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FCTA Keepers: Important Posts For Reference

This page contains links to what FCTA considers "keepers" -- those articles which our readers might consider "food for thought" and important for reference, regardless of date posted.

Public Edu: Epoch Times: Examining Education in the United States -- a series by Alex Newman

Fx Textbks: FCTA: 2017 approved list of Fairfax Co Schools' textbooks, by David Swink
FCTA has compiled a list of FCPS-approved textbooks, given a list provided by FCPS. The list has been reordered somewhat for readability, and ISBN numbers are hot-linked to the Amazon reference.

For Wisdom: Weekly Postings of the Conservative Montana Cow Doctor -- Krayton Kerns, DVM
"Some of you readers with liberal leanings may find my opinions sting a little. That is okay. Liberalism is a disease from which you can be cured. Trust me, I'm a doctor!"

Core Docs : 50 Core Documents for Understanding American History -- Ashbrook Center
James Madison recommended certain fundamental documents as essential reading for future citizens and statesmen, including the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist, and George Washington's Farewell Address. The Ashbrook Center's list of 50 Core American Documents is meant to fulfill those same purposes 200 years later.

2020-10-xx: Limbaugh: BLM Takeover of American Sports, and destruction by Wokeness
BLM has absolutely nothing to do with racial justice. It is out to ruin, destroy, and end sports -- because it is out to tear down the American way of life. The upper tier of the sports world's executive suites might not realize that, but the fans do. The only question is how far and how fast the paying sports audience shrinks.

2020-10-15: ZeroHedge: America Is Divided Over Class Not Race In 2020, by Charlie Kirk
The real source of division in America is today is not about race, but about class -- the "Skype-Zoom" class, which includes politicians and those who can make their living through the softer professions of the mind; and the muscular class people, which produce the physical things that allow society to function. America today is approaching Marx's phase three, where class struggle develops, ultimately leading to revolution.

2020-09-xx: IMPRIMUS: Facing Up to the China Threat, by Brian T. Kennedy
Imprimis lecture by Brian T. Kennedy, American Strategy Group

2020-08-25: Epoch Times: The Neglected Virtue of Manliness, by Jeff Minick
Being a man is tough these days. Becoming a man is even tougher, as some young men seem clueless about the meaning of manhood. There is an unbroken pedigree in the Western conception of what it means to be a man -- honor tempered by prudence, ambition tempered by compassion for the suffering and the oppressed, love restrained by delicacy and honor toward the beloved. We don't need to reinvent manliness. We need only to reclaim it.

2020-08-24: ZeroHedge: Thin Veneer of American Civilization Blown Away, by Victor D. Hanson
If we wish to know why America's veneer of civilization was so thin, and this year so easily scraped away, revealing barbarism beneath, look to a generation's architects in the university, the media, sports, corporations, and politics who long ago seeded their cultural IEDs and are now giddy they are at last going off.

2020-08-23: ZeroHedge: Ready For The "No One Could Have Known" Routine?, by Thomas Harrington
... that by shutting down life as we know it to focus obsessively on a virus mostly affecting a relatively small number of people at the end of their lives, we probably would: 1) Cause economic devastation and hence excess deaths; 2) Kill small and even medium-sized businesses; 3) Cause greatly increased 3rd-World misery and death; 4) Destroy what was attractive about urban life; 5) Force state and local governments to cut budgets; 6) Push "smart" monitoring of our lives; 7) Train a generation of snowflakes.

2020-07-xx: Limbaugh: Mail-In Voter Fraud, a Fact Check (it's become rampant)
Welcome to the big Democrat push for a national vote-by-mail system -- to "protect" voter from the coronovirus and imaginary Republican "vote suppression". Democrats are now in unison, demanding that we all vote by mail. They see it as their last hope to win in November.

2020-07-06: Epoch Times: What Parenting Style Works Best?, by Thomas Lickona
In the early 1960s, a University of California, Berkeley, psychologist named Diana Baumrind began a study: How does our parenting style affect our childrens' development of character and competence? Four categories: 1) Disengaged parents - neither demanding nor responsive; 2) Permissive parents - responsive, but undemanding; 3) Authoritarian parents - demanding, but unresponsive; 4) Authoritative parents - both demanding and responsive (the winning category).

2020-06-xx: Limbaugh: Why the Left Hates Homeschooling (no Leftist indoctrination)
With the Covid-19 lockdown threating to keep public schools closed in the fall, the Left worries that more and more parents will chose to homeschool their children, thus avoiding the lies and indoctrination now being spewed in the classroom and threatening the future of the Democrat Party.

2020-06-xx: IMPRIMUS: Four Months of Unprecedented Gov't Malfeasance, by Heather MacDonald
Imprimis lecture by Heather MacDonald, Manhattan Institute

2020-06-12: Gatestone Inst: A Brief History Of Antifa: Part I, by Soeren Kern
Antifa's stated long-term objective, both in America and abroad, is to establish a communist world order. In the United States, Antifa's immediate aim is to bring about the demise of the Trump administration. It is highly networked, well-funded and has a global presence. It has a flat organizational structure with dozens and possibly hundreds of local groups.

2020-04-24: FRC: Sex Education and LGBTQ Indoctrination in Public Schools, by Cathy Ruse
Most of us remember what sex education was like when we were in school. Admonitions to be careful, respect others, and save sex for marriage. Things are very different today. In Fairfax County, Virginia, they teach: abstinence until your next steady boyfriend or girlfriend; your right to an abortion; and transgenderism as a healthy sexual identity. In other parts of the country, things are even more perverse.

2020-03-30: Epoch Times: Celebrating the West, by William Gairdner
I have previously written how modern multicultural and globalist policies have been undermining the deep-culture distinctiveness of the West. Now I want to celebrate some of the precious gifts of our civilization, without apology. Because no matter how you look at it, from ancient times until now -- shortcomings, mistakes, and disasters notwithstanding -- our system for producing human flourishing is plainly one of the most successful ever created.

2020-03-17: Epoch Times: When Wuhan Virus Departs, World Will Be Changed, by Michael Walsh
When the Wuhan Virus finally runs its course, a whole lot of things are going to be very, very different. Casualties include: 1) the European Union; 2) Open borders; 3) dependence on China; 4) "Climate change"; 5) Globalism and "free trade"; 6) the IRS and the income tax; 7) college and professional sports; 8) mass transit; 9) animal rights; 10) rule by judges; and most of all 11) the media.

2020-02-xx: Limbaugh: The End of Elections? (if the Left has its way)
I shocked many of you recently by predicting that the left is going to try to abolish elections. It is increasingly obvious that the only thing standing between them and perpetual power -- to which they think they are entitled -- is your ability to vote against them. As such, elections will be in their crosshairs.

2020-02-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Roots of Our Partisan Divide, by Christopher Caldwell
Imprimis lecture by Christopher Caldwell, Senior Fellow, The Claremont Institute and Author, The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties.

2020-02-17: Epoch Times: Social Conservatives and Tradition, by Harley Price
Most traditional social or moral arrangements were established in the mists of antiquity, but then only at the end of an earlier, protracted period of human experimentation and adaptation. A traditionalist is one who has the sense to recognize when the experiment has succeeded, and to stop, on the principle that there is nothing more mindless -- because it is insane -- than to go on experimenting for experiment's sake.

2019-12-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Angelo Codevilla, on current politics and culture
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with Angelo Codevilla, author of "America's Ruling Class -- and the Perils of Revolution". The subtitle: "The only serious opposition to this arrogant Ruling Party is coming not from feckless Republicans but from what might be called the Country Party -- and its vision is revolutionary."

2019-12-05: WT: Second Amendment sanctuaries -- editorial
Some on the left are angry, if not apoplectic, that conservatives are turning the tables on them and co-opting one of their own tactics. If liberal "sanctuary" cities, counties and even states defiantly refuse to cooperate fully with federal immigration laws, then their objections should fall on deaf ears when other towns, cities and counties won't go along when liberal governors and Democrat-controlled legislatures enact strict gun-control measures.

2019-11-02: Video: Fairfax County plans to rename 31 schools (4:41)
JEB Stuart down, 31 to go, with names of former slaveholders or Confederate soldiers. On the WOKEing block: TJ, Madison, Fairfax, Langley, Lee, Chantilly, Hayfield, Mount Vernon HS, Lanier MS, and 21 elementary schools with innocuous names like Clermont, Fairview, Gunston, Hybla Valley, Mantua, Oak Hill, Woodlawn, Spring Hill, and Shrevewood.

2019-10-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Steve Bannon, on Trump's China strategy
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with Steve Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, whose storied history as Breitbart executive chairman, Goldman Sachs investment banker, Naval officer, producer and director, and founder of Citizens of the American Republic befits one of the most fascinating characters on the current scene.

2019-10-xx: Limbaugh: Google's Conservative Freezeout: The Chi-Com Model
Google helped the Chi-Coms develop their infamous "social credit" system, which tracks its citizens' every move and flags for denial of good services those that deviate from what it considers "normal". But now YouTube has instituted a social credit system of its own, demonizing a whole host of conservatives, almost dentical to what the Chinese are doing. And PayPal and other high-tech services have also gone malevolent in the U.S.

2019-10-17: 2019 Fairfax County core election issues, by Fred Costello-231
The current Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and wants to change the county from suburban to city. And the School Board is hell-bent on reducing the quality of education to meet the left's continuing 'woke' meme. Are you OK with that?

2019-10-15: The Destruction of Fairfax County, by Fred Costello-230

2019-10-11: DOJ: On Freedom and Morality, address by AG William Barr at Notre Dame
Our Founders never thought the main danger to the republic came from external foes. The central question was whether, over the long haul, we could handle freedom, whether the citizens in such a free society could maintain the moral discipline and virtue necessary for the survival of free institutions. (... and from the Washington Times.)

2019-09-xx: IMPRIMUS: Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution, by Myron Magnet
Imprimis lecture by Myron Magnet, Author, Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution.

2019-08-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with James O'Keefe, on Google election meddling
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, who has just produced videos exposing how Google is using its search algorithms to bias what people are allowed to see on the internet, and influence how they should vote in 2020.

2019-08-xx: IMPRIMUS: Rediscovering the Wisdom in American History, by Wilfred McClay
Imprimis lecture by Wilfred McClay, Author, Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story.

2019-08-01: Video: The Truth About 'One Fairfax' School Reboundarying (5:25), by The Rosiaks
"The notion that we would identify a child, or the neighborhood the child lives in, and target them for a boundary change based on the color of their skin or the size of their parent's bank account is a frightening prospect on legality alone. Considering the amount of legal issues this Board has, I don't understand why we're going there. We're going to consider moving or busing children based on their characteristics instead of delivering to them the services that they need where they are. That should be the role of the Board." -- sane Board member Elizabeth Schultz

2019-07-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Rep. Devin Nunes, on the Deep State aftermath
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee; as Chair while Republicans were in the majority, the California Republican Congressman exposed much of what we now know about the Deep State attempted coup.

2019-07-29: NY Post: Why are so many young men so angry?, by Maureen Callahan
It is anger, stoked to malignancy by a culture in which it's become acceptable to isolate yourself and talk, online only, to people who think and blame and rage like you do. And that way of life has somehow become almost normal.

2019-06-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Danger of the Attacks on the Electoral College, by Trent England
Imprimis lecture by Trent England, Director, Save Our States.

2019-05-19: Epoch Times: 'ThoughtCrime' Is Becoming a Reality, by Joshua Philipp
Cases are emerging in several Western countries where people are getting visits from the police to question them on their political views, and some have been arrested. Condemning state policies has become synonymous with a double standard on "intolerance", which is punishable by the state. This is precisely what George Orwell warned about in his book "1984".

2019-05-19: Epoch Times: Why Today's Journalists 'Sometimes Have To Lie To You', by Brian Cates
In 2008, many media outlets in the political news industry enthusiastically embraced the new "accountability journalism" guidelines. What did this result in? Reporters and editors gave in to to their worst impulses. They began to give free rein to their most naked biases. And it began showing up loudly and clearly in their "news coverage".

2019-05-13: Video: The History and Future of Climate Change, by Peter Temple (5:31)
Climate change periodicity is driven by solar activity and earth's position relative to the other planets. Mr. Temple shows earth's alternate warming and cooling periods over the last 4,000 years resembling a sine wave, that the current Modern Warm Period has peaked, and that we're heading into a cold and dry period.

2019-04-09: Epoch Times: You Can't Have Socialism Without State Tyranny, by Joshua Philipp
When people talk about socialized health care, free education, and other programs, they often believe these things are meant to care for society. Yet these programs can't exist without a system to enforce it -- and it's in the enforcement of these policies that socialism can't exist without tyranny.

2019-03-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Victor Davis Hanson, author: 'The Case for Trump'
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q with Victor Davis Hanson, gifted writer, brilliant military historian, classicist, scholar of ancient warfare, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and also a California farmer -- who has authored over two dozen books. His latest: The Case for Trump (Basic Books).

2019-03-xx: IMPRIMUS: Politics by Other Means: The Use and Abuse of Scandal, by John Marini
Imprimis lecture by John Marini, Author, Unmasking the Administrative State: The Crisis of American Politics in the Twenty-First Century.

2019-03-28: Epoch Times: Spygate: Inside Story Behind Plot to Take Down Trump, by Jeff Carlson
The weaponization of the intelligence community and other government agencies by the Obama administration created an environment that allowed for obstruction in the investigation into Hillary Clinton and the relentless pursuit of a manufactured collusion narrative against Trump. A willing and complicit media spread unsubstantiated leaks as facts in an effort to promote the Russia-collusion narrative.

2019-03-14: Epoch Times: Men Women, Embracing Our Differences -- Series of Articles

2019-02-xx: IMPRIMUS: Shall We Defend Our Common History?, by Roger Kimball
Imprimis lecture by Roger Kimball, Editor and Publisher, The New Criterion.

2019-02-22: Epoch Times: Progressivism and the Sensual Satisfaction of Hatred, by M Folkertsma
In the screenplay adaptation of William Bradford Huie's novel, "The Americanization of Emily", Charlie Madison tells Emily: "You know, I never realized what a sensual satisfaction grieving is for women." Following Madison's lead, we might say, "You know, I never realized what a sensual satisfaction hatred is for progressives."

2019-02-16: Epoch Times: The Emasculation of Men Is Doing Society No Favors, by Ryan Moffatt
There was a time in Western society when men were expected to adhere to a set of heroic values -- to protect, provide, and lead. This was the measure of a man. Such attributes gave each man something to aim for. But in this time of moral relativism, there is no North Star for men to chart their course. As a result of decades of gradual emasculation, men no longer know what manhood means.

2019-02-06: FCTA: Of Blackface, Statues, and Virtue Signaling, by David Swink
The Left has perfected the art of "virtue signaling", pointing to alleged evils on the other side while maintaining that their own are as pure as the driven snow. So this week, the worm has turned, and Virginia's Northam/Fairfax/Herring alleged misdeeds are now under the media spotlight.

2019-01-xx: IMPRIMUS: Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence, by Alex Berenson
Imprimis lecture by Alex Berenson, Author, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.

2018-12-xx: Limbaugh: The Great Divide - Two Visions of America
Where is the compromise between right and wrong? Where is the compromise between good and evil? If I believe in freedom, free market capitalism, traditional morality, where is there any area of compromise with tyranny, socialism, and moral relativism? It doesn't exist. No, we're here to defeat them. We're here to lawfully stand in the way of their agenda succeeding.

2018-12-xx: IMPRIMUS: Do We Need Our Country Anymore?, by Larry P. Arnn
Imprimis lecture by Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College.

2018-12-08: FCTA: Fairfax County Loses Taxpayers to Other Virginia Counties
Taxpayers in Fairfax County, with Average Gross Income (AGI) totaling over $10 billion, have left Fairfax County. Most have moved to neighboring Loudoun and Prince William counties, which have lower tax rates.

2018-12-01: Daily Caller: CA Dems use "Ballot Harvesting" to Nuke GOP, by Scott Morefield
California's new vote-by-mail procedures allow anybody to walk into an elections office and hand over truckloads of vote by mail envelopes with ballots inside, no questions asked, no verified records kept. It amounts to an open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter coercion, "granny farming", and automated forgery.

2018-11-xx: Limbaugh: GoFundDems, The Left's New Money-Laundering Machine
Making money has long been a legal problem for the left. So many payoffs to distribute, so little time. Not to mention all the inconvenient banking reporting regulations and record-keeping rules. It's been a real pain in the neck to move the vast sums needed to keep the left's troops supplied. Enter mankind's most efficient cash-transport in history: the internet.

2018-11-27: WT: How California effectively legalizes voter fraud, by Shawn Steel
Reliably Republican Orange County lost all seven of its congressional seats to Democrats during the 2018 midterms. How could this happen? Democrats know it's easier to erode voter integrity laws than to stuff ballot boxes. California Democrats have systematically undermined California's already-weak voter protection laws to guarantee one-party rule.

2018-11-13: CER: Parent Power! Index - National Overview -- Va #35

2018-10-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Sidney Powell, author of "Licensed to Lie"
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with Sidney Powell, who served in the DOJ for ten years as Assistant U.S. Attorney, who witnessed firsthand the rampant prosecutorial corruption at DOJ from Enron to Mueller, and who was moved to relate what she experienced in her 2014 book, Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.

2018-10-xx: IMPRIMUS: America's Cold Civil War, by Charles R. Kesler
Imprimis lecture by Charles R. Kesler, Editor of Claremont Review of Books.

2018-10-23: Epoch Times: Chinese Subversion of U.S. Deep and Far Reaching, by Joshua Philipp
For decades, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been subverting the United States by infiltrating, undermining, and influencing its key institutions -- American businesses, movie studios, universities, think tanks, scholars, journalists, and local, state, and federal officials. Here we take a look at some examples of the problem.

2018-09-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Gregg Jarrett, author of "The Russia Hoax"
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with Gregg Jarrett, Fox News analyst, about his new investigative book, The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.

2018-09-xx: IMPRIMUS: A Short History of American Medical Insurance, by John Steele Gordon
Imprimis lecture by John Steele Gordon, author of An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power.

2018-08-xx: IMPRIMUS: Does Diversity Really Unite Us?, by Edward J. Erler
Imprimis lecture by Edward J. Erler, author of The Founders on Citizenship and Immigration.

2018-08-07: JWR: The Matrix at 20, by Cal Thomas
"The Matrix" nearly 20 years ago warn of a future in which the power and worth of the individual is subsumed into one giant interconnected world run by a tiny elite, who rob individuals of their liberty and ability to think freely. Today, technology is replacing thought and relationships. Google, Facebook, Amazon and other tech giants want access to every facet of our identities and influence over every corner of our decision-making.

2018-07-30: Epoch Times: D'Souza's "Death of a Nation" Shows Dem 'Plantation', by J. Philipp
Dinesh D'Souza, a filmmaker and author of several New York Times bestsellers, has debunked powerful political myths still alive in our culture. In his upcoming film and book, "Death of a Nation," D'Souza delves into another piece of history, showing that the "plantation" system of the early Democratic Party lives on in systems of heavy taxation, government dependence, and identity politics.

2018-06-28: Epoch Times: "#WalkAway" Videos Highlight Democrats Leaving Party, by Celia Farber
#WalkAway videos have gone viral in late June 2018. A sample: "Once upon a time, I was a liberal. Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal. I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth. I reject hate."

2018-06-22: Newsweek: Why Millennials are Falling Behind, by Ben Shapiro
According to a British study, millennials lack appropriate skills and qualifications, personal connections, financial and practical support, and emotional support. This is a social and cultural problem. Lack of family and support structures have led to the destruction of the social fabric necessary to undergirding a stronger civil society. Lack of cultural focus on meritocracy and effort have led to a decline in performance, and thus in health.

2018-06-17: WT: The despair of Anthony Bourdain, by Everett Piper
Lewis, Chesterton, and Colson all warned of this brave, new world where material comforts are all that matter; a world where claims of moral truth are considered suspect; a world where we should "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die". Little is left for us at the end of days but to join with Anthony Bourdain and others and conclude, "suicide is painless".

2018-04-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Negative Impact of the #MeToo Movement, by Heather MacDonald
Imprimis lecture by Heather MacDonald, Manhattan Institute

2018-04-05: Epoch Times: The Unseen War on Your Mind, by Joshua Philipp
Are our thoughts really our own? What concepts shape them? Where do these concepts come from? Today, influencing the human psyche has been broken down into a science, and many groups -- including governments, businesses, special interest groups, and subversive movements -- are using carefully crafted strategies designed to alter perceptions in order to further their goals. Through their collective impact, an unseen war is being waged on the mind of each person. To see through this narrative illusion, it's imperative to understand the tools in play.

2018-03-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas and author of American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News, and whose undercover reporting has shown the light of truth on leftist organizations' slimy secrets.

2018-02-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Politicization of the FBI, by Joseph E. diGenova
Imprimis lecture by Joseph E. diGenova, Former U.S. Attorney

2018-02-13: The Stream: Sex Ed and Stalinism at the Fx Co School Board, by Austin Ruse
Fairfax leftists put transgender ideology into schools a full year before Barack Obama's Department of Education mandated it for the rest of the schools in the country. Last year the Trump administration cancelled the mandate, though Fairfax County is clinging onto it, with over 80 hours of sex-education for these poor kids -- some of it is straight-up pornography.

2018-01-xx: Limbaugh: Morality is NOT determined by Individual Choice
The Left mocked "family values" for fifty years and now are stunned to discover brutes among them. They tore down every standard of decency and now they're dismayed to see they're drowning in sewage. They've spent decades sneering at the traditions and institutions that served as societal guardrails and now they're astonished they've gone off a cliff.

2017-12-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Edward Klein, on The Plot to Destroy Trump
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q&A with Edward Klein, a stellar old-school journalist and author of All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, in which he describes in detail the plot and who the players are in the "Resistance" against the Trump Presidency.

2017-12-17: FCTA: One Fairfax - Its Illegitimacy and Unanswered Questions, by Laura Miller
On Nov 20 and 21, 2017, Fairfax County Supervisors and the School Board jointly approved the 'One Fairfax' resolution, to ensure that all of our public community chest, resources and accommodations will be spent or utilized to achieve RACIAL and SOCIAL EQUITY outcomes in income, grades, and crime -- a Leftist globalist agenda taken from 'UN Agenda 2020/30'. Citizens should be outraged!

2017-11-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Problem of Identity Politics and Its Solution, by Matthew Continetti
Imprimis lecture by Matthew Continetti, Editor-in-Chief for the Washington Free Beacon

Fairfax County's new policy formally enshrines the Democrat Party's Alinskyite platform of class warfare, identity politics, and victimhood. So renaming schools and roads, changing bathroom and sex education policies, and any other nonsense "for the children" can now be given umbrella coverage.

2017-11-17: WaPo: Life in North Korea under Kim Jong Un, by Anna Fifield
In six months of interviews in South Korea and Thailand, Anna Fifield, the Washington Post's Tokyo bureau chief, talked with more than 25 North Koreans from different walks of life who lived in Kim Jong-un's North Korea and managed to escape.

2017-10-xx: Limbaugh: The Left's hateful view of America vs Reality
America is under attack from within, largely financed by people like George Soros and others. They make common cause with Americans whose objective is to take the nation down, hasten our decline. To defend America, it is necessary to know our history. The purpose of the United States of America and its proud legacy must be understood to be protected. Which is why unmooring us from our own history is crucial for the Left to succeed.

2017-10-17: The Subversionist: The New 95 [Theses], by Mike Gibson of Peter Thiel's 1517 Fund
Martin Luther nailed his theses to a church door 500 years ago on October 31st. With your help, we are going to nail ours  -- ok, fine  -- tape ours to the doors of universities and schools across the country to mark the occasion.

2017-09-xx: Limbaugh: My conversation with Dinesh D'Souza, on Nazi roots of the American Left
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush has a Q with Dinesh D'Souza, conservative writer and filmmaker, author of The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left -- especially timely in the wake of what happened in Charlottesville.

2017-09-30: Epoch Times: Communism's (and Democrats') Secret Tool, by Joshua Philipp
To understand why communism still lingers, we need to understand its most fundamental tool for creating violent revolution -- convincing people to turn against one another -- and how it uses this tool to manufacture political issues. This then gives its followers the ability to gradually seize control. This tool is the communist dialectic, known as dialectical materialism.

2017-08-18: Epoch Times: Communist Origins of the 'Antifa' Extremist Group, by Joshua Philipp
The extremist anarchist-communist group Antifa has been in the headlines because of recent violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. But the label of "fascism" as pushed by Antifa often does not refer to actual fascism, but is merely a label assigned to "capitalism". This has been going on since 1922, when the Soviets first formed this organization.

2017-08-09: Philly Inquirer: Let's celebrate the culture of the 1950s, by Wax & Alexander
Today, too few Americans are qualified for jobs, many college students lack basic skills, high school students rank low academically, and almost half of all children are born out of wedlock. These and other maladies result from the breakdown of the country's bourgeois culture of the 1950's.

2017-07-18: Bull Elephant: The Death of Consequences, by Michael Giere
We are witnessing the death of consequences for any catastrophe, illegality, culpability or just plain idiocy. Only intentions, not results, matter. We're reaping what we have sown, of course. This process has been underway for fifty years, but has picked up to a furious pace.

2017-06-xx: IMPRIMUS: 2016 Election and Demise of Journalistic Standards, by Michael Goodwin
Imprimis lecture by Michael Goodwin, chief political columnist for The New York Post

2017-06-14: Daily Caller: A Code Of Ethics For K-12 Educators, by David Horowitz, Mark Tapson
Since the '60s, American colleges and universities have been fundamentally transformed from institutions of higher learning to mills of political indoctrination. Now through the leftwing schools of education, the tentacles of that "social justice" indoctrination now latch onto youthful minds in secondary schools beginning in kindergarten. Today's young college arrivals are shoddily educated but already steeped in leftwing propaganda.

2017-04-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Left's War on Free Speech, by Kimberley Strassel
Imprimis lecture by Kimberley Strassel, author of The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech

2017-04-06: WT: The United States in World War I -- 100 Years Later
World War I is central to American and world history, but few Americans are aware of its importance. These 26 articles, presented by the U.S. WWI Centennial Commission, are thus offered to the curious reader.

2017-03-27: Frontpage Mag: The Civil War [with the Left] is Here, by Daniel Greenfield
A civil war has begun. This civil war is very different than the last one. There are no cannons or cavalry charges. The left doesn't want to secede. It wants to rule. Political conflicts become civil wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority. The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn't control.

2017-01-30: FCPS has Excellent Schools ... for a few, by Arthur Purves at FCPS hearing

2017-01-13: CNS News: Political Correctness, a Tool of Liberal Coercion, by Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Political correctness is a deliberate tool used by the Left to intimidate conservatives and people of faith into silence, with the goal of making our classic and time-tested opinions illegitimate. It is the liberal version of Islamic blasphemy laws, ruthlessly excising anyone who questions or strays from the leftwing cultural and social dogmas. It is the most un-American development in our lifetime.

2017-01-04: Downsizing Fed Govt: History and Costs of Urban Transit, by Randal O'Toole
American taxpayers can no longer afford costly and inefficient government transit systems, particularly rail transit systems. Federal subsidies ought to be eliminated and local governments should open transit to private and entrepreneurial solutions to relieving congestion.

2016-xx-xx: FCTA: U.S. Congressional Contacts, Key Votes: Incl email addresses (if available)

2016-12-xx: IMPRIMUS: A More American Conservatism, by Larry P. Arnn
Imprimis lecture by Larry P. Arnn, President, Hillsdale College.

2016-11-22: The Federalist: Meet the Intolerant Vulgarians of the Dirtbag Left
The spasms of outrage and protest that have rocked the country since Donald Trump's election have revealed what should have been plain to see for a long time: progressives are through debating; they are interested only in enforcing their views. They believe they have won the culture wars, that there is no room left for dissent.

2016-10-xx: IMPRIMUS: Sovereignty vs "Who We Are As a People", by Edward J. Erler
Imprimis lecture by Edward J. Erler, co-author of The Founders on Citizenship and Immigration.

2016-09-xx: IMPRIMUS: Restoring America's Economic Mobility, by Frank Buckley
Imprimis lecture by Frank Buckley, author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America.

2016-09-27: Claremont: After the Republic, by Angelo M. Codevilla
The United States of America was great because of a whole bunch of things that now are gone. We have stepped over the threshold of a revolution. It is difficult to imagine how we might step back, and futile to speculate where it will end. Our ruling class's malfeasance, combined with insult, brought it about.

2016-09-12: WT: The President and the Constitution -- Special Report, 23 articles
Subtitle: "How citizens, congress, the courts and the media influence presidential power". -- A Special Report by the Washington Times Advocacy Department and the National Constitutional Literacy Campaign.

2016-09-05: Claremont: The Flight 93 Election, by Publius Decius Mus
2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You -- or the leader of your party -- may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees. Except one: if you don't try, death is certain.

2016-08-28: FCTA: Why NOT to vote 3rd-party in the U.S., by David Swink
Unlike in parliamentary systems, third party candidates in the United States don't play well in our two-party system of government -- often acting as spoilers and flipping the general election to the consternation of those same voters silly enough to effectively promote their last choice to public office.

2016-06-xx: IMPRIMUS: Freedom and Obligation -- 2016 Commencement Address, by Clarence Thomas
Imprimis lecture by Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court.

2016-05-xx: Limbaugh: The Left - World's Most Destructive Force
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush describes how the cultural threads of the Left -- the global tentacles of criminal communism, the dark moneyed designs of the George Soros left, and aggressive militant Islam -- have conjoined now, and together are working to thwart American liberty.

2016-05-12: TIME: Saving Capitalism, by Rana Foroohar
Over the past four decades, the rules that govern the United States' free-market system have been warped. That, Rana Foroohar, argues in her new book, Makers and Takers, seriously imperils every American's economic future. She explains how we got here and how to fix it.

2016-05-12: Annandale Blog: Stop the 'one-size-fits-all' zoning proposal, by Terry Maynard
In the next few months, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors plans to approve a "one-size-fits-all" zoning ordinance amendment that would guide redevelopment throughout the urbanizing areas of the county for decades. And with the county's new "Fairfax Forward" Comprehensive Plan amendment process, the barriers to increasing an area or project plan's density are virtually non-existent.

2016-04-xx: Limbaugh: The Democrat KKK
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush notes that while Democrats accuse Republicans of racism, bigotry, resurrecting Jim Crow, and embracing the Ku Klux Klan, it is the Democrats who have a long history of these practices. Numerous quotes are provided along with context.

2016-03-31: WT: Identifying the enemy - Islam itself, by James A. Lyons
The late political scientist, Samuel Huntington, pointed out that Islam is totally incompatible with Western culture and traditions. They can never coexist. Islam is at war with the West. It is a clash of civilizations.

2016-03-10: WT: Tracing the roots of Islamic jihad, by James A. Lyons
The Islamic jihad against Christendom started more than four and a half centuries before anyone had even heard of a Crusade. The crusaders forced jihad into remission for a brief period from around 1100 to 1350, after which it resumed its full assault.

2016-02-xx: IMPRIMUS: Islam -- Facts or Dreams?, by Andrew C. McCarthy
Imprimis lecture by Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review Institute.

2016-01-26: NAS: The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom, by Peter Wood
In response to recent broad-based campus situations: We rightly expect higher education to address four things: vocation, culture, truth, and character. The last of these four may seem the least definite, but it is surely the foundation of the other three. We seek a form of education that teaches young men and women how to be free.

2015-xx-xx: FCTA: U.S. Sanctuary Cities: Incl leaders, party affiliation (if available)

2015-12-xx: IMPRIMUS: Property Rights and Religious Liberty, by Larry P. Arnn
Imprimis lecture by Larry P. Arnn, President, Hillsdale College.

2015-12-20: FCTA: The hidden cost of Medicaid "expansion", by Bill Peabody Lou Dileonardo
Medicaid expansion funding is best described as the gift of a baby elephant. If you accept it, you must feed it, and as it grows it will eat more and more.

2015-11-28: JWR: Battling the modern American administrative state, by George Will
As the administrative state distorts the United States' constitutional architecture, Clarence Thomas becomes America's indispensable constitutionalist. Now in his 25th year on the Supreme Court, he is urging the judicial branch to limit the legislative branch's practice of delegating its power to the executive branch.

2015-11-25: AMAC: Do You Know Saul Alinsky?, by Ellen Cora
Alinsky's aim for community organizers is to bait the opposition. "The enemy, properly goaded and guided into reacting, will be your major strength," Alinsky penned. He believed in creating unrest by searching out controversial issues and convincing people they could actually effect change. Consider 'Black Lives Matter' and 'Income Inequality' as two examples.

2015-11-02: Fx Free Citizen: Election Office can't prevent absentee ballot voter ID fraud
An election officer discovers that the Fairfax County Election office has no way of negating the fraudulent absentee ballot. Due to the way absentee ballots are processed, almost any voter who is willing to lie about sending in an absentee ballot and has enough sense to not use his/her normal signature can vote twice.

2015-10-18: Election Issues in Fairfax County, presentation by Fred Costello

2015-10-15: WT: Liberals can't see what's coming, by L. Todd Wood
Every 30-40 years, riding some type of generational learning curve, the United States must suffer through a spasm of socialist lunacy and suffer the consequences. But weakening our national defense, stealing from the other guy, taking all we can until the lights go out, just doesn't work. At the end of the day, reality sinks in for enough people to vote the communist-lites out of power.

2015-08-28: AMAC: New AP Test Seeks to Rewrite History for Political Gain, by John Grimaldi
The previous AP U.S. History course featured a strong insistence on content, i.e., on the students' acquisition of extensive factual knowledge of American history. The new 2014 framework repudiates that earlier approach, centralizes control, deemphasizes content, and seeks to "internationalize" the nation's past. (Read related IMPRIMUS post.)

2015-08-05: WT: 1965, the start of uncontrolled immigration, by Ian deSilva
The 1965 revision of immigration law completely transformed U.S. immigration policy. In the 1960s, 1.1 million European immigrants were admitted, along with 1.6 million from elsewhere. In the 1970s, after LBJ's 'reforms', the latter groups doubled to 3.2 million, while European immigration was suppressed to 826,000. And it no longer mattered if they assimilated or spoke English.

2015-07-xx: IMPRIMUS: History, American Democracy, and the AP Test Controversy, by W. McClay
Imprimis lecture by Wilfred M. McClay, University of Oklahoma.

2015-07-12: WT: 17th Amendment moved power from states to Washington, by John S Baker
The modern Administrative State is the progeny of the 17th Amendment, which stripped state legislatures of control over their U.S. senators, a control based on the former system of state legislatures electing senators. Previously, a House-passed bill proposing to nationalize some issue could be blocked by state-protecting Senators.

2015-04-xx: Swiss America: The Biggest Bank Heist In History, by Craig Smith, Lowell Ponte
"Virtually zero percent interest rates are to long-term economic policy what junk food is to nutrition -- it tastes great going down, but later come horrible results....[that] pose dangers for all of us.... ZIRP [is]...how the Fed gave the U.S. Financial Diabetes." -- Gregory Bresiger, Business Journalist

2015-03-xx: IMPRIMUS: Frank Capra's America and Ours, by John Marini
Imprimis lecture by John Marini, professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Reno.

2015-03-30: Breitbart: Ted Kennedy's Real Legacy: 50 Years of Ruinous Immigration Law
Passage of Ted Kennedy's Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 marked a fundamental change in America's immigration policy. Rather than serving the interests of Americans and national unity by setting limits on immigration, the act put "family unification" as the top priority, serving the interests of foreigners first.

2015-03-26: Epoch Times: MIT doctor links Glyphosate herbicide (Roundup) to Autism spike
Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT finds a perfect correlation between use of Roundup in food production and the rise in autism -- from 1 in 10,000 in 1970, to 1 in 68 today, and 50% by 2025. "The glyphosate is being soaked up by the plants and getting into the food system, and the U.S. government is doing very little monitoring to even see if that's true." (Related article.)

2015-01-28: FCTA: FCPS Budgets 2000 to 2016 -- compiled by FCTA's Fred Costello
Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) budget data for FY2000 through FY2015, as shown graphically, with summary data, and in item-by-item detail.

2014-12-22: TIME: Medicine Gets Personal Again with Direct Primary Care, by David Von Drehle
Primary care and specialized care have two very different missions, and need different business models. After all, car insurance doesn't cover oil changes, and homeowners' insurance doesn't cover house paint. So why should insurance pay for your annual checkup or your kid's strep swab?

2014-12-11: WT: The Bible's Influence -- 25 articles sponsored by the Bible Literacy Project
Regardless of one's beliefs, no one can deny the influence of this one book on human history nor dismiss its value either as literature or as a guide to a better world.

2014-11-xx: IMPRIMUS: Effects of Obamacare on Economic Productivity, by Casey Mulligan
Imprimis lecture by Casey Mulligan, professor of economics at the University of Chicago

2014-10-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Case Against Liberal Compassion, by William Voegeli
Imprimis lecture by William Voegeli, Senior Editor, Claremont Review of Books

2014-09-xx: IMPRIMUS: The History and Danger of Administrative Law, by Philip Hamburger
Imprimis lecture by Philip Hamburger, Columbia Law School

2014-09-24: FCTA calculates Obamacare costs in Virginia, using Kaiser's Subsidy Calculator
Presented are the latest calculations of Obamacare costs, using the Kaiser Family Foundation's easy-to-use form. Anyone can go to the free anonymous calculator without entering their name, social security number or address. It takes only five minutes.

2014-09-02: Islam Times: To Understand ISIS, Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's internal discord and tensions over ISIS can only be understood by grasping the inherent (and persisting) duality that lies at the core of the Kingdom's doctrinal makeup and its historical origins. One dominant strand to the Saudi identity pertains directly to Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab (the founder of Wahhabism), and the use to which his radical, exclusionist puritanism was put by Ibn Saud.

2014-09-02: Video: Former Muslim describes the true face of Islam (8:35)
Brother Rachid addresses President Obama about ISIL and Islam; he explains to him how ISIL is imitating the prophet Muhammad in every detail they do. ISIL represents Islam.

2014-07-07: Epoch Times: Money for Nothing, by Valentin Schmid
The basic problem with the creation of currency out of nothing [credit creation by banks] is that somebody gets that currency initially. That money percolates down through the economy and the market wakes up and says "Wait a minute, there's more money now", and this affects prices. Workers and savers get the new money last, so mostly they are paying for the banks' privilege to create money.

2014-06-28: Epoch Times: Is the Fed Unconstitutional?, by Valentin Schmid
Under the Constitution, Congress is supposed to oversee the coinage -- in gold or silver form. The Articles of Confederation had given Congress the power to borrow money and "emit bills". This power was struck from the Constitution, so it logically follows that the power isn't there. There is no power to create paper currency of the debt-based variety in Congress.

2014-06-21: TIME: Ending the War on Fat, by Bryan Walsh
Thirty years of low-fat dogma has produced a nation fatter and sicker than ever, and the "science" supporting the dogma wasn't science at all. (Sounds similar to the global warming argument.)

2014-05-xx: IMPRIMUS: The Worldview that Makes the Underclass, by Anthony Daniels
Imprimis lecture by Anthony Daniels, Writer and Doctor

2014-01-xx: Limbaugh: The "Common Core" Debacle
In his Limbaugh Letter, Rush quotes from numerous publications that have picked out deficiencies in the "Common Core" school curriculum being pushed in many states. (Virginia, fortunately, has chosen not to follow these perverse guidelines.)

2013-12-09: Bob Lonsberry: Two Americas -- Essay
The Democrats are right, there are two Americas. The America that works, and the America that doesn't. The America that contributes, and the America that doesn't. It's not the haves and the have nots, it's the dos and the don'ts. Some people do their duty as Americans, to obey the law and support themselves and contribute to society, and others don't. That's the divide in America.

2013-10-xx: IMPRIMUS: Budget Battles and Growth of the Administrative State, by John Marini
Imprimis lecture by John Marini, Visiting Distinguished Fellow, Hillsdale College

2013-10-14: Hannah Arendt on How Bureaucracy Fuels Violence, by Maria Popova
In a fully developed bureaucracy there is nobody left with whom one could argue, to whom one could present grievances, on whom the pressures of power could be exerted. It is the form of government in which everybody is deprived of political freedom, of the power to act -- tyranny without a tyrant. It is this state of affairs which is among the most potent causes for the current world-wide rebellious unrest.

2013-04-09: Pithocrates.com: Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate Recessions 1950-Present
Looking at the civilian labor force may be a better indicator of the health of the economy. Or better yet, the civilian labor force participation rate (CLFPR). Which is basically the percent of those who can work that are working. So let's do that. Starting with the Fifties. ...

2013-02-xx: IMPRIMUS: Calvin Coolidge and the Moral Case for Economy, by Amity Shlaes
Imprimis lecture by Amity Shlaes, Author, Coolidge

2013-02-20: TIME: Bitter Pill - Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us, by Steven Brill
Steven Brill, in this article for TIME Magazine, brings up some good points about current health care in the U.S., including the "chargemaster" maintained by every hospital but not available for viewing by patients. You may or may not agree with Brill's recommended solutions.

2012-xx-xx: Virginia Voting Precincts: Info includes districting, population, and lat/long

2012-12-12: Video-404: The Great Global Warming Swindle (76 min, but Google took down)
This is the authoritative documentary of the climate change issue, produced in Britain several years ago, and is required viewing in those public schools that choose to air Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". It examines the hard science and the political history of the Global Warming movement.

2011-01-24: Examiner: Who Controls the Democratic Party? -- Lawyers, Unions, Greens, Insiders
This Examiner Special Report is about the plain truth of who owns the Democrats. Trial lawyers and three other special interests -- Big Labor union leaders, Big Green environmentalists, and Big Insiders with billions of dollars in personal wealth and foundation grants -- together essentially dictate what Democrats can and cannot support on many key public policy issues.

2010-12-20: HealthMatters: Health Care Systems - Four Basic Models
The nations of the world have coalesced around four approaches to delivering health care: 1) Beveridge Model (England), 2) Bismarck Model (Germany), 3) National Health Insurance Model (Canada), and 4) Out-of-Pocket Model (3rd World). The U.S. has a bit of all four: VA (Beveridge), employer or Obamacare (Bismarck), Medicare (NHI), and the uninsured (Out-of-Pocket).

2008-07-14: Digital Journal: AP Endorses 'Accountability Journalism', by Susan Duclos
The journalistic ethics of old do not apply to the new guidelines over at the Associated Press. The new ethics are called "accountability journalism", and the new bureau chief, Ron Fournier, believes that the conventional press model, where both sides of an argument are entitled to equal weight, is exactly what journalists need to avoid.

2003-10-03: Snopes: How to Destroy America, by former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm
At an immigration-overpopulation conference in Washington, DC, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America. The audience sat spellbound as he described eight methods for the destruction of the United States.

1985-09-xx: IMPRIMUS: Who Killed Excellence?, by Samuel Blumenfeld
There has been much talk of a crisis in education and much speculation as to what or who is to blame for the mediocrity in our schools. Professor Samuel Blumenfeld offers a clear and convincing explanation of how the goals of the professional educator have changed and have thus adversely affected the quality and content of education.

1964-10-27: Video: "A Time for Choosing", by Ronald Reagan (29:32); read the full text
As Michael Barone describes: 50 years ago, a movie actor and television host delivered a 30-minute speech on primetime national television in support of the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater. Few if any viewers realized it, but they were watching a future president of the United States.

1957-xx-xx: Ayn Rand: Francisco's Money Speech
"So you think that money is the root of all evil? Have you ever asked what is the root of money? Money is a tool of exchange, which can't exist unless there are goods produced and men able to produce them... Money is made possible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil?"

1939-xx-xx: Nasty, Brutish and Short?, a summary version of Dr Weston A Price's famous work.

1850-xx-xx: The Law -- Frederic Bastiat analyzes government proclivities versus human nature
In 1850, faced with a tide of sentiment toward socialism, French legislator Frederic Bastiat confronted the left's claims of government superiority with a timeless critique, The Law, perhaps the most penetrating analysis of human nature after the Bible, C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters, and Shakespeare.

.Not Dated: Skeptics Annotated Bible... Quran... Book of Mormon -- Accurate original material
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