy-metal pollution created by the production process for wind turbines, and the large problem of solar panel waste. And the intermittent nature of renewables requires costly backup systems. But these policies are forcing the shutdown of large numbers of reliable baseload power plants producing inexpensive conventional electricity.

2017-08-01: FCTA: Tom Cranmer nixes ethanol in gasoline at EPA hearing
In a 3-minute oral comment at an EPA hearing in Washington, DC, FCTA's Tom Cranmer makes the case that ethanol use in gasoline makes no scientific or economic sense, and that the only real justification is to drive up corn and soybean prices as a subsidy for farmers and provide votes for congressmen in farm states.

2017-07-31: Daily Caller: Australian Bureau of Meteorology caught erasing cold temperatures
Australian scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) ordered a review of temperature recording instruments after the government agency was caught tampering with temperature logs in several locations. BOM adjustments have changed Aussie temperature records from a slight cooling trend to one of "dramatic warming" over the past century.

2017-07-16: WT: Anti-frackers exploited for Russia's gain, by Dan Boylan
Russia suspected of using Bermuda shell company to fund American anti-energy [useful idiot] groups, as it benefits by keeping prices on its major exports high. "If you connect the dots, it is clear that Russia is funding U.S. environmental groups in an effort to suppress our domestic oil and gas industry, specifically hydraulic fracking." -- Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas)

2017-07-02: CFACT: The monumental environmental impacts of going 'Green', by Paul Driessen
Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy would inflict major land, wildlife, resource damage.

2017-06-04: Fx Free Citizen: 31,487 U.S. Scientists Reject Global Warming Hoax, by J. Moseley
A growing list of 31,487 U.S. scientists (and counting) has signed a petition strongly rejecting as unproven the hypothesis of man-made global warming or climate change. These signers include four NASA astronauts, at least two Nobel Prize winning physicists, 9,029 Ph.D.s and some of the nation's top climatologists.

2017-06-03: Examiner: Green religion - justification by climate faith alone -- Editorial
Listen closely to the cant and jargon of modern environmentalism, and in the empty invocations of "science", you are witnessing the rites of a religious faith. If the screams after President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement seemed overwrought, it's because Trump hadn't merely adopted a policy the other side disagreed with; he'd committed a secular, liberal, sacrilege.

2017-06-01: WT: Trump rescues U.S. from Obama's Paris climate accord, by Ben Wolfgang
President Trump's America-first mantra steamrolled over the objections of lawmakers, top CEOs, the Pentagon, the U.N. and even his own daughter, as he announced Thursday that he was withdrawing the U.S. from the landmark Paris climate accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions. "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris," he continued. "I promised I would exit or renegotiate any deal that doesn't serve America's interests."

2017-03-28: WT: Trump scraps 'social cost of carbon' experiment, by Ben Wolfgang
President Trump's executive order Tuesday nixes the federal government's use of the obscure "social cost of carbon" calculation, ending an Obama-era experiment that put an official price tag on greenhouse gas emissions, now at about $40 per ton of carbon. The figure was a key way for Obama administration to financially justify its ambitious global warming agenda.

2017-03-15: Climate Depot: Obama 'stashed' $77B in 'climate money'to elude budget cuts
To cut 'climate money', GOP must first find where Obama stashed it. 'Obama aides spread money across the government to elude cuts.' Goal was to make 'programs hard to disentangle'. Obama 'integrated climate programs into everything the federal government did.' -- Bloomberg News

2017-02-20: Daily Caller: Trump to dismantle Obama's 'Climate Action Plan', by M. Bastasch
President Donald Trump EPA to begin dismantling a regulation central to former President Barack Obama's plan to fight global warming, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will lift a moratorium on federal coal leasing. Trump will issue a second order soon redeclaring "Waters of the U.S." to mean "navigable", not creeks and drainage ditches.

2017-02-10: IBD: U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare -- Editorial
At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

2017-02-05: WT: Whistleblower claims NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming 'pause'
The climate change debate went nuclear Sunday over a whistleblower's explosive allegation that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association manipulated data to advance a political agenda by hiding the 1998-2013 global warming "pause", in a June 2015 NOAA "pausebuster" report hastily put together in time for the U.N.'s Paris summit.

2017-01-16: WT: Trump and the Rough Rider's conservation ethos, by Jeff Goodson
Teddy Roosevelt's philosophy of rational conservation of America's natural resources prevailed until the 1970s, when so-called environmentalists insisted that American resources should be locked away from the people. Like Teddy Roosevelt, the Donald would unlock America's natural resources.

2016-12-28: Real Climate Science: All U.S. Warming Due To NOAA Data Tampering, by Tony Heller
NOAA claims U.S. temperatures rose 1.5癋 since the 19th century. But it creates the warming trend by altering past data downward. NOAA's raw data shows no warming over the past century. The adjustments correlate almost perfectly with atmospheric CO2. So NOAA is adjusting the data to match global warming theory. This is known as PBEM (Policy Based Evidence Making.)

2016-11-xx: CFACT: 2016 State of the Climate Report, by Marc Morano
Presented to the United Nations Climate Conference in Morocco on November 2016: CO2 is not the tail that wags the dog. CO2 is a trace essential gas, but without it life on earth would be impossible. ... Global temperatures have been virtually flat for about 18 years. ...

2016-11-17: CFACT: Corporate rent-seeking on climate in Morocco, by Adam Houser
Climate politics already redistributes hundreds of billions of dollars through grants, subsidies, set asides, mandates and prohibitions. Developing nations are anxious to get their hands climate cash, but they are amateurs compared to crony capitalists.

2016-11-11: NYT: Trump's Climate Contrarian Takes On the E.P.A., by Henry Fountain
Myron Ebell, who directs environmental and energy policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, revels in taking on the scientific consensus on global warming, will be President-elect Donald Trump's lead agent in choosing personnel and setting the direction of the federal agencies that address climate change and environmental policy more broadly.

2016-10-04: WT: EU approves Paris climate deal; threshold reached, by Valerie Richardson
With the addition of the 28 European Union nations, the U.N.-sponsored climate pact cleared the hurdle of 55 countries representing 55 percent of global emissions required for the accord to enter into effect. The accord could start to come into force on Nov. 7 -- one day before the presidential election in the U.S.

2016-09-29: CFACT: Support grows for right-to-farm, by Bonner Cohen
While Green zealots work to grab control of every aspect of farming, farmers are finally pushing back. A number of states have passed "right to farm" laws that allow their farmers to carry out their business without overly burdensome bureaucratic oversight.

2016-09-25: Examiner: Obama's global warming legacy on trial, by John Siciliano
Obama's Clean Power Plan goes to court on Tuesday, where it will face challenges from 28 states, the coal industry and more than 100 other groups. But in a broad sense, it's the opening salvo of a fierce legal battle that will decide his legacy on global warming.

2016-08-30: CFACT: EPA's illegal experiments exposed, by Steve Milloy
More than four years ago, I told the public and Congress that EPA was experimenting with air pollutants on children (as young as 10 years), seniors (as old as 80 years), and people who health is impaired with heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. The EPA's purpose was to cause harm to the study subjects so as to justify EPA's air pollution regulations.

2016-08-09: Daily Caller: Scientist Predicts 'Little Ice Age', Icy Reception by Colleagues
Professor Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University is being attacked by climate change proponents for publishing research suggesting there could be a 35-year period of low solar activity that could usher in an "ice age". In fact, Zharkova said some scientists even tried to have her research suppressed. (Standard procedure for Global Warmists.)

2016-08-07: WT: EPA corrupts an 'independent' science panel, by Steve Milloy
The Environmental Protection Agency has illegally stacked a key science advisory board with highly paid cronies -- but nothing can be done about it. Of the 26 members on EPA's "independent" science panel, 24 have received grants from EPA in an amount exceeding $220 million.

2016-07-22: CFACT: Students taught advocacy in place of science, by David R. Legates
For almost thirty years, I have taught climate science at three different universities. What I have observed is that students are increasingly being fed climate change advocacy as a surrogate for becoming climate science literate. This makes them easy targets for the climate alarmism that pervades America today.

2016-07-19: WT: U.N. pleads for climate ratification before mass 'Clexit', by V. Richardson
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged nations to attend a "special event" Thursday where they may deposit their "instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession to the Paris Agreement on climate change." His push comes amid the increasingly chilly reception for the 195-party agreement. The change of heart even has a name: "Clexit", short for "climate exit".

2016-07-05: Examiner: Cool sun may indicate coming Ice Age, by James Wanliss
For more than a decade a small cadre of scientists has provided evidence that the fears about global warming are a vastly overblown horde of hot air. The real concern, they say, is that we may be entering another ice age similar to the "Little Ice Age", which extended from the mid-16th to mid-19th centuries.

2016-06-20: WT: Greenpeace co-founder says CO2 saves Earth, by Valerie Richardson
Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace turncoat who now challenges the catastrophic climate change narrative, said in a treatise that far from endangering life on Earth, human emissions of CO2 have restored a balance to the global carbon cycle, countering a CO2 low some 18,000 years ago that threatened to extinguish all plant life.

2016-06-16: WT: GOP AGs warn global warming alarmists can be sued too, by Valerie Richardson
As suggested here, 13 Republican attorneys general warned those 17 Democrat AGs that their argument "cuts both ways". "If it is possible to minimize the risks of climate change, then the same goes for exaggeration," said Alabama AG Luther Strange in a letter. "If minimization is fraud, exaggeration is fraud."

2016-06-08: WT: EPA's favorable Roundup-cancer report goes missing, by Valerie Richardson
The EPA findings posted last month were welcome news for the herbicide industry: Glyphosate, a key ingredient in popular weed killers such as Roundup, was unlikely to cause cancer. Days later, however, the final report of the Cancer Assessment Review Committee was removed from the EPA website. It hasn't been seen since. Read also this Roundup-Autism link.

2016-06-01: Climate Depot: Portland public schools ban textbooks doubting 'global warming'
"It was a pleasure to burn." Those stark words open Ray Bradbury's classic novel, Fahrenheit 451, which portrays a world where firemen don't put out fires, they burn books. 451 degrees F is the kindling point of paper. The Portland public schools are doing their best to bring Bradbury's nightmare to life.

2016-05-27: CFACT: Former Obama Energy Chief slams EPA climate regs, by Marc Morano
In testimony before Congress, former Obama Dept of Energy Asst Secretary Charles McConnell eviscerated the President's proposed EPA Clean Power Plan regulation to fight global warming. "The Clean Power Plan (CPP) has been falsely sold as impactful environmental regulation when it is really an attempt by our primary federal environmental regulator to take over state and federal regulation of energy," he said.

2016-05-27: CFACT: Bill Nye the scientism guy, by Dr. Willie Soon and Istv醤 Mark?!--~o-->
Facts don't support his hypothesis, so he shouts louder, changes subjects, and attacks his critics.

2016-05-18: WT: Hit back on RICO suit -- letter, by FCTA's David Swink
If there were ever a group that deserved to be indicted and convicted using RICO statutes, it is the global warming cohort. The fraud and data manipulation going on there would be a lot easier to prove than any nefarious "cover-up" committed by Exxon Mobil or the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

2016-05-12: WT: Obama EPA's issues tougher methane rules, by Valerie Richardson
The Obama administration rocked the energy sector Thursday by unveiling a finalized methane standard even tougher than the one proposed last year in the name of combating global warming. Estimated cost to the industry: $530 million per year.

2016-05-08: Examiner: Greens declare war on Donald Trump, by Kyle Feldscher
So-called environmentalists have declared war on Donald Trump, who is one of the most prominent global warming doubters in modern politics, often musing on Twitter that cold spells or heavy snowstorms are proof that global warming is not real.

2016-05-03: Daily Caller: Ten years after "An Inconvenient Truth", by Michael Bastasch
Watching Algore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is sort of like going back in time. Back to a world where flip phones were cool and "Futurama" was still putting out new episodes. A world where a bitter presidential candidate was trying to rebrand himself as an environmental crusader. But have Gore's warnings, which were alarming to many in 2006, come true?

2016-05-01: , by V. Richardson
"That's the purpose of this film, to make people laugh at the ridiculous claims that have been created about global warming/climate change. Morano does this and does it well. That's the power behind this film." -- Anthony Watts of the skeptical climate website "Watts Up With That"

2016-04-17: WT: Emails show Dem-Wacko collusion against "climate deniers", by V. Richardson
Last year, a coalition of environmentalists and Democrat lawmakers petitioned Obama's DOJ to file a racketeering lawsuit against "organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change." The collection of emails sheds new light on the close working relationship between the global warming movement and Democratic lawmakers.

2016-04-14: WT: The global warming assault on free speech, by Wesley Pruden
The ultimate goal of these state attorneys general has little if anything to do with global warming or climate change. The goal is clearly to demonstrate that the government -- any government -- has the power to punish dissent and silence criticism, shut down objections and disagreement, and let the government get on, undisturbed, with whatever it wants to do.

2016-03-29: IBD: Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare
If they were honest, the climate alarmists would admit that they are not working feverishly to hold down global temperatures -- they would acknowledge that they are instead consumed with the goal of holding down capitalism and establishing a global welfare state. (Video 4:03)

2016-03-29: WT: Democrat attorneys general to police climate change dissent, by V. Richardson
Any doubts about the "science" of global warming have just been confirmed, as Democrat AG's in 16 states announced Tuesday an unprecedented campaign to pursue companies that challenge the catastrophic climate change narrative. (Aside from concerns over free speech, this indicates that alarmists are running scared.)

2016-03-29: WT: The global warming industry's RICO gambit, by Chris Horner
Lawmakers, academics and the "green" lobby demand that prosecutors use the law to extort money from legitimate businesses who oppose them, under threat of RICO investigations and prosecution. But those same RICO statutes could easily be turned on the alarmists for "knowingly deceiving on climate risk".

2016-03-26: CFACT: Varroa mites, not neonicotinoids, are killing honeybees, by Paul Driessen
Dubbed "colony collapse disorder" (CCD), the problem led to scarifying news stories about a "bee-pocalypse" and the imminent demise of modern agriculture. However, inexplicable bee colony losses had been reported in 1898, 1903, the 1960s, and 1970s ?even as far back as 940 AD in Ireland!

2016-03-21: -- Book Review
Subtitle: "The NIPCC Report on Scientific Consensus", by three distinguished scientists, Craig D. Idso, Robert M. Carter and S. Fred Singer, challenges the popular notion that science has concluded that humans are causing catastrophic climate change.

2016-03-16: Canada Free Press: Energy Poverty Around the World, by Ileana Johnson
The global warming/climate change industry has been aggressively pushing renewable energy, wind, solar, and biofuels for a long time even though the economies of various industrialized countries need much more energy than what renewables generate.

2016-03-14: Epoch Times: Climate Change -- Assessing the Risks, by Tom Harris
The probability that future global warming, if it occurs, will be dangerous is about 2 percent. Contrast this against the probability that quickly moving away from fossil fuels, coal in particular, will cause great hardship for America, a likelihood of 100 percent.

2016-02-26: Daily Caller: Scientists finally admit climate models fail, by Michael Bastasch
This is a huge admission by climate scientists and a big victory for skeptics of man-made global warming who have for years been pointing to a mismatch between climate model predictions and actual temperature observations.

2016-02-23: WT: The Obama EPA's regulatory terrorism, by Jason Johnston
EPA's mere threat that unlawful regulations might be upheld has shut down many coal-burning facilities and caused others to spend up to $10 billion on compliance. So the legality of regulation doesn't matter to Obama's EPA; the threat is sufficient to accomplish its unlawful goal.

2016-02-23: WT: Stopping Zika before it deforms millions -- Editorial
DDT had saved millions of lives before it was banned in 1962 for allegedly endangering wildlife. Nothing developed since has matched DDT's ability to eradicate pests that threaten human lives. But radical environmentalists cling to their belief that DDT holds long-term risks for all living things. Millions of humans, many not yet born, could be saved by DDT.

2016-02-10: WT: The politics behind the anti-fossil fuels campaign, by Dears Burnett
More recently, political leaders at the IPCC have honestly admitted the push to limit carbon-dioxide emissions is not about protecting human health or the environment; it's about giving governments control over the world's economy.

2016-02-09: WT: Supreme Court halts Obama carbon emissions rule, by Stephen Dinan
The 5-4 decision by the court puts the EPA's regulation on hold while a lower appeals court hears states' challenge to the rules. The Supreme Court's stay likely pushes the big decisions beyond Mr. Obama's tenure and straight into this year's presidential election.

2016-02-04: WT: The profits of doom -- Editorial
Americans share the cost of the president's global-warming scheme, but not his obsession. The people just aren't that into Al Gore and his scam.

2016-02-03: Daily Caller: GOP Question EPA's Appointing Of Advisors Getting Gov't Grants
Republican lawmakers are worried Obama's EPA is compromising the integrity of its science advisory panels by appointing people who benefit from millions in federal research grants and peer-review their own work. As EPA increasingly promulgates costly regulations shutting down power plants, there's been increased scrutiny on who advises the agency.

2016-01-31: WT: Obama on federal coal mining is throwback to Jimmy Carter, by William Pendley
President Obama's plot to use the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to kill federal coal mining with a thousand paper cuts is a throwback to President Carter and a decade-long moratorium that ended only when President Reagan took office. Meanwhile millions of Americans, vast regions and the nation's economy will suffer.

2016-01-15: CFACT: White House, Greens target Atlantic fishing grounds, by Bonner Cohen
So-called environmentalists are urging the White House to use the 1906 Antiquities Act to designate a 6,000-square-mile area in the Gulf of Maine and off the coast of Massachusetts as a National Monument, and therefore off-limits to commercial fishing -- the ultimate goal of the environmental movement.

2016-01-14: Examiner: Big Oil's crony bid to tax carbon, by Ken Blackwell
Several large oil companies, including BP and Shell, have endorsed a carbon tax. But is support for a carbon tax among oil companies a sign that even they have seen the light on climate, or might there be something else happening? Bank on the latter.

2015-12-14: Climate Depot: Vegetarian Diets 'Worse' For 'Climate Change', by Shilo Rea at CMU
New research from Carnegie Mellon University, following the USDA recommendations to consume more fruits, vegetables, dairy and seafood is more harmful to the environment because those foods have relatively high resource uses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per calorie. "Eating lettuce is over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon."

2015-12-14: WT: How Obama saved the world from Global Warming, by Wesley Pruden
After COP21 and the hosannas and shouts of joy from President Obama and his like-minded friends, Paris didn't actually deliver anything. The only consequences for non-compliance would be international "shame", to be shamed by the likes of Lower Slobbovia and the Peoples Republic of Upper Corruptiana.

2015-12-12: CFACT: German scientist: Researchers fiddling with temperature data, by CFACT Ed
"In 2012, we realized that the data offered by NASA was not the same as that offered in 2010. The data had been altered. If in 2010 someone had, for instance, looked up the data for Palma de Mallorca, they would have seen a cooling of .0076 degrees. But in 2012 it suddenly showed a temperature increase of .0074 degrees. This is not a one-off."

2015-12-08: CFACT: The movie "Climate Hustle" premieres in Paris -- Video (2:37)
"Climate Hustle is a refreshing, funny yet reality-based look at Al Gore-weather-like folklore while uncovering incriminating 'global cooling' mass media footage from the 70s and the flipflop to 'global warming' just a decade later." -- reviewer Debbie Bacigalupi

2015-12-04: CFACT: Four inconvenient facts about global warming at COP, by CFACT Ed
Inconvenient fact #1: Global temperatures are lower than climate models project.
Inconvenient fact #2: Sea level is rising only 1mm to 3mm per year (and has been for generations).
Inconvenient fact #3: There were 5,000 polar bears in the 1960s; today there are over 25,000.
Inconvenient fact #4: Extreme weather is historically normal (eq - Medieval Warming Period & Little Ice Age).

2015-11-25: WT: Spanish 'Solyndra' on verge of bankruptcy, by Ben Wolfgang
Abengoa is a Spanish company that was another of President Obama's personally picked green energy projects, and it's now on the verge of bankruptcy too, potentially saddling taxpayers with a multibillion-dollar tab and fueling the notion that the administration repeatedly gambles on losers in the energy sector.

2015-11-19: CFACT: Warming radicals blind to science and history, by Kelvin Kemm
The "Medieval Warm Period" (1100-1300), the "Little Ice Age" (1350-1850), and the role of the sun are ignored by extreme Greenies, who want an enemy to blame. That enemy is modern industry. To be able to attack industry the industrial CO2 generated globally has to be the culprit. Reason and logic have nothing to do with it.

2015-11-12: CFACT: UN Launches "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", by Bonner Cohen
The UN has been peddling "sustainable development" since its landmark conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Don't buy any of it. It's a scam that, by denying the world's poorest people access to affordable energy and other natural resources as well as the tools of modern agriculture, will perpetuate global poverty and empower unelected bureaucrats and their cronies.

2015-10-31: WUWT: NASA says Antarctica isn't losing ice mass after all!, by Anthony Watts
From the "settled science" department, former chief alarmist Jay Zwally has produced a second study that confirms his 2012 report that "Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses".

2015-10-23: CFACT: UN climate text adds an "International Tribunal of Climate Justice"
Negotiators at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany resurrected the "International Tribunal of Climate Justice" and inserted it into the text they are preparing for nations to agree to at the big UN summit in Paris in December. This is similar to the 2011 attempt at Durban, and that text was stripped when CFACT's Marc Morano blew the whistle and the media picked it up.

2015-10-23: WT: Two dozen states sue to stop EPA's Clean Power Plan, by Valerie Richardson
"The EPA's latest power grab -- disguised as a 'Clean Power Plan' -- takes already burdensome federal regulations a step further by driving up energy costs, stagnating job growth, threatening the reliability of our electric grid and treading all over the State of Texas' sovereignty." -- Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

2015-10-19: Watchdog.org: California lawmakers rank fish above people, by Steven Greenhut
In reality, there's no sense blaming plankton, smelt, trout or salmon. The problem is state and federal officials more concerned about bureaucratic and environmental priorities than people.

2015-10-16: Watchdog.org: RICO letter backfires on GMU global warmist, by Rob Nikolewski
The letter prompted critics to look into the finances of the Institute of Global Environment and Society, one of the organizations Shukla heads at George Mason. They charged the decorated Shukla with fiscal funny business, including potential double-dipping.

2015-10-13: Breitbart: Top Physicist Says Obama Wrong on Global Warming, by James Delingpole
Dr Freeman Dyson, one of the world's greatest theoretical physicists and contemporary of Einstein, says the climate models used by alarmist scientists to predict global warming are getting worse, not better. The blindness to the obvious facts, says Dyson, can be partly explained in terms of follow the money, but also a kind of collective yearning for apocalyptic doom.

2015-10-09: WT: Court halts Obama EPA's controversial water rule, by Wolfgang & Dinan
The original Clean Water Act gave EPA jurisdiction over "navigable" waters. Obama's EPA is trying to include irrigation ditches and small streams. Eighteen states protested with a lawsuit, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals put a stay on the ruling.

2015-10-04: NT News (AU): Perth engineer's discovery will change global warming debate
A mathematical discovery by Perth-based electrical engineer Dr David Evans may change everything about the global warming debate. He has found that, while the underlying physics of the climate model is correct, it had been applied incorrectly. It turns out the IPCC has over-estimated future global warming by as much as 10 times.

2015-09-30: CFACT: GMU alarmists want skeptics prosecuted under RICO, by Paul Driessen
Led by Jagadish Shukla and four associates at his George Mason University-based Institute of Global Environment and Society, NCAR researcher Kevin Trenberth and 14 little-known "climate scientists" joined in signing an astounding letter that shows how far they will go to defend their turf and cause.

2015-09-28: CFACT: The Pope, climate change, and Volkswagen, by Marita Noon
The drive to cut CO2 emissions is at the root of Volkswagen's unprecedented scandal that broke last week, resulting in the CEO's abrupt ouster. The question no one seems to be asking is: what would drive Europe's biggest auto maker to make such a costly decision, to take a risk, from which it may be impossible to recover, and tarnish the "made-in-Germany brand"?

2015-09-24: Watchdog.org: Texas prepares to take on the EPA in court over Obama's CPP
Texas will join a challenge from about 20 states that intend to take the EPA to court over the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. The rule is "based on such shaky legal ground" that it will likely get struck down, but it's crucial to get a court order that will at least temporarily suspend the CPP while the lawyers and judges thrash things out.

2015-09-21: Watchdog.org: California's drought is a man-made crisis, by Steven Greenhut
California's drought is largely a man-made crisis. It is caused by a series of policies -- some from the past, many that are ongoing -- which has prioritized environmental demands above the basic provision of water resources to the public. More than half of the state's water resources simply flow out the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean.

2015-09-21: Watchdog.org: Debate continues over cost of commuter lines, by Rob Nikolewski
"In the world of civic projects, the first budget is really just a down payment. If people knew the real cost from the start, nothing would ever be approved. The idea is to get going. Start digging a hole and make it so big, there's no alternative to coming up with the money to fill it in." -- former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown

2015-09-17: Real Science: NOAA Massively Ramps Up Their Temperature Fraud Ahead Of Paris
As of last year, NOAA didn't show much, if any August warming for almost 20 years. That didn't suit Barack Obama's agenda, so they simply changed the data to make the hiatus disappear.

2015-09-16: WT: Fun with the Green Climate Fund -- OpEd
The globalists have a problem: They want money, lots of it. And they want the prosperous nations to give it to them so they can redistribute it to poor nations. That would make the world "fair". But how can the prosperous be separated from their wealth?

2015-08-31: WT: Obama EPA's clean power fraud, by Paul Driessen
The EPA has gone rogue. States should refuse to comply with its Clean Power Plan. Elected officials, presidential candidates and citizen groups should speak out loudly, clearly and often -- and begin curbing the excessive power and representation of extreme environmentalists and bureaucrats in our government.

2015-08-31: WT: Obama's green pressure tactics exposed, by Ben Wolfgang & Stephen Dinan
The Obama administration, top climate change crusaders and governors from across the country have engaged in a highly coordinated effort to publicly sell the president's green agenda and put private pressure on opponents, according to newly released emails and other records obtained through FOIA requests.

2015-08-28: Watchdog.org: EPA fines rancher $16M over 'stock pond', by Eric Boehm
A Wyoming rancher is facing millions in fines from the federal government after the EPA determined his small pond -- technically a "stock pond" to provide better access to water for animals on his ranch -- is somehow violating the federal Clean Water Act. The rancher is taking the EPA to federal court.

2015-08-22: CFACT: Climate Crisis, Inc. has become a $1.5 trillion industry, by Paul Driessen
No warming in 18 years. So what drives the intense ideology of various industry, environment, and government groups? The answer is simple. The annual revenue of the Climate Crisis & Renewable Energy Industry has become a $1.5-trillion-a-year business! By comparison, revenue for the much-vilified Koch Industries are about $115 billion, for ExxonMobil around $365 billion.

2015-08-19: Watchdog.org: Exploiting kids to file environmental lawsuits, by Rob Nikolewski
In their battle against fossil fuels, environmental organizations have long used the courts to achieve what they can't win in the marketplace. But in an increasing number of recent lawsuits, those organizations are employing a new twist: Using kids as plaintiffs.

2015-08-19: WT: The necessity of hunting, by Theodore Roosevelt IV
Trophy seekers fund the conservation efforts that protect endangered species. Africans are following the North American model, where hunting -- including trophy hunting -- was the wellspring for our own conservation and continues to be an important source of revenue for it.

2015-08-18: Examiner: No one showed up for California's green jobs rush -- OpEd
Wealthy environmentalist Tom Steyer promised his plan to raise taxes on corporations and use the money to fund green energy projects in schools would create 11,000 new jobs each year. Three years later, the program has "created" just 1,700 jobs -- just under 600 jobs per year or roughly five percent of what was promised, at the cost of $175,000 per job.

2015-08-18: American Thinker: Obama drives down coal stocks, and Soros buys them on the cheap
We know that global warming is a gigantic scam, driven by greed and lust for power. Now, following President Obama's use of CO2 emissions as a weapon to drive major coal companies near bankruptcy, the ultimate politically connected speculator George Soros is buying up stock in major coal producers on the cheap.

2015-08-14: Examiner: With an EPA this incompetent, who needs robber-barons? -- OpEd
What would America be like without the EPA? Recently more noted for its power grabs and obsession with strangling the country's energy, there is a strong argument that this agency's role is already too great, and that its power-hungry bureaucracy outlived its usefulness several years ago.

2015-08-13: Watchdog.org: Months ago, Colorado town begged EPA to leave Gold King Mine alone
Yet the EPA was intent on ferreting out "widespread soil contamination" from historic mines, even though the town was tested five years ago and no problems were found. One geologist thinks the EPA created the mess to give itself another Superfund site to work on.

2015-08-11: WT: Regulators' fumbling of coal ash spill creates fear, confusion in N.C.
Usually it the Feds who espouse the need for strict control on alleged toxins. But North Carolina's EPA is frustrating residents with its extremely low bar on certain chemicals found in coal ash from power plants, which may or may not have anything to do with Duke Energy's waste output. Residents don't know "whom to trust or what to believe".

2015-08-04: WT: EPA talked privately with green groups on carbon cuts, by Ben Wolfgang
A Senate study, relying on emails and other records obtained during an ongoing investigation, makes clear that the EPA and top environmental groups see themselves as deeply intertwined in the push to cut carbon emissions and pursue other pieces of President Obama's broad, climate change agenda.

2015-07-28: WT: Court rules Obama must rewrite pollution rules -- affects VA, by Ben Wolfgang
President Obama's environmental agenda suffered another loss in court Tuesday when a federal appeals panel ordered the administration to rewrite rules limiting cross-state pollution. The judges said the EPA's limits on 13 states (AL, FL, GA, MD, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, TX, VA and WV) were far too strict and must be redone.

2015-07-27: Real Science: Mind-Blowing Temperature Fraud At NOAA, by Tony Heller
The measured US temperature data from USHCN shows that the US is on a long-term cooling trend. But the reported temperatures from NOAA show a strong warming trend, due to tampering of past temperature records and addition of non-existent rural data.

2015-07-22: CFACT: States sue EPA over WOTUS (Waters Of The U.S.) definition, by Ron Arnold
Twenty-nine states have filed lawsuits against the EPA for redefining the "Waters of the United States", or WOTUS, erasing "navigable" and usurping states' rights by including local seasonal streams, farm irrigation ponds, roadside ditches, and even "connective" dry lands placed under authority of the Clean Water Act.

2015-07-20: WT: Sierra Club puts almighty dollar ahead of Mother Earth, by Kelly Riddell
The Sierra Club's war on fossil fuels is "an effort that clearly benefits the very same people who are donating the money -- it's clear the Sierra Club is now just a mercenary force beholden to the highest bidder." This is illegal, and could result in loss of tax exempt status for at least a year. (Think the IRS and Lois Lerner will pursue this?)

2015-07-16: WT: States step back from lofty green energy goals, by Valerie Richardson
A half-dozen states have moved to scale back, freeze or eliminate their renewable energy standards in the past year, fueled by concerns over higher energy prices, the impact of the EPA's Clean Power Plan and the growing perception that it's time to take the training wheels off the wind and solar industries.

2015-07-12: WT: European scientists predict 'mini ice age' starting in 2030, by V Richardson
New study claims to have cracked predicting solar cycles. Says that between 2030 and 2040 solar cycles will cancel each other out. Could lead to 'Maunder minimum' effect that saw River Thames freeze over. (And from the Daily Mail)

2015-07-12: , by Alan Carlin -- Book Review by Anthony Sadar
In his new book "Environmentalism Gone Mad: How a Sierra Club Activist and Senior EPA Analyst Discovered a Radical Green Energy Fantasy," Alan Carlin explains that the EPA "reports directly to the president and thus has no independence from the executive branch like some regulatory agencies."

2015-07-06: Examiner: Junk science = garbage policy, by T Becket Adams
"The big problems we have are predatory journals and journals with very soft editorial and review standards," Folta told the Examiner. Some of these will publish "just about anything."

2015-07-05: Fx Free Citizen: Pope Francis' Encyclical on Climate Change -- from "Agenda 21"
"I have heard these words before written in the 40-chapter U.N. Agenda 21 document signed by 179 countries in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro and repeated by subsequent Rio conference participants and advocates who really want to destroy capitalism." -- Ileana Johnson, author of UN Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy

2015-06-29: WT: Supreme Court strikes down Obama power-plant regulations, by Ben Wolfgang
In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court blocked the Environmental Protection Agency's mercury and air toxics standards, charging that the administration failed to adequately consider the estimated $10 billion it would cost utilities to dramatically cut power plant pollution to comply with the measure. (And from the Examiner.)

2015-06-23: AP: Home efficiency upgrades fall short, don't pay, by Jonathan Fahey
Home efficiency measures such as installing new windows or replacing insulation deliver such a small fraction of their promised energy savings that they may not save any money over the long run, according to the surprising conclusion of a University of Chicago study.

2015-06-20: WaPo: How climate-change doubters lost a papal fight, by Faiola and Mooney
Pope Francis was about to take a major step backing the theory of human-driven global warming, and Philippe de Larminat was determined to change his mind. But five days before the April 28 summit, he received an e-mail saying there was no space left. Other scientists -- as well as the powerful Vatican bureaucrat in charge of the academy -- insisted he had no business being there.

2015-06-18: WT: Pope Francis merges with the global warming religion -- OpEd
The pope is certainly entitled to speak about anything he chooses, but on the politics of global warming -- and politics is precisely what the debate over global warming is about -- he is not likely to persuade. He dilutes his moral authority when he tries.

2015-06-04: Daily Caller: NOAA Adjusts Climate Data To Erase 15-Year Global Warming 'Hiatus'
"It's the same story all over again; the adjustments go towards cooling the past and thus increasing the slope of temperature rise. Their intent and methods are so obvious they're laughable." -- Climate expert Bob Tisdale and meteorologist Anthony Watts

2015-05-21: Watchdog.org: Green power lines hogtie poorest Texans, by Kenric Ward
"Green" power is smacking Texans with higher utility bills, but Democratic lawmakers in Austin, aided by wayward Republicans, don't care. They're stalling legislation that would reel in wind-energy costs.

2015-05-04: Daily Caller: 25 Years Of Predicting The Global Warming 'Tipping Point'

2015-04-30: Vencor Weather: The sun is now virtually blank -- no solar activity
The sun is almost completely blank. The main driver of all weather and climate, the entity which occupies 99.86% of all of the mass in our solar system, the great ball of fire in the sky has gone quiet again during what is likely to be the weakest sunspot cycle in more than a century.

2015-04-25: Telegraph: Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures
Only when the full picture is in will it be possible to see just how far the scare over global warming has been driven by manipulation of figures accepted as reliable by the politicians who shape our energy policy, and much else besides.

2015-04-23: Examiner: California's environmentalist-induced water shortage, by Chris Carson
The environmentalist movement, starting in the 1970s, did its malign work in court, alleging that any new dam construction or river diversion projects would do irreparable harm to the environment, particularly the Delta Smelt baitfish and newly-introduced salmon spawn.

2015-04-21: CFACT: The environmental insane asylum, by Alan Caruba
For the past 45 years we have all been living in the environmental "insane asylum", being told over and over again to believe things that are the equivalent of Green hallucinations. The worst part of this is that we are being victimized by people we are told to respect, from the President to the Pope. Their environmentalism is pure socialism.

2015-04-13: WT: Liberals blamed for Calif drought... Water use: 10% urban, 41% agr, 48% env
"A year ago, I was beating the drum to sound warnings on these policies, and nobody paid any attention. The reason they're not paying attention is they don't believe me. They don't believe our policy could be so breathtakingly stupid as to dump millions of gallons of precious water in the middle of a drought to adjust river water temperatures." -- U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock

2015-04-09: CFACT: Climate-shaking victory for students in West Virginia
The West Virginia Board of Education voted yesterday to put an end to months of controversy and open up teaching standards to permit students to consider both sides in the climate debate. Climate pressure groups want to limit students to only considering information which advances their narrative. Those who care about the integrity of science understand that sound science does not censor.

2015-03-31: CFACT: The tip of the climate spending iceberg, by Paul Driessen
The multi-billion-dollar agenda reflects the Obama Administration's commitment to using climate change to radically transform America. It reflects a determination to make the climate crisis industry so enormous that no one will be able to tear it down, even as computer models and disaster claims become less and less credible.

2015-03-02: WT: Judge slaps EPA for its misdeeds with FOIA -- Judge Lamberth's Opinion
A federal judge warned the EPA on Monday not to discriminate against conservative groups in how it responds to open-records requests, issuing a legal spanking to the agency that he said may have lied to the court and showed "apathy and carelessness" in carrying out the law.

2015-03-02: WJ: Objective Behind Climate Change Is Economic, Not Climatic -- UN's Figueres
"This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution." -- Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change

2015-02-23: WT: Australia's wind-power market deflates, by David W. Kreutzer
Earlier this month, Reuters reported the collapse of the wind-power market in Australia. The Liberal government there is pulling the plug on state subsidies for the renewable energy industry. Without those subsidies, investor interest evaporates. So much for the claims that wind and solar technologies are already competitive.

2015-02-19: CFACT: EPA's ozone nightmare, by Alan Caruba
Putting aside its absurd attack on carbon dioxide, declaring the most essential gas on Earth, other than oxygen, a "pollutant", the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently engaged in trying to further regulate ozone for no apparent reason other than its incessant attack on the economy.

2015-02-18: American Thinker: Bad news for warmists: Sun in 'weakest solar cycle in a century'
If temperatures actually decline as a result of an expected decrease in solar activity, at some point the game will be up, and the billions of dollars a year squandered on climate modeling that doesn't predict what happens will have to dry up.

2015-02-17: WT: Peeking behind the 'green' curtain -- corruption not confined to Oregon's Gov.
This week Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, leaves office, having resigned under the cloud of a cronyism and corruption scandal. But emails have surfaced indicating a 'green' conspiracy involving the "clean energy" industry, several other states, and the White House -- hardly a legitimate purpose of government.

2015-02-07: Telegraph: Fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever
When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records -- on which the entire panic ultimately rested -- were systematically "adjusted" to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.

2015-02-07: CFACT: Divesting people of better living standards, by Paul Driessen
"Social responsibility" activists want universities and pension funds to eliminate fossil fuel companies from their investment portfolios. The self-righteous angst against fossil fuels for the poor is arrogant, immoral, lethal, and racist. (The UN's climate Secretary Christiana Figueres was quoted as saying, "we are remaking the world economy.")

2015-02-02: WT: Russian money funds American environmental groups, by Richard Rahn
There have been allegations and suspicions that the Russians were also putting major money into American environmental organizations to assist them in their efforts to stop the expansion of U.S. gas and oil production, but not much hard evidence -- until now.

2015-01-16: Climate Depot: Scientists balk at 2014-hottest-year claims -- The pause continues
There are dueling global datasets -- surface temperature records and satellite records -- and they disagree. The satellites show an 18-year-plus global warming "standstill" and the satellite was set up to be "more accurate" than the surface records. (And they can't be manipulated.)

2014-10-06: CFACT Climate Truth File: 2014 -- A patient Global Warming Q
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) patiently provides a Q on Global Warming (aka Climate Change). For example, that 97% "consensus" represents 75 of a whole 77 anonymous scientists who responded to the survey. Read on.

2014-10-03: Examiner: WaPo hires "Republican War on Science" author to cover the environment
Former Mother Jones staffer Chris Mooney also wrote "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science - and Reality", "Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future" and "Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle Over Global Warming".

2014-09-24: Examiner: The People's March against common sense, rationality and science
Climate protestors descended upon Manhattan on Sunday to vent their frustrations about a world they don't understand. On display at the People's Climate March were ideology and idealism conspiring at the expense of common sense.

2014-09-21: Climate Depot: Socialism promoted at People's Climate March -- True GW purpose

2014-09-19: WSJ: Climate Science Is Not Settled -- by former DOE scientist Steven E. Koonin
The idea that "Climate science is settled" runs through today's popular and policy discussions. That misguided claim has distorted our public and policy debates on issues related to energy, greenhouse-gas emissions and the environment, and has inhibited the scientific and policy discussions we need to have about our climate future.

2014-09-18: CFACT: Climate Hype Exposed: Now "environment-government-industrialist complex"

2014-09-16: WUWT: Obama's Lonely Climate Summit -- world leaders are staying home
The imminent climate summit in New York is rapidly turning into an utter embarrassment for President Obama and UN Secretary General Bank Ki-Moon, in addition to becoming a bit of a punishment round for national deputy leaders.

2014-09-15: WT: Emails show 'collusion' between Obama's EPA, environmental lobby
The EPA and environmental groups are exceptionally close for a government agency and lobby groups, with a revolving door and pressure from the groups often shaping EPA's policies, according to a new report from a conservative watchdog group based on emails obtained in a yearslong battle with the agency.

2014-08-31: Daily Mail: Myth of arctic meltdown -- Ice cap has expanded for last two years.
An area twice the size of Alaska was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice after the arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in a row.

2014-08-26: Examiner: Under assault from Big Green, coal is fighting back, by Ron Arnold
Governors of Washington and Oregon are trying to support Big Green by denying Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota seaport terminals for shipping their coal to Asian markets. The biggest change in the war against coal? Coal is fighting back.

2014-08-19: CFACT: Morano (humbly) promotes CFACT's new film Climate Hustle on TV
Morano on TV humbly promotes new climate film: "We are going to have the greatest climate documentary of al-l-l-l-l- ti-i-i-ime! -- We are putting together the most comprehensive, unique, entertaining and humorous climate documentary that has ever been attempted!"

2014-08-05: Examiner: The hidden persuaders of the environmental elite, by Ron Arnold
America's environmental agenda is set by elite foundations that decide which activists get the money. And they form "affinity groups" to collude with President Obama's bureaucracy, which funnels tax dollars to Democratic advocates to enforce that agenda.

2014-08-01: Examiner: EPA officials divert millions of tax dollars to activist groups
Are tax dollars being channeled through the Environmental Protection Agency to Democratic activists working in the nonprofit sector? A comprehensive new report released Wednesday by the Republican staff of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee makes clear that the answer to that question is yes.

2014-07-30: U.S. Senate Report: Environmental Billionaires Club and Obama's EPA
The Committee on Environment and Public Works details how an elite group of left wing millionaires and billionaires, which this report refers to as the "Billionaire's Club", directs and controls the far-left environmental movement, which in turn controls major policy decisions and lobbies on behalf of the EPA.

2014-07-22: CFACT: How should global warming be taught?
The politicization of "science" in the public school system is just plain wrong, as is demonizing those who disagree or doubt the party line anywhere in society... So what should children be taught? Well, how about both sides for starters.

2014-07-17: CFACT: The sun has gone quiet
Solar cycle 24 continues to rank as one of the weakest cycles more than a century. Going back to 1755, there have been only a few solar cycles in the previous 23 that have had a lower number of sunspots during its maximum phase.

2014-07-17: WSJ: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax
Australia's Senate on Thursday voted 39-32 to repeal a politically divisive carbon emissions price that contributed to the fall from power of three Australian leaders since it was first suggested in 2007.

2014-07-14: Telegraph: People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity
... they say the issue is 'too far away to worry about', government-commissioned study finds.

2014-07-09: CFACT: Science recommends climate model re-start
An article in the June 13, 2014, issue of Science admits the computer climate models are not effective at forecasting either future or past temperatures. (Will the magazine now be banned from Costco?)

2014-07-08: Examiner: Convicted felon designed EPA's playbook for faking science, Ron Arnold
The only thing Obama's EPA protects is its royal kingdom, ruling over the American economy with the highest-cost rules in the nation's entire bureaucracy. And the promised huge benefits of EPA's rule-making were wildly overstated using a tactic invented by John Beale, a corrupt high EPA official - now a convicted and imprisoned felon.

2014-07-05: Daily Mail: Antarctic sea ice hits new record high -- Computer models "confounded"
A Nasa study revealed that ice around the southern continent covers about 2.1 million sq km more than is usual for the time of year. It was also revealed that as much as 40 per cent of temperature data used in computer models are not real thermometer readings, but "estimates" from stations no longer in operation.

2014-06-26: DailyTech: Microsoft's New Fuel Cell Partner is Ready to Blow Away the Bloom Box
Some of you may remember several years ago news about the "Bloom Box", a fuel cell technology which used natural gas instead of pure hydrogen. This article describes the new "Redox Power" competitor, and provides detailed discussion of both technologies.

2014-06-25: Video: Global Warming is a Hoax (4:44) -- Lenar Whitney, GOP Louisiana candidate
www.LenarWhitney.com Conservative for Congress Lenar Whitney denounces Global Warming as a myth, designed to give more power to the executive branch, while increasing taxes in a progressive's dream to regulate every aspect of American life from our lightbulbs to our thermostat.

2014-06-23: Examiner: Supreme Court limits EPA on some greenhouse gas emissions rules
The 5-4 ruling kept intact the EPA's option to require large polluters to use the best technology available to curb greenhouse gases. That's key because it's the cornerstone of the agency's proposed power plant emissions rules from new and existing facilities.

2014-06-21: Telegraph: The scandal of fiddled global warming data
The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record. But in recent years, NOAA's US Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) has been "adjusting" its record by replacing real temperatures with data "fabricated" by computer models.

2014-05-31: CFACT: John Holdren in his own (radical) words
Obama science advisor Dr. John Holdren actually called for the American government to "de-develop" the U.S. and "reduce" its population.

2014-05-30: Examiner: Seven things to know about the coming EPA power-plant rule
The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce Monday the first-ever carbon emissions limits on the nation's 1,600 power plants.

2014-05-29: Chamber: Power plant rules will cost economy $50 billion annually
But the mainstream media reacted predictably Wednesday to a study claiming massive costs will result from a key initiative in President Obama's global warming regulatory agenda. The study was conducted by the independent consulting firm IHS for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Energy Institute.

2014-05-27: Examiner: The Myth of the Climate Change '97%'
That hoary myth that 97 percent of all scientists believe global warming is a dangerous man-made process should have been put to rest for all time Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal. Question is: Will the mainstream media cover the House committee hearing this week on the IPCC?

2014-05-26: WT: Retired officers to profit after Pentagon's alarmist climate change report
Retired military officers deeply involved in the climate change movement -- and some in companies positioned to profit from it -- spearheaded an alarmist global warming report this month that calls on the Defense Department to ramp up spending on what it calls a man-made problem.

2014-05-16: dcnfenergy: Scientists respond to Obama's National Climate Assessment
A team of independent scientists fact checked President Obama's new national climate assessment report and issued it a failing grade. They wrote that the President's report is "a masterpiece of marketing that shows for the first time the full capabilities of the Obama Administration to spin a scientific topic as they see fit, without regard to the underlying facts."

2014-05-15: Examiner: A look behind the curtain hiding Tom Steyer's fortune
Silicon Valley billionaire Tom Steyer has generated lots of adoring coverage in the mainstream media with his promise to spend $100 million to elect Democrats who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline. It turns out that much of Steyer's wealth is the fruit of immensely profitable investments in development of Indonesian and Australian coal.

2014-05-13: Examiner: Mainstream media don't know Big Green has deeper pockets than Big Oil
As usual, conventional wisdom isn't wisdom when the mainstream media ask all the wrong questions with commensurate answers. Behemoth Big Green outstrips Big Oil in expendable revenue by orders of magnitude -- if you know how to follow the money.

2014-05-07: CFACT: National climate embarrassment
Statement by CFACT's Marc Morano on the 2014 National Climate Assessment Report

2014-04-25: CFACT: Local communities face onslaught from self-anointed planners
"Planning commissions, which have spread like wildfire over the past couple of decades and whose members are unelected, produce an endless array of schemes designed to micro-manage every aspect of commercial, residential, and recreational life. No town, no matter how small, is safe from the meddling of planners in and outside of government."

2014-04-15: CFACT: Agenda 21? What is Agenda 21?
Agenda 21 is supposedly designed to make the world "sustainable" by limiting human activities that environmental extremists believe are harming the planet. That may sound fine to many people -- until they understand what it means in practice. In order to protect the environment, Agenda 21 instructs governments to micromanage virtually all human activity -- which the governments either severely restrict, or regulate to the point that such activity can be minimalized.

2014-04-10: WT: How Chevron fought back against fraud (Also see related article.)
RICO statutes, formerly used only in criminal cases, are now being modified and applied to civil cases such as Chevron's. Racketeering now applies to the incestuous relationship between environmental groups and government officials for mutual benefit.

2014-03-31: Pruden: Flatulent cows and the global warming hysteria
It's about global warming, naturally. Everything is, if you listen to the gasbag politicians, scientists and academics on the make. Blaming cows in a crisis of such magnitude reveals stunted vision... But cows are an easy target.

2014-03-30: James Lovelock: environmentalism has become a religion
Scientist behind the Gaia hypothesis says environment movement does not pay enough attention to facts and he was too certain in the past about rising temperatures.

2014-03-25: Examiner: Supreme Court says regulatory law is whatever EPA says it means, today
On Monday, the court declined to accept an appeal from Arch Coal of the U.S. EPA's reversal of its 2007 issuance of a 2011 Clean Water Act permit for the company's Spruce Mine operation in West Virginia. By refusing to hear the appeal, the court upheld EPA's authority to change its mind on a regulatory permit decision, even though doing so inflicts substantial financial and other losses on appellants.

2014-03-12: Free Beacon: Radicals Creating the New Federal Dietary Guidelines
The federal committee crafting the 2015 "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" features radical nutritionists who favor Americans moving to "plant-based" diets, in order to "achieve sustainability in the face of climate change".

2014-02-21: JWR: The myth of 'settled science', by Charles Krauthammer
I'm neither a global warming believer nor a global warming denier. I've long believed that it cannot be good for humanity to be spewing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I also believe that those scientists who pretend to know exactly what this will cause in 20, 30 or 50 years are white-coated propagandists.

2014-02-18: BW: U.S. Government Never Saw This Winter Coming
The folks at NOAA, whose models predict Global Warming doom in our future, admit their models can't predict whether a given three-month period will be wetter, drier, hotter, or colder than average. They rate themselves close to (monkeys throwing darts would have done better).

2014-02-06: CFACT to EPA: Proposed power plant regs nothing less than industrial sabotage
CFACT testified today at EPA's hearing on proposed emissions regulations for new power plants. These regulations will make it nearly impossible to create a new coal-fired electricity plant in the United States at a time when China, India and even Germany are expanding their use of coal.

2014-01-07: Weekly Standard: What Catastrophe? -- MIT's Lindzen, unalarmed climate scientist

2013-12-28: CFACT: Global warming expedition remains trapped in ice
2013 was a big year for ice with global sea ice hitting or nearing record highs. A dramatic example caught the attention of the world, Christmas day, when a vessel hired by group of global warming scientists radioed for help after becoming trapped in ice off Antarctica.

2013-12-23: CFACT files amicus brief with Supreme Court
EPA emissions rules violate Constitution's separation of powers; they are harmful, arbitrary, capricious and fraudulent.

2013-12-05: NY Post: Global-warming 'proof' is evaporating
Michael Fumento demonstrates the fallacy of global warming "science" -- facts are stubborn things. The media have been reluctant to report the empirical evidence that contradicts Al Gore's prediction of impending doom. Atmospheric CO2 increasing, but earth has stopped warming.

The U.S. Green Building Council, the controversial nonprofit whose green building standards are mandated by 14 federal agencies, as well as 34 state governments, and in excess of 440 municipalities, is the cornerstone of a widespread taxpayer shakedown. This week, the shakedown expanded when the council began applying changes to its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, adding new categories such as climate change, human health and biodiversity.

2013-10-29: Examiner: LEED certification doesn't guarantee energy efficiency
A high rating in the prestigious LEED certification program may bear little relation to actual greenhouse gas emissions of New York office towers, according to a Washington Examiner analysis. [Update]

2013-09-30: Examiner: Green group hides environmental ratings of buildings it certifies
U.S. Green Business Council officials have taken the unusual step of concealing the identities of more than 3,000 buildings the group has certified as "green", the Washington Examiner has learned.

2013-09-03: Telegraph: If you still believe in 'climate change' read this, by James Delingpole
"Global climate alarmism has been costly to society, and it has the potential to be vastly more costly. It has also been damaging to science, as scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions." -- Dr. Richard Lindzen

2013-07-12: RARE photo of a falcon nesting in a tree

2013-03-20: Examiner: Climate hustlers destroying our civilization for a lie
Anonymous Climategate leaker "Mr. FOIA" leaked his second set of emails from Britain's disgraced Climate Research Center at the University of East Anglia. Last week, Mr. FOIA emerged for a third time, sharing with the world not only his entire batch of 220,000 encrypted emails and documents, but also, for the first time, his thoughts.

2012-12-12: Video-404: The Great Global Warming Swindle (76 min, but Google took down)
This is the authoritative documentary of the climate change issue, produced in Britain several years ago, and is required viewing in those public schools that choose to air Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". It examines the hard science and the political history of the Global Warming movement.

2012-04-10: CFACT: Astronauts and scientists tell NASA: Stop global warming advocacy
49 former NASA scientists and astronauts sent a letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden last week admonishing the agency for it's role in advocating a high degree of certainty that man-made CO2 is a major cause of climate change while neglecting empirical evidence that calls the theory into question.

2010-10-22: American Spectator: Thank heavens for Bob Carter, by V醕lav Klaus
The Australian professor deserves thanks and praise for repudiating the heretic-hunting climate orthodoxy.

.Not Dated: Dr. Roy Spencer: My Global Warming Skepticism, for Dummies
Those of us who are skeptical of mankind's influence on climate have a wide variety of views on the subject, and we can't all be right. In fact, it is really easy to be wrong. It seems like everyone has a theory of what causes climate change. But it only takes one of us to be right for the IPCC's anthropogenic global warming (AGW) house of cards to collapse. 97超级碰碰碰碰久久久久_一线完整版在线观看免费_日本三级香港三级人妇三