Shockwave For ED at Home

-- 09/17/2019 by drmartinchiropractor

BPotent shockwave therapy for ED is changing the way guys think about E.D. issues, for good. They let guys get all the benefits of WAVE therapy without ever leaving the house.

Unless you've been living under a monolithic size boulder, you've probably heard all the hype concerning Shockwave therapy, or acoustic wave therapy, for guys struggling with ED.

I must say, just hearing the confluence of the word "shock" and any phallic related terms, is concerning, to say the bare minimum. Various and sundry solutions or treatments come and go, frequently enough to rarely even raise an eyebrow anymore. The gamut runs from everything from a penis pump, all the way to spider venom injections... ouch.

But this team over at BPotent, seems to have hit a homer when it comes to an actual solution for the underlying causes and conditions, namely the blood flow issue.

There are many providers out there offering shockwave for ED to much fanfare. But what isn't so popular, quite understandably, is the price tag. Most of these providers are charging up to $5,000 for just a couple sessions. With that price, you'd have to wonder, just how much is too much?

Shockwave for ED has been around for quite a while overseas, but it's just now getting some traction in the US and Canada. Acoustic wave is rarely covered by insurance, so the market itself will undoubtedly start heading towards more efficiency, naturally inspiring competition between urologists, general practitioners and various men's health clinics. Just as Lasik was exorbitantly expensive at its eponymous debut, the market forces have softened the sticker price per eye. So too, will the shockwave for erectile dysfunction market follow suit.

Whilst these providers are stuck in the old clinical model, B-Potent Wave has changed its thinking towards a more consumer-focused approach.

It's uncomfortable and even embarrassing to have a doctor and his staff prodding around your genitals several days a week. The unspoken and touchy subject of not being able to obtain an erection becomes all too apparent in these types of scenarios. Most of these guys just want to get it over with already. If you think it's awkward when the spa masseuse trys to chat you up during your hour-long Shiatsu, imagine a loud machine ticking and aiming for your privates whilst a fully staffed medical room all sits and stares.

B-Potent, in lieu of all the aforementioned uncomfortableness, you can use at home in private. Apparently, it is less intense than some of the giant clinical machines. But BPotent allows you to trade in the hassle and embarrassment of the clinic, for a couple of private at-home sessions per week.

As a supplemental benefit, they also offer a really great line of testosterone stabilizer dietary supplements to accompany the in-home device. It's a nice way to round out the incumbent hormonal issues that ED frequently exacerbates.

All of this and they charge almost a quarter of the price as the typical clinic. You can pretty much get everything, lock stock and barrel for less than $1K. BPotent even has finance plans for $89/month for guys that don't want to shell out the full amount. You even get 50 days to make sure it's working for you, not a bad deal in my book. (As of Dec 2019, the same device can be had for under $200 elsewhere online.)

For all the hype around shockwave therapy for ED, I would be reluctant to drop enough to finance a nice ski week in the Rockies. BPotent has now made it available to anyone that can afford the even the least expensive monthly cell phone plan. With the savings, you'd have enough to finally pay off the Lasik surgery you got back in 96'.

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