Links to Tax-Related Web Sites

Links to Tax-Related Web Sites

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Virginia Government

  • Identify your state senator and delegate and send them a message
  • Commonwealth Datapoint Key information about the operations of state government. Result of legislation sponsored by Senator Walter A. Stosch, who wanted it for the public. Senator Stosch's legislation envisions ten years of data. The website is started in Nov., 2005, with three years of information.
  • Senate Finance Committee - 403 Error!
  • Rockefeller Fiscal Studies - 403 Error! The independent source for state and local government information
  • CAFRman website (Virginia has at least $10.85 billion in surpluses it is not using.)
  • - 303 Redirect! Virginia Government Web Site List
  • Virginia State Documents Depository Libraries For Northern Virginia it is the Fenwick Library at George Mason University.
  • Weldon Cooper Center (excellent source of Virginia statistics)
  • Virginia Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission
  • Review of State Spending: June 2002 Update (July 2002)
  • Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority - In Korean!
  • General Assembly Home page
  • Virginia General Assembly Bill Tracking
  • Virginia Budget
  • State Income Tax forms
  • Virginia Public Access Project
  • Search Code of Virginia
  • Virginia Association of Counties
  • Virginia General Assembly bills to raise the sales tax

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