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Radio, Talk
- KLIX-AM: Twin Falls, ID
live radioFox News radio: Rush, Sean, Glenn
Radio, Country Music
- KIXS-FM: Victoria, TX
live radioBroadcasts country music, 24 hours daily.
Piaf, Edith
- Tu es partout (You're Everywhere)
mp3 (2:47)
youtube (2:48)
This is the gramaphone recording featured in the movie "Saving Private Ryan", with the lyrics in French.
Keane, Dolores (English)
Marleen Dietrich (German)
- Lili Marleen
youtube (3:08)
youtube (3:06)
mp3-404 (3:02)
Sung in English with piano accompaniment
Sung in German with accordian accompaniment
Stanley, Peter
- The Golden Vanity
youtube (3:46)?/td>
Morrison, Richard
- Annie Laurie
youtube (3:01)Scottish baritone Richard Morrison sings this traditional Scottish song, accompanied by Gordon Gree on the piano.
Ferera, Frank
- Hawaiian Waltz Medley
youtube (2:49)Frank Ferera plays Hawaiian guitar, John K. Paaluhi plays guitar. Recorded for Victor in 1926.
Ferera, Frank
- Kilima Waltz
youtube (2:07)Frank Ferera plays Hawaiian guitar, John K. Paaluhi plays guitar. Recorded for Victor in 1926.
Friedland, Anatol
- Myona; Hawaiian Waltz
wav (4:07)
youtube (4:13)
Performed by the Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra. Recorded for Edison (cylinder) in 1917.
Robinson, J Russell
- [Lena from] Palesteena
youtube (2:46)Performed by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band; recorded for Victor in 1920. Lyrics (not sung here) provided by Con Conrad.
Schonberger, John and Marvin
- Whispering; Fox Trot
youtube (3:34)Performed by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. Recorded for Victor in 1920.
Bowlly, Al
- Midnight, The Stars and You
youtube (3:36)Recorded in 1934. Ray Noble and his orchestra, with Al Bowlly vocal. (This is the theme song for the John Batchelor Sunday news analysis show.)
Bowlly, Al
- Goodnight Sweetheart
mp3 (3:17)
youtube (3:21)
Orchestra accompaniment.
Axis of Awesome
- 4 Chords
youtube (5:12)This song The song that proves that all you need to be a pop star is four simple chords (I V vi IV). The audio is accompanied with a slide show of the original artists.
Cunningham, Austin
- The Girls On Fox News
youtube (4:17)Published 1/31/2013. The audio is synchronized with video clips of all the beauties appearing on Fox News.
van Riel, Nick
- Brand New Leather Jacket
youtube (4:06)Published 5/19/2012, across the Pond. Jaunty ditty about how nicely immigrants are treated in the UK.
The Pogues
- If I Should Fall from Grace with God
mp3 (2:21)
youtube (2:35)
Original recording behind the Subaru "Hockey Mom" commercial
Iris DeMent
- Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
youtube (1:56)This is the sound track from the "True Grit" 2010 movie remake
Williamson, John
- Waltzing Matilda
youtube (3:53)Australia's real national anthem. (An example of four-chord cadence.)
Dusty, Slim
- A Pub With No Beer
youtube (3:01)Sings to his own guitar accompaniment.
Donegan, Lonnie
- Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor
youtube (2:30)A 1961 piece, based on a song written by Billy Rose in 1924.
Nick Lucas
- Tip-Toe Through The Tulips
youtube (3:46)Nick Lucas performs the original 1929 version in Gold Diggers Of Broadway.
Hollywood Argyles
- Alley Opp
youtube (2:46)?/td>
Stevens, Ray
- Bagpipes: That's My Bag
youtube (3:00)?/td>
Stevens, Ray
- Harry the Hairy Ape
youtube (2:42)?/td>
Stevens, Ray
- Ahab the Arab
youtube (3:46)?/td>
Stevens, Ray
- Come to the USA
youtube (3:19)?/td>
Page, Patti
- Tennessee Waltz
youtube (2:58)?/td>
Presley, Elvis
- Blue Cristmas
mp3 (2:07)
youtube (2:07)
Presley, Elvis
- Wooden Heart / Muss I Denn
mp3 (2:03)
youtube (2:03)

Pictures of Elvis in Germany: 1958-1960
Presley, Elvis
- I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
youtube (3:04)?/td>
Presley, Elvis
- Puppet on a String
youtube (2:41)?/td>
Presley, Elvis
- Jailhouse Rock
youtube (2:23)?/td>
Everly Brothers
- All I have to do is dream
mp3-404 (2:18)
youtube (2:20)
Everly Brothers
- Wake Up, Little Suzie
mp3-404 (2:18)
youtube (1:59)
Everly Brothers
- Bye Bye Love
mp3-404 (2:18)
youtube (2:23)
Everly Brothers
- Bird Dog
mp3 (2:12)
youtube (2:16)
- Bottle of Wine
mp3 (2:11)?/td>
Berry, Chuck
- Johnny B. Goode
youtube (2:43)?/td>
Holly, Buddy
- That'll be the day
youtube (2:19)?/td>
Holly, Buddy
- Oh Boy!
youtube (2:12)?/td>
Holly, Buddy
- Peggy Sue
mp3 (2:26)
youtube (2:26)
Holly, Buddy
- Everyday
youtube (2:09)?/td>
Holly, Buddy
- Rave On
mp3 (1:48)
you-404 (1:48)
Holly, Buddy
- Maybe Baby
you-404 (3:06)?/td>
Holly, Buddy
- Think It Over
youtube (1:49)?/td>
Holly, Buddy
- Tell Me How
youtube (2:03)?/td>
- From Me To You
mp3-404 (1:55)
youtube (1:58)
- She Loves You
mp3-404 (2:14)
youtube (2:23)
- I Want To Hold Your Hand
mp3-404 (2:21)
youtube (2:23)
- Love Me Do
mp3-404 (2:24)
youtube (2:14)
- I Saw Her Standing There
mp3-403 (2:57)
youtube (2:55)
Wolfe Tones
- God Save Ireland
youtube (2:41)?/td>
Joplin, Scott
- Pineapple Rag
youtube (3:23)Recorded from a piano roll
Joplin, Scott
- The Ragtime Dance
youtube (3:38)Recorded from a piano roll
Bach, J.S.
- Air on a G string
youtube (3:26)
youtube (2:34)
Sarah Chang on violin, with piano accompaniment
Julian Lloyd Webber on cello, with piano accompaniment
Bach, J.S.
- Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
youtube (3:43)?/td>
Bach, J.S.
- Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G
youtube (9:53)Performed by Concerto Italiano
Massenet, Jules
- Meditation from Thais
youtube (4:20)Performed by Itzhak Perlman with orchestral accompaniment
Schubert, Franz
- Ave Maria
youtube (6:16)
youtube (4:38)
Barbara Bonney sings a beautiful rendition of Schubert's piece.
John McCormack sings Schubert's piece.
Schubert, Franz
- Standchen
youtube (3:25)Joseph Schmidt sings to piano accompaniment.
- Moonlight Sonata, first movement
youtube (6:02)Alfred Brendel on piano
Chopin / Rubinstein
- Waltz Op.34 No.2 in A Minor
you-404 (5:21)Artur Rubinstein on piano
Chopin / Rubinstein
- "Minute Waltz" Op.64 No.1 in D-Flat
youtube (1:53)Artur Rubinstein on piano
Chopin / Rubinstein
- Waltz Op.64 No.2 in C-Sharp Minor
youtube (3:45)Artur Rubinstein on piano
Chopin / Rubinstein
- Nocturne Op.9 No.2 in E-Flat Major
youtube (4:27)Artur Rubinstein on piano, recorded in 1965.
Chopin / Rubinstein
- Fantasie Impromptu No.66
you-404 (5:16)Artur Rubinstein on piano
- Liebestraum
youtube (4:43)Van Cliburn on piano
- Largo, from Xerxes Opera
youtube (3:02)
you-404 (5:31)
youtube (4:58)
Orchestral with Placido Domingo vocal
Piano (Yoko Misumi) with Stjepan Hauser on cello
Piano (Kazuoki Fujii) with Mariko Senju on violin
- Water Music, Air
youtube (4:39)Performed by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
- Water Music, Alla Hornpipe
youtube (4:09)Performed by Blaserensemble-Budapest Strings
Gardel, Carlos
- Por una Cabeza (Scent of a Woman) Tango
youtube (2:17)As performed at end of 'True Lies'
Etting, Ruth
- Shine On Harvest Moon
youtube (2:48)Words and music by Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth; from Ziegfeld Follies of 1931.
Etting, Ruth
- All of Me
youtube (3:10)Words and music by Seymour Simons and Gerald Marks; recorded December 1931.
DeLeath, Vaughn
- Are You Lonesome Tonight
youtube (3:06)Female vocalist; recorded in 1927 with Bob Haring and the Colonial Club Orchestra.
Jerome, M.K.
- Dream Kisses
youtube (2:59)Nat Shilkret's orchestra (The Troubadours); recorded in 1927.
Silver, Frank / Cohn, Irving
- Yes! We Have No Bananas
youtube (2:49)Bailey's Lucky Seven (Sam Lanin), voc. Irving Kaufman; recorded in 1923.
Kahal, Irving / Wheeler, Francis
- Summertime Sweethearts
youtube (3:09)OKeh Recording Orchestra (Sam Lanin); recorded in 1927.
Baur, Franklyn
- Charmaine
youtube (3:05)Recorded September 9, 1927; orchestra accompaniment.
Baur, Franklyn
- Sometime
youtube (3:06)Recorded August 13, 1925; orchestra accompaniment.
McCormack, John
- You Forgot To Remember
youtube (3:00)Recorded March 10, 1916; orchestra accompaniment.
McCormack, John
- Three O'Clock in the Morning
youtube (2:44)Orchestra accompaniment plus chimes.
McCormack, John
- Oft in the Stilly Night
youtube (3:31)
[lyrics] (1:03)
Piano accompaniment by Thomas Moore
McCormack, John
- Down by the Sally Gardens
youtube (2:42)Piano accompaniment by Thomas Moore
McCormack, John
- Off to Philadelphia
youtube (3:35)Piano accompaniment by Thomas Moore
McCormack, John
- Passing By
youtube (2:02)Piano accompaniment by Thomas Moore
McCormack, John
- So Deep The Night
youtube (2:55)Recorded May 2, 1940; orchestra accompaniment.
McCormack, John
- Drink to me only
youtube (3:23)Orchestra accompaniment.
McCormack, John
- The Minstrel Boy
youtube (2:57)Orchestra accompaniment.
McCormack, John
- Kerry Dance
you-404 (4:15)Orchestra accompaniment.
McCormack, John
- It's a Long Way To Tipperary
mp3 (3:09)
youtube (3:23)
[Das Boot] (1:16)
Marching band accompaniment. Recorded in 1914.
McCormack, John
- When You & I Were Young, Maggie
youtube (3:04)Recorded in 1925
McCormack, John
- Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
youtube (3:05)Recorded in 1934
McCormack, John
- When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
youtube (3:11)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- Poisoning Pigeons In The Park
youtube (2:16)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- The Vatican Rag
youtube (1:37)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- The [Chemical] Elements
mp3-404 (1:23)
youtube (1:24)
Lehrer, Tom
- Alma
youtube (2:58)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- When You Are Old And Gray
youtube (1:45)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- The Wiener Schnitzel Waltz
youtube (1:56)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- I Hold Your Hand In Mine
youtube (1:28)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- The Masochism Tango
youtube (3:04)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- The MLF Lullaby
youtube (1:44)?/td>
Lehrer, Tom
- Irish Ballad (rikkity tikkity tin)
youtube (2:44)?/td>
- This Land!
- Second Term

youtube (2:30)
youtube (2:12)
2004 presidential election (Bush vs Kerry)
- Before the election
- After the election
Disney's "Silly Symphonies"
- Santa's Workshop (1932)
- The Night Before Christmas
- Once Upon A Wintertime
- Flowers and Trees (1932)
- Birds in the Spring (1933)
- The China Shop (1934)
- Music Land (1935)
- Three Little Pigs

youtube (6:38)
youtube (7:07)
youtube (8:32)
youtube (7:31)
youtube (7:11)
youtube (8:28)
youtube (9:12)
youtube (8:22)
Animated classics set to great music.